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Rumor Mill 22.XI.487

Post by Karadhra » Wed Nov 22, 2017 12:32 pm


House of Healing Massacre

By now, I’m sure the entire city is aware of the massacre that took place at the House of Healing. Only a true monster would attack such a peaceful place, and indeed, monsters it was. I spoke to Wharf Commander Zesstra Riknueth, one of the members of the Civic Guard who was called to the scene:

"It was a bloodbath. There were bodies everywhere when we arrived. We only managed to just barely fight them off before we lost more lives."

In the aftermath, the staff at the house of healing are working frantically to clean up the disaster the ghouls left in their wake. I was privileged to speak to Tespin Azalia, the new head of the House of Healing. When I sought out an interview with her, I found her on her hands and knees in the middle of the chaotic devastation, cleaning the floor. As she scrubbed away, she told me of the horror she witnessed. Azalia had been tending a patient when the two of them heard a crash, accompanied by screams. She said the patient tried to defend her with a knife, and from her expression, I knew she thought that was a futile effort. The following summary is in Azalia’s own words:

"I projected a barrier of energy halfway down the hall to keep them from getting further in. By that time, they had already set upon Lenith at the desk, and those patients that were waiting. I don't know how many there were. Some of the survivors said four or five, no more than eight. There were five... piles of remains. They exploded at death into a cloud of flies and some viscera. Our apprentice Reila escaped and ran for the Guard."

At the end of the interview, Azalia expressed that the ghouls who attacked were once people too. We should not forget that those people were also victims.

As you have read, the atrocity that day was filled with terror, mayhem, and senseless violence. Yet, it is important to remember that as time passes and the initial shock fades away, we do not forget the victims, both those who lost their lives that day, and the ones who survived.

The house of healing is a charitable organization, and as such, they do not have the means to pay for the funeral costs of the people who perished in the attack. As a result of those costs, combined with the cost of rebuilding, the House of Healing lacks the financial means to continue to give the valuable services that they so generously provide for the city. With that in mind, if you can spare some coin, please consider donating to help alleviate the financial burden for the healers that this city so desperately needs.

Corruption in the Guard

In a trade city like Drache where both the economy and the crime scene booms, it is essential that we have a competent law enforcement agency to ensure peace and justice for all citizens. Unfortunately, it seems the Civic Guard has been compromised. It has come to light that after several allegations were made, there were series of investigations and hearings on the matter. Specifically, it is well known that Armsman Alinar Quifel, Armsman Xadim Purok, and Spell-Lieutenant Laytrayin Chasingfire were all under investigation. While Armsman Xadim Purok and Spell-Lieutenant Laytrayin Chasingfire were acquitted of the charges, Armsman Alinar Quifel was found guilty, sentenced, and executed.

While only one guard has been found guilty to date, any corruption within the Guard threatens integrity of the entire judiciary system. We urge city officials to seek and root out corruption with vigor.

Incompetence of the Guard

Corruption isn’t the only problem within the Civic Guard. While we want to present the Guard in the best light possible, we cannot ignore that there are still several major issues within the city that have yet to be solved. First, with the ghouls roving about murdering, attacking a nursery, massacring the House of Healing, the Guard has done little to stop them. Of course, they show up after the fact, or if we are lucky, sometime during the incident, but they should find a way to eradicate them. And quickly. It shows a gross negligence that months after the first ghoul attacks, the problem has only been growing. We call upon the Guard to develop a proactive system in order to seek out and destroy all the remaining ghouls and disease carrying flies that cause the affliction. Before the affliction eradicates the city.

Furthermore, we wish that were the only case of incompetence within the Guard. The second instance of incompetence is that there are still criminals at large, including a serial killer, and perhaps even the infamous Grimblade himself. While the Guard has been unable to catch these criminals, it seems as if they simply put a bounty up and call it a day. It may be the case that citizens can certainly help in catching the bad guys, but it is the final duty of the Civic Guard to find and arrest these criminals. Unfortunately, it seems like the Civic Guard is too busy trying to deal criminals within their own ranks to fulfill such a duty to the city!

A New Fighting League

Now, on a lighter note, get your fists ready or place your bets! Floxod Aridia Vloress is has taken to initiative to start a totally legal Fighting League. The matches will consist of an unarmed fight between two combatants. There is also a strict no magic rule. Contracts and permits shall be obtained ahead of all matches, so everything will be on public record. The minimum purse for the winner will be 100 rixtle, but it can also be more.

Floxod Vloress is on the look-out for both sponsors and fighters for the matches. So, if you are interested in either (or both), contact her for more information! And let the matches begin!

A Gift from Floxod Uzzo and Tespin Gudrun to Her Grace

It has come to our attention that Tespin Gudrun and Floxod Uzzo are giving the generous gift of a man-‘o-war ship to Her Grace Sithire Isabelle Auxerre. Named The Black Belle, the large, 4 masted ship is two-hundred feet long, and outfitted with one-hundred-and-twenty-four canons over three gun decks. Plenty of room to hold several hundred men for our navel defenses. As we’re sure Her Grace appreciates the gift, we would also like to offer our gratitude on behalf of the city to Floxod Uzzo and Tespin Gudrun in the help with strengthening our defenses.

Oozing with Love

With such a generous gift as The Black Belle to Her Grace, once again, the Floxod Ooze is brought out into the spotlight, though this time with his mysterious large eyed partner. She seemed to come out of no-where, suddenly rising in wealth and status over-night. Perhaps it happened when the ooze took a liking to her (if oozes can like anything), and he helped to propel her to the upper class. Whatever the case, their relationship is certainly one of interest. How did they meet? Could someone actually be happy with such a stoic being? Time will tell, but it obviously takes a very specific type of person to be happy with an ooze. Lastly, what sort of romance is an ooze capable of? Of course, the implications of someone who can morph into any shape…let’s just say it might be stimulating.

Explosions Rock the Back Alley

Some citizens have reported strange explosions in the sewers around the Back Alley. This is not the first time Explosions have occurred in the sewers. The last time an explosion occurred, it was tied with the large trash monster who roamed about down there. Perhaps a new sort of monster has taken up residence.

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