Rumor Mill 15.VII.487

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Rumor Mill 15.VII.487

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Sundas 18.VI.487, about one month ago, a weather beaten ship was spotted above the King’s Inn. One might only speculate as to how it got there, and what it was doing. Could it have been pirates come to carry out some dastardly attack? Perhaps the guard was able to quell it in time. One might only speculate that a ship in such condition must come with malicious intent.


Though they certainly dragged their feet, the results of the interim council are out and have been posted around the city. If you did not bother to read it, here are some highlights:

Opium Flower Request
The council somehow saw fit to grant Floxod Uzzo's request to grow opium poppies. The next thing to happen, it will be legal to buy and sell opium. Dealers will be selling it right and left on street corners. It could be placed in candies or even tobacco products. In light of such easy access, children will likely have access to it. My dear readers, make sure to lock your doors, drill your children in safety with strangers, and hug them now. While you still can.

***See farther down for a special report on Floxod Uzzo! ***

Coastguard units will be stationed around coastal regions in Drache. Keep an eye out for them.

Must Register Dire-Creatures
If you have a dire-creature or exceptionally large and dangerous animal, it has now become law to register them with the civic guard. The assumption is that this move is meant to mitigate any dire situations.

Airship Defense
Drache has put together their own airship defense. As such the help of the Azaani will no longer be necessary. Azaani operations in Drache are to be majorly scaled back and Drachean officials will take over.

New Nobility
Aridia Vloress and Linn have both been granted nobility, as well as plots of lands, and the title of 'Floxod'. Please refer to them accordingly.

A series of new Sithire has been chosen, the names of which are posted in the official post, which you should actually read, regardless of this summary.

New Council
The interim council then appointed a council to advise the Sithires and mayor. So far, Floxod Aridia Vloress has been appointed to represent the commoners of Drache and Annanistael has been appointed to represent the mages guild. The interim city council dissolved itself to allow the new appointed council to take over.

And there you have it. The important highlights!


Just as the criminal, Karen was about to receive her just deserts, two previously unknown players appeared on the scene and came to her rescue. Chaos ensued!

Karen had been sentence to pay fines, two rounds of public flogging as well as the public loss of her hand for planning a heist of an unknown (but undoubtedly very deadly and valuable) artifact, resisting arrest, and attempting to kill a guard.

Just after her final round of public lashes, a bright green bolt shot out from a rooftop. The bolt allegedly came from a hooded figured with blue eyes. Upon revealing themself, reports claim that they threatened the square with a bomb. And get this, they claimed to be the famed Grimblade himself. And there is more! From their speech, it may be gathered that they were some fanatical social justice warrior, bent on making Drache go soft on crime. They implied that the taking of a hand for theft was in some way barbaric.

To make matters worse, it seems that a basilisk was somehow involved in the fray. The criminals soon fled the scene. The guards pursued, but not without injury. One Arms Recruit Zarick Galvardian, was petrified by the basilisk’s gaze and Lt. LayTrayin Chasingfire was hit with arrows as she pursued. Both have recovered.

However, all three criminals, along with the basilisk have escaped and are now at large. It may seem like one should be panicking with these dangerous criminals on the loose, but citizens are advised to remain calm. Contrary to appearances, the Civic Guard must have this under control. So far, no bounty has been offered for information or their capture. However, The Honorable Magistrate Drama has asked that citizens give the guard any information they might possess that could lead to the arrest of the three criminals.


Shortly after, the fiasco with the three criminals escaping, a large explosion in the sewers sent shock-waves throughout the grounds in Drache. Recently, there has been a large monster made of trash down under, which apparently emits large amounts of methane. It seems that any small spark in the sewer might be enough to ignite a blast. Taking that into consideration, perhaps steps should be taken to address the issue. Or, eventually, this creature might go out with a bang. Or a boom.


The recent charity ball hosted by Floxod Aridia Vloress and Matron Varatryx Elisvir went smoothly. Several guards were stationed to keep the general public safe. In a statement, Floxod Aridia is quoted as:

"The ball went off as planned. We had many dignitaries as well as those who are well off. We had some minor people as well show up but all went well. We raised a substantial mount for the Royal Church Orphanage as well as for The Hearth. We were also visited by our new Sithire the Floxod Lady Isabelle Auxerre. It was a grand time and I hope to do more with the help of Matron Varatryx Elisvir."

All in all, it looks as if the ball rolled without any trouble.

Attendees also spoke about a beautiful performance by Riel where she showed off her juggling and acrobatic prowess.

Also of note, Matron Varatryx Elisvir and Trace announced their engagement during the evening. May they be happy together!


There are Azaani weather pylons currently being installed in Drache. The date of activation will is yet to be determined, but hopefully when they are, it will alleviate some of the drought.

Still, these weather pylons bring up an important issue. What are the ethical implications of such an installation? There are several problems to consider:

First, might controlling Drache’s weather for optimal rain, temperature, and other related disturbances, cause an imbalance, and thus negatively effect other areas? Perhaps we can make it rain in Drache, and thus cause a drought in Elvendeep.

Second, might the government use it as a means to control the populace? For instance, a group gathers to peacefully protest the violent treatment of prisoners by the Civic Guard (bear in mind, this is a hypothetical, though it seems a perfectly plausible scenario). Needless to say, governments do not like protests in any form, especially if it is against them. During said peaceful protest, it would be entirely too easy for them to cause torrential rain and other such extreme weather phenomena. Don’t let them fool you. Anything that controls the weather on a mass scale, may also be used to control the people.

Thirdly, controlling could be playing gods. Though certain individuals might have the ability to control the weather (which is an entirely different ethical issue), it could be argued of as an over-step for the government to have so much control.

That being said, keep in mind, dear readers, currently, these pylons have been installed with your best interest at heart, and with the best intentions. They shall pave the way to a better Drache. We hope.


On Fredas, Sun’s Height 14, occupants of the King’s Inn were going about their business when reportedly, the lights suddenly went out, there was a loud crack, and burst of light. Apparently, none other than the Grim Blade appeared suddenly out of nowhere in the inn. Reports are conflicting, but witnesses have said some type of cylinders were thrown into the inn followed by large blasts. Suddenly, Grimblade, himself strolled on into the inn. It is said that Floxod Uzzo picked up the blade and rushed Grimblade with the Grim Blade (Yes, this is confusing to us too), but then the blade simply vanished, leaving chaos in its wake. Grimblade also fled the scene shortly after. Too late, the guard arrived at the inn, only to see the aftermath and collect reports.

In the blasts from the cylinders, the tables, chairs, glasses, and guests ended up taking the brunt of the damage. Currently, the inn is quite a disaster, but cleanup is under weigh.

On a related note, residents reported seeing a wonderful fireworks display shortly following the ordeal.


Now what you have all been waiting for, the special report on Floxod Uzzo:

On the surface, he seems to be just a regular man. He dresses in plain (and some might say boring) clothes. Several people have claimed they actually took him for a common farmer, or even a homeless man. However, as we all know, this is false. He’s actually a noble with quite the extensive estate. If that wasn’t enough to make him odd, there have been several sightings of him re-growing limbs, being made of snakes, and some speculate, coming back to life. Somehow, among all these reports are whispers about him being some sort of ooze. And with a name like Uzzo, it seems even more conceivable. Rumors have spread that he has been sighted in the sewers as well interacting with the various creatures roaming about in the murky dark.

One must ask, are the people of Drache safe? And, how does an ooze manage an estate? What lurks beneath that lackluster gaze?

On the weather (by Ayanula)

Drought and Heat Wave Ignites Regional Wildfires

According to Border Watch reports along Nilik, multiple wildfires have erupted in the Elgar Forest. Smoke from these fires can be seen as far west as Drache while ash has been reported raining down in eastern Transdariania. City officials fear that if winds pick back up, the flames will spread quickly and choke out residents of Southern Arangoth.

The Civic Guard has released official warnings across the city of Drache to limit time spent outside, should the air quality suddenly become toxic.

Lack of Rainfall Inspires Creative Solutions

Locals who have farmlands adjacent to the Darian River have begun finding creative and unique ways to channel the water for irrigation. Digging ditches, transporting it, and the use of troughs are just a few worth mentioning. However, city officials are concerned that unregulated ditches will cause water levels in the river to drop significantly. Some have even proposed the construction of miniature dams along the relevant properties.

Owner of Merchant Cargo Vessel Still Missing Offers Contracts to Locate the Wreckage

Despite the dry-spell affecting Transdariania, the Southern Sea has been ripe with severe storms. Some have begun to speculate that a merchant carrack, belonging to a local business owner, may have capsized. Late on it's arrival by nearly a week, rescue party efforts have been been held off until now, due mostly to the bad weather. However, the owner has publicly released contracts to attempt and locate survivors or any of the cargo.

With such a long period of time involved since the disappearance, many aren't hopeful that the efforts will yield much of anything.

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