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by Karadhra
Mon Oct 16, 2017 12:28 pm
Forum: The Rumor Mill
Topic: Rumor Mill 16.X.487
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Rumor Mill 16.X.487

THE RUMOR MILL 16.X.487 A Mystery Unveiled Rumors have been flying as to why our fair Sithire always covers herself in the sun. It has been noted that Her Grace Sithire Isabelle Auxerre wears a head-covering in the day, and her estate is fitted with spellglass windows. Fear not, the Rumor Mill has ...
by Karadhra
Wed Oct 11, 2017 5:25 pm
Forum: Chat
Topic: From the ML Vault: Prexus Meets the Vampire
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Re: From the ML Vault: Prexus Meets the Vampire

Indeed. This is excellent.
by Karadhra
Tue Sep 12, 2017 3:42 pm
Forum: The Rumor Mill
Topic: Rumor Mill 12.IX.487
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Rumor Mill 12.IX.487

THE RUMOR MILL 12.IX.487 One Giant Problem A fortress in the sky is attacking villages! Villages have been raided in Western Transdariania by what appears to be a floating fortress inhabited by giants. It has been reported that villages are left cold and broken, coated in a sinister sheen of ice or...
by Karadhra
Thu Aug 17, 2017 10:35 pm
Forum: The Rumor Mill
Topic: Rumor Mill 17.VIII.487
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Rumor Mill 17.VIII.487

THE RUMOR MILL 17.VIII.487 Sithire to Wed Sithire As I’m sure the majority of readers are aware, her Grace Sithire Isabelle Auxerre has sent out notices of her betrothal to His Grace Asnerith Dreth, Sithire of Minkbrantha, along with an announcement of their ducal wedding. Now on to a more importan...
by Karadhra
Sat Jul 15, 2017 8:26 pm
Forum: The Rumor Mill
Topic: Rumor Mill 15.VII.487
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Rumor Mill 15.VII.487

THE RUMOR MILL 15.VII.487 SHIP ABOVE THE INN Sundas 18.VI.487, about one month ago, a weather beaten ship was spotted above the King’s Inn. One might only speculate as to how it got there, and what it was doing. Could it have been pirates come to carry out some dastardly attack? Perhaps the guard w...
by Karadhra
Fri May 26, 2017 12:57 pm
Forum: The Rumor Mill
Topic: Rumour Mill 26.V.487
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Rumour Mill 26.V.487

THE RUMOR MILL 26.V.487 Azaani Airship leaves; Replaced The Last Place You Look returned to Azaan to be replaced by All The Same, I Saw It First. Assurances have been made that nothing went wrong with the vessel. Sources say that there is nothing particularly wrong with The Last Place You Looked, a...
by Karadhra
Tue Feb 21, 2017 1:30 am
Forum: Troublefinders
Topic: Quandary in the Quarry
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Re: Clearing the quarry

Okay. So does Kara.
by Karadhra
Sat Jan 07, 2017 8:16 pm
Forum: Outside Drache
Topic: Karadhra's "adventures" in Elgar Forest
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Karadhra's "adventures" in Elgar Forest

(Note: Switching between the two names throughout is deliberate.) Somewhere deep within Eglar forest, a small orc creeps through the shadows. She no longer wore the large, black cloak or the garments she had in Drache, discarding them in favor of tattered brown pants and a loosely-fitting, black, sl...