Rumor Mill Special Edition 26.X.487

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Rumor Mill Special Edition 26.X.487

Post by Karadhra » Thu Oct 26, 2017 10:01 pm


Murder and Mayhem

As previously reported, there has been a series of murders throughout the city. Unfortunately, it seems that the murders have both been growing more frequent, as well as happening on a larger scale. In the most recent attack, we have been informed that an entire nursery full of children and staff were murdered. We have been warned that whoever is committing these atrocities is somehow able to remain invisible to the casual observer, as well as possess some sort of super-strength. The guard urges the citizens not to panic, but instead to be on the look-out for any suspicious activity, especially around homes. If anything suspicious is noted, citizens are to book it to the guard house to warn the guard. We urge regular citizens not to engage in any sort of heroic combat. Leave that to better trained individuals.

However, if you do decide to engage in any type of heroics, there are apparently two persons at large. We were not given any sort of description of these persons, but the guard is offering a 5 crown bounty for said persons at large. You won’t make a killing, but it seems someone already has that covered.

Hurricane Batters Drache

It would be hard the miss the hurricane that ravaged Drache just a couple of days ago on the 24th, even for someone with their head in the clouds (perhaps if one’s head was above the clouds, they might miss it?). Trees have been downed, and there is a good deal of flooding throughout Drache, although the waters are receding. Clean-up crew are now hard at work around the city. And, for a city as resilient as Drache, recovery should be a breeze (but hopefully not too strong a breeze).

Also, congratulations to Trace and Matron Varatryx Elisvir who weathered the storm to get married during the hurricane. We hope your lives together will simply blow you both away.

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