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Rumor Mill 12.IX.487

Post by Karadhra » Tue Sep 12, 2017 3:42 pm


One Giant Problem

A fortress in the sky is attacking villages! Villages have been raided in Western Transdariania by what appears to be a floating fortress inhabited by giants. It has been reported that villages are left cold and broken, coated in a sinister sheen of ice or frost. The giants have been taking prisoners (presumably to eat them), as well as raiding the villages for anything of value, especially those tools and trinkets made of metal.

Who knows if the giants simply want a free meal and some pretty adornments, or have a more intricate and evil plan at work (you can bet the latter)? At any rate, they must be stopped at all cost! We can only hope that brave adventurers will answer the call and save us from yet another dire threat to the city.

Tournament Winners

On a lighter not, in the spirit of celebration, along with the other festivities, a tournament was held to honor the marriage of the sithires and to mark the new era of Drachean independence. We are pleased to announce the winners of the tournament:

The armed bracket: Armsman Russell Renata

The Unarmed Bracket: Armsman Kothliim

Archery: Azalea, Dame of the Silver Arrow

As was promised, all the winners have been knighted and received a reward of 2500 crowns. Congratulations and we wish you the best going forward with all future endeavors!

Drama and Russell Seen Together

You know her as the red magistrate who looks suspiciously like a fiend. The Honorable Magistrate Drama has a track record of doling out swift justice and harsh consequences. However, it seems she has a soft spot in her heart. A soft spot for members of the civic guard. That’s right, Drama has been seen dancing at the festival with Armsman Russell Renata. Of course, dating one guard wouldn’t indicate a trend, but before Russell, it is well known that the tiefling magistrate dated Armsman Kothliim.

One has to wonder why one would be obsessed with guards. Could there be that there are ulterior motives behind dating guards? Or perhaps, it’s just too hard to resist that uniform. Maybe, she’s simply horny in more ways than one.

New Chancellor

As we all know, the retirement of Julius Malbraxa, previous Lord Chancellor left us without a Chancellor. We are pleased to announce that we have a new chancellor! Now, Lady Chancellor Melinxa ul-Huixon Ruthmire will be the new chancellor. One may only speculate as to what type of chancellor she will be. Will her hair be worn up or down? In ringlets or straight? The progression of time can only tell. Of course, you can leave it up to the Rumor Mill to bring you such pertinent and interesting information as it comes to light.

New Currency

With the overthrow of the crown and the new governing council, government officials saw fit to replace the old currency. The mints are hard at work producing the new coin. Be sure to be on the lookout for the release now currency. It’s sure to be an improvement on the old monetary system. We’d bet a rixtle on that.

Tivaurd Estate Jobs

Calling all adventurers! A series of jobs has been posted by the Tivaurd estate. Details can be found at the Adventurers Guild, as well as on flyers posted in a few places around town, including The King’s Inn. So, if you wish to fight a bear (or several), clear out some bandits, or visit a wonderfully dark dungeon to map out, you now know where to delve. Simply contact Neefer the Goblin.

Burglary at The Royal University

There has been a burglary in the Royal University's Alchemy department. Informants say a few alchemy ingredients has been stolen. Most notably, they all seem to be ingredients that are highly flammable. Apparently, the Civic Guard has no leads on who could have broken in to the University and stolen such items, but due to the nature of the items, it seems unlikely that the break-in were done with virtuous intent.

Fear not. In the past, the civic guard has demonstrated themselves to be most capable. They are sure to catch the perpetrator before any true ill is carried out. Just as they shall catch GrimBlade, Nixx, and Karen. Justice will be served at some time in the future.

Seamonster at Sea

A small group of adventurers has return with a tale of a terrible seamonster out on the open sea! The group initially set out to hunt pirates, answering the call of a post by the adventurers guild. Their mission would soon turn sour when they were met with ominous fog and the sight of dead and dying in the waters. Then suddenly, a great battle was before them as brave privateers battled the pirates. To add to the matter, it seems that a dragon somehow joined the fray, but it was unclear whether it fought for the pirates or not. The adventurers didn't have much time, however, as it has been told that a giant seamonster the size of a mountain came from the deep to swallow the ships. Pirates and privateers both met their death as the leviathan swallowed up the vessels and men whole. Only a few people escaped as far as we can tell. Gudrun, Karadhra, and Aldenaxh were all saved when Faedre the fae was able to teleport them back to The King's Inn. Thus, the small group narrowly escaped and returned back to Drache to tell the tale.

Uzzo to turn over Agricultural Project to Vloress

And now for the continuing coverage of Floxod Uzzo, who we now know is most assuredly an ooze. It might be strange enough that an ooze made it to being a Floxod, can own land, and even can date, but the idea that an ooze can cultivate crops is absurd. How does one even plant seeds without bones in their hands? Or hold a shovel? Not only does the Floxod cultivate crops, but he recently requested to be able to grow more poppy flowers. Sadly however, once granted the requests was granted by the council, he was unable to fulfill the obligation upon which he himself had laid on his gloppy shoulders. He really seeped through the cracks on this one! But, those who were looking forward to the benefits of such flowers, fear not! Floxod Aridia Vloress has come to an agreement with Floxod Uzzo to take over the project. She will control the opium, and the opium must flow.

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