Rumor Mill 17.VIII.487

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Rumor Mill 17.VIII.487

Post by Karadhra » Thu Aug 17, 2017 10:35 pm


Sithire to Wed Sithire

As I’m sure the majority of readers are aware, her Grace Sithire Isabelle Auxerre has sent out notices of her betrothal to His Grace Asnerith Dreth, Sithire of Minkbrantha, along with an announcement of their ducal wedding.

Now on to a more important issue: What will the couple wear to the wedding? Will Her Grace Sithire Auxerre wear the traditional white? Or perhaps something silver, which would be both sophisticated and none-traditional at the same time. As for His Grace Asnerith Dreth, it seems likely that he wear a boring military uniform. Yet, if he has some dogged determination, perhaps he might wear long flowing red robes.
At any rate, whatever they choose to wear, may their union be happy and fruitful.

Festival and Tournament

In related news, the announcement sent out by Her Grace Sithire Isabelle Auxerre containing her wedding and engagement announcement also proclaimed a festival and tournament. The tournament is to include armed matches, unarmed matches, and an archery competition. First place win 3500 crown, and 1000 crown for the runner up. So if you are itching for a fight (or simply need money), be sure to sign up. There is only a small chance of death during the matches.

Students of The Royal University, don’t miss this opportunity for some free food! That's correct! Free food! In celebration of the wedding, tables will be set up at both Castle Black and Market Square with food and drink for all.

Arena Renovations Underway

In order to prepare for the tournament, the Tivaurd Organization has contracted renovations of The Arena with Sneek & the Boyz. Sneek and the Boyz are a group of goblins who seem to be able to get the job done despite certain setbacks. Several incidences had been reported that many goblins have been injured on the job. It seems that a single day cannot go by without some mishap. As long as they gets done in time for the tourney, that’s really all that matters.

The Great Ram Destroyed

Recently, a group of adventurers went off to aid Kahlahra at the request of Ilderim Karn, of the Khtarpan tribe, who spoke on behalf of various tribes of Kahlahra. People who answered his call were Floxod Aridia Vloress, Eliya Almakira, Floxod Uzzo, Daerdre, Brindagar, Belekhmaa, and Lily Reese. It is said that they battled the firesome Klathrymagdon, who pulled the chariot of the storm-god. Klathrymagdon takes the form of a giant ram with smoking hooves and a third eye. It was a wooly situation, but in the end, the heroes won out, eventually returning to Drache with stories of honor and glory. And some great pelts.

Bloody Fifth Leave Drache; Power Transer of Cybil

With the end of the war, the Bloody Fifth is departing from Drache. Along with their departure, control Combat Outpost Cybil will do handed over to Drachean control as well. A ceremony was held by Her Grace Sithire Isabelle to mark the transfer of power.

Drache to form a Grubball Team

Get your game face on all you Hinterplodders and Forschbowlers! Drache is really ‘kill’ing with this score. That’s right! Arangoth’s favorite pastime is coming to Drache. With the recent vote, the council has approved Drache to create its very own Grubball team. There is no name chosen yet for the team. We will be sure to bring you more information about this exciting event as the details come to light. Let’s hope for a strong tipoff!

Uzzing with Love

And now, the continuing special on Floxod Uzzo! There is mounting evidence that, yes, the Floxod is indeed an ooze as discussed per last Rumor Mill edition. However, just when one might think the story couldn’t get any more interesting, the word on the street is that he is actually dating.

He has been seen around time with Gudrun, a woman known for her large brown eyes and strange habits of swimming about in the sea, including in the filthy estuary. Perhaps the dirty water has really affected her because there have been claims that some people saw her turn into a large seal right in the middle of The King’s Inn. Of course, the evidence of that event was clear. All over the inn.
As for Floxod Uzzo himself, we have to wonder how one who shows so little emotion could make a good mate. Unless of course, that’s the sort of thing one is looking for. Date night might be a bit awkward when someone is blankly staring into your eyes.

Floxod Aridia Sighted with Half-Orc

Aside from Floxod Uzzo and Gudrun, there is another Floxod who seems to be making an interesting choice in who she dates. Floxod Aridia Vloress has been seen with Onulph. That's right. The half-orc who owns Onulph's Onusual Ordinance. By now, everyone knows the strange offerings of his shop. Extra limbs, new eyes, and any matter of body modification. Seen together on the docks, they were holding hands. Onulph sported a flashy pair or dragonfly wings while Floxod Aridia's wings are already well-known throughout the city. Perhaps this gives us insight into the origin of the Floxod's wings. Could it have some connected to Onulph? And, as the saying goes, "birds of a feather, flock together." Of course, Onulph may not boast feathers, but that's a minor detail. The bigger question is, how could two people so different find common ground with each other? Perhaps they will just have to wing it.

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