Rumor Mill Issue Dated: 8. XI. 482

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Rumor Mill Issue Dated: 8. XI. 482

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The Drache Rumormill

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On This Day Middas, Sun's Dusk 8, in the Year 482. (8.XI.482)







The Harvest Festival was an enormous success amongst the locals and visitors this season and lucky for us we managed to keep a decent temperature throughout the week while celebrations took place on the outskirts of Drache. On the very last day of the Harvest Festival a great Masquerade was planned and all of Drache was invited; the decorations were top knotch as was the service and costumes.
During the grand masquerade, we were informed of an outpouring of violence from one "Lord Commandant Davis". When questioning the guests further on what occured during this particular violent situation, it was relayed to us that Commandant Davis had attended the Masquerade with Siraz'jah Av'Zathrak on his arm as a companion. Throughout the course of the evening, she appeared to be whining at him while constantly pulling on his arm. The Lady was seen on more than one ocassion watching other women at the Masquerade in jealousy. There was one young woman who gained both the Lord Commandant and Lady Av'Zathrak's attention and wraith. She was wearing a particularly beautiful gown and as she passed the couple Tespin Av'Zathrak grew immediately upset and overcome with jealousy. In that instant, Lord Commandant Davis unsheathed his sword and attacked the innocent young party goer. Luckily, the guards were there to step in before anyone was seriously hurt aside from the Lord Commandant's pride and Tespin Av'Zathrak's ego.

Also among the crowd was a particulary drunk man who seemed to carry around a foul smell. Far be it for us to assume but we would have to guess that the stench was part of his ratty costume. Guessing is not really the same as assuming, is it? No one has been able to give us a name to attach to his description but it was reported to us that the drunkard had proceeded to maul a poor young girl as she entered the large tent. We tried to locate the girl for further explaination on what had happened but she could not be located and again the guards were quick at hand to escort the drunk gentleman to the outskirts of the Harvest Festival grounds where he was given a bottle of wine for his troubles and sent off into the night.


Beware good people of Drache! The season for ailments is upon us! With the temperatures decreasing every day and the ground growing cold and damp, the hard working healers at the House of Healing are looking for volunteers to help out during the cold and flu season. If interested in volunteering please see one of the local healers and you will be assigned to duties as they become available. And as always please remember - Don't drink the water! No kissing strangers! Keep your hands out of your butts and don't pick your nose. These helpful tips were brought to you by your very own Drachian Rumormill Staff!


Brakerrat is an important holiday in the lives of all young Arangothians. On Sun's Dusk 4 following an Arangothian boy or girl's thirteenth birthday, he or she is taken to a secret location and taught the facts of life. After this rite of passage, the initiate is considered an adult and can address other adults on a first name basis. The specific ceremonies involved are closely-guarded secrets, therefore, we do not have a lot of information to provide to the public. Being that the date of this publication is Sun's Dusk 7, we have it on good authority that Brakerrat has occured as noted by the feast which is celebrated conjointly after a day spent segregated by gender. Arangothians are known to have a certain closeness with others who celebrated their Brakerrat in the same year.


As many of you have probably noticed the brackets for the Tournament have been posted around Drache. Please see below for a list of match-ups.

In the Mounted Tournament we have:

Djavakh Oristav vs. Tayah Rivenspire
Gareth vs. Thraash

In the Armed Tournament we have:

William Ka`ana`ana vs. Elan Tedronai
Khial al-Amas'kyaa vs. Thanor Jakin
Thalion vs. Middip
Ravynettius Tivaurus vs. Rriss'Pehn

Thus far the schedule is as follows...
Thursday, November 8th, 9PM EST: Elan Tedronai vs. William Ka`ana`ana
Saturday, November 10th, 2PM EST: Rriss Pehn vs. Ravynetti Tivaurd
Sunday, November 11, 1PM EST: Khial al-Amas'kyaa vs Thanor Jakin

Stay tuned to the Rumormill for all of your latest Tournament needs!

And thus ends the latest edition of The Drache Rumormill. Be sure to contact its editor, Sarpolta ul-Sankord Dretod, for all the latest gossip, rumours and news, both founded and unfounded!

This copy of the Drache Rumormill has been brought to you thanks to our various sponsors of note.

We thank them for their continuing support:

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