Rumor Mill Special Edition 12.VI.487

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Rumor Mill Special Edition 12.VI.487

Post by laytrayin » Mon Jun 12, 2017 10:39 pm


To be held on Tues 11.VII.487 (July 11)

Thrown by Aridia Vloress and Varatryx Elisvir

Details: Formal ball to be held by Aridia Vloress and Varatryx Elisvir. There will be artwork for sale during the ball and also and auction of a larger piece. All proceeds will go to The Hearth and the Church Orphanage. To be held at the Merchants Guild Hall and catered by House Elisvir. Ball will start promptly at the Fifth Descending Bell (7pm est) on 11.VII.487 (July 11). All are welcome in formal wear.
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