The Rumor Mill, 8.III.487

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The Rumor Mill, 8.III.487

Post by Ayanula » Wed Mar 08, 2017 6:37 am

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The Tyhinn Empire Invades Zul Kiran Territoriy; Elvendeep Responds

After decades of conflict along the 'Southlands' border with Zul Kiras, the imperial state of the Tyhinn Empire has invaded the orcish territory in an effort to regain sovereign lands that were initially proclaimed. Hordes of soldiers have occupied the Southlands, setting up military posts well across the border with Zul Kiras.

Orcish forces have responded by amassing their tribes along the boundaries. However, tensions have not yet risen to outright conflict.

Yet many believe that the orcish forces are simply garnering the necessary strength before making the first move. As such, camps have been set up at every turn. A large allocation of soldiers have been witnessed on both sides as tensions rise to a boiling point.

As a result, Elvendeep's own military has responded by sizing up it's forces along the orcish border, ready to reclaim disputed territories once conflict erupts outright.

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