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Rumour Mill 26.V.487

Post by Karadhra » Fri May 26, 2017 12:57 pm


Azaani Airship leaves; Replaced

The Last Place You Look returned to Azaan to be replaced by All The Same, I Saw It First. Assurances have been made that nothing went wrong with the vessel. Sources say that there is nothing particularly wrong with The Last Place You Looked, and the sudden departure is simply a routine shift change. Captain Sigma remains at his post to continue running the operation along with the airship dock security. So we can be safe!

Due to a recent renegotiation of mining operations with the new dwarven authorities in Ruthmarna, keep an eye out for another shipping vessel, which will be coming from Ruthmarna and make a stop in Drache before making its way back to Azaan. This should also be a brief and uneventful stop.

Stirring in the Sewers

People have reported odd happenings in the sewers as of late. Strange noises, sounds, and occasional sights have been reported by the unfortunate folks passing by the grates.

Witnesses say the dingy underbellies are now haunted by a monstrous undead elf doomed to walk the earth for all eternity. Who knows what ties it to the sewers? Often ghosts are tied to the corporeal realm when their remains are not buried properly. Or perhaps, it simply has to finish its business.

A huge number of rats have been sighted as of late. Rumor has it that there is some sort of rat entity living down under the grates called “The Rat King.” Is it a very large rat? A rat horde all crammed together to form a sentient rat pile? Or simply a man who controls rats? Probably the second option.

The wafting smell from the grates has suggested that the trash monster has also found its way into the sewers. The thing which calls itself “The Arbiter of Trash” seems to have taking a liking to the place. Perhaps it just couldn’t let shit go to waste. Just when you thought the sewers couldn’t get any danker.

The Civic Guard needs help to catch dangerous criminals! They have has recently posted two new bounties:

One such criminal is a vampire who could possibly show himself as a white animal with red eyes. Or he could be a man. Who knows? Look for someone with red eyes. Lt. LayTrayin Chasingfire gave us a quote,
“We are asking the citizenry for help in capturing a violent and dangerous vampire. He goes by the name of Anhuut and has a hypnotic gaze. There is a posted bounty of 300 crowns that helps get him captured and a 3000 crown bounty for his proven capture or destruction.”
Be advised, this vampire is highly dangerous and should be treated with caution.

Coal Killer
There seems to be some type of serial killer running free in the streets. The guard is offering a bounty of 100 crown for any information that leads to either the identification or capture of the criminal. The guard believe she is a woman who is at least somewhat well-off. The bounty posted says “her signature mark is leaving a piece of coal in her victim's hand,” which gives a pretty obvious hint as to why she is referred to as “Coal Killer.”

Featured Stores

Baroque’s General Store
The BGS has all your general needs. Baroque’s General carries anything from clothes to weapons to foods. If you need it, BGS has it (probably). Especially if that need is jerky! All the jerky you can possibly eat. So come on in and check it out. And seriously, buy some jerky.

Onulph’s Onusual Ordinance
A new store has recently opened up in The Black Dragon District. Onulph’s Onusual Ordinance is run by Onulph, who can fix you with multiple limbs, new eyes, or even wings. You could have seven arms, all from different species! Or perhaps, beholder eyes on the back of your head. Who wouldn’t want that? If you think this store sounds sketchy, fear not. Onulph has proper paperwork for all wares he sells (we hope). Not only that, there is a high chance you will live* through grafting procedures, should you choose to purchase body modification. If you are not interested in body modification, Onulph’s Onusual Ordinance also carries alchemical items and rare weapons, which are sure to make you go OOO.

* Onulph’s Onusual Ordinance is not responsible for pain, injury, or any form of sudden death, which may be a rare, but serious side effect of body modification.

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