Rumor Mill Special Edition 23.VI.487

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Rumor Mill Special Edition 23.VI.487

Post by Ayanula » Fri Jun 23, 2017 1:10 pm

Massive Storm Bears Down on Drache

A typhoon, originating out of the east, came rampaging through the southern peninsula. Such a massive storm tore through Southern Arangoth, causing rampant destruction and carnage in its wake. Lightning strikes are believed to be responsible for three deaths while high winds and flooding caused structural damage all across the city. Officials estimate that it will be weeks before the extent of the ruin is tallied into cost.

Local Resident is Sentenced to Mutilation

A local by the name of Karen was recently sentenced to mutilation for her part in a conspiracy to commit theft, not to mention a long list of subsequent crimes, to include resisting arrest with the use of poison. The example has been made by one of the newer magistrates: the honorable Drama.

Speaking of Magistrates: Watch out!

A local business owner, Brexit ul-Zarkan Brizzt, was reported as missing recently after he was last spotted bumping into the Honorable Bastien Valois. Rumors and speculation have circled the town since the Civic Guard put out a report suggesting that Sir Valois is not the official with whom to cross. So watch out next time he presides over your case!

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