Rumor Mill 27.XII.487

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Rumor Mill 27.XII.487

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Ghouls Attack the Guardhouse

On 8.XII.487 the sound of bells broke through the calm of the afternoon, ringing out across Drache. It was a city-wide call to both all of the guards, and any adventurers who might be willing to lend a hand: The guardhouse was under attack. Reports estimate over 20 ghouls swarmed the guardhouse. Unlike previous attacks, the ghouls seemed well-coordinated, and it is said that at least one of them even spoke, taunting the guards and adventurers who came to their aid.

However, unlike at The House of Healing and The Nursery, the guardhouse was able to fight back. Involved in the valiant effort to defend that guardhouse were Arms-Sergeant Reugar Maul, Arms-Corporal Russel Renata, and Armsman Martin Martinson, to name just a few of the guards. Floxod Uzzo, Vorfon Zyrix, Vorfon Osazses, Vorfon Dart Shifter, and Jeffery the Wraith also bravely came to aid the guards. First Lieutenant Nesira Vertal of Elvendeep also answered the call to fight alongside the guards.

The fight was long and gruesome, with the guards losing at least two from their ranks, but eventually the guards and the small group of adventurers managed to take out the ghouls. As seems to be the norm with the ghouls, upon death, swarms of flies were released to invade and infect others in the city.

And so, our brave heroes prevailed (In a manner, anyway. The flies still escaped), proving that when their own is under attack, they are able to rise to the occasion. With the help of some adventurers, anyway. Of note, Armsman Martin Martinson was awarded with a medal of honor for an act of bravery when all hope seemed lost.

Following the incident, staff from the House of Healing arrived quickly on the scene to treat all those who were injured, or who may have been bitten by the flies

Harbor Attack

By now, nearly one month ago, as the sun disappeared bellow the horizon, citizens of Drache witnessed a strange orange glow if they looked off toward the sea. The glow would soon be followed by the scent of burning wood. The scent would increase as thick smoke filled the surrounding areas. For those with a view of the harbor, the sight was a little different: A huge explosion had set the area ablaze (as the smoke would indicate). In fact, the very surface of the water in the harbor was on fire, the flames quickly destroying any ships in its ravenous path.

Horror was in the air as people abandoned ships in an attempt to escape the fire, only to be assaulted by the flames in the water as well. There was no escape. A good deal of people died, and some escaped with their lives, but were badly burned. Several people attempted to help free the survivors from the wreckage including, Vorfon Kasiah, The Honorable Magistrate Drama, Vorfon Cnidaryx, Vorfon Eiren Taldis, and Baron Ravynetti Tivaurd. Also on hand Floxod Aridia Vlorress and Azalea worked to help heal those who could be healed.

There were also reports that some type of Vorfon asshole fish person sought to salvage the ships instead of helping out.

Tivaurd’s Ghoul Suppression Project

In an effort to eradicate pestilent flies, the Tivaurd familia utilized the airship, The Winds of Fortune to blanket the city in a thick green miasma. Fear not citizens, while the magically perceptive may have felt the dark energy the miasma gave off, it is not harmful to any of the sentient citizens of Drache. Though, there are rumors that it is incredibly toxic to people of the feline nature. No one knows exactly how toxic it is to them. One possible, and indeed perhaps likely outcome, is that all of a cat person’s fur may all fall out, as there is conjecture that it is incompatible with some element in the feline physiology. An allergic reaction of sorts. It's a small price to pay though if the ghouls are eradicated. And someone has to do it!

On a non-feline related note, the Tivaurd Organization is offering a reward for anyone who might have information relating to the ghouls, especially in regard to the effects of the suppression project.

Candle Night

Candle night is a time to show love, gratefulness and charity. A pause in the dark, cold of winter for loved ones to feel the warmth of love and family. Floxod Aridia Vloress, Vorfon Eiren Taldis of the CROW, and Vorfon Javakh rose to provide for those who otherwise would have gone without, handing out food, candles, ale, and clothing. There were sixteen cauldrons placed in various areas along the beach, and no one was denied a warm bowl of the steaming-hot stew they contained.

The charity event went off without a hitch. All were provided for, and there were no fights or violence during the event. We thank Floxod Aridia Vloress, Vorfon Eiren Taldis of the CROW, and Vorfon Javakh and all who were involved for being model citizens by providing such a service. Consolation

Diplomacy with the Tyhinn Empire (by Ayanula)

The Tyhinn Empire has sent a diplomatic mission to Drache to sign a vital trade agreement with Southern Arangoth. The subsequent negotiations have helped to establish formal diplomatic ties that will see a Residency established in West Drache as a part of the diplomatic quarter. As such, Ambassador Sajaad Talaes will represent the imperial interests within Southern Arangoth as the lead diplomatic entity with a small support staff. Thus, a Tyhinn carrack has been spotted at least twice within the harbor with the flag of the Empire clearly flown.

Aridia’s Arena

The fighting matches held by Floxod Aridia Vloress are now in full swing! So far, there have been four exciting matches! The results of those matches are:

Ailara vs Cody 27.XI.487 winner: Ailara (100 rixtle purse)
Sul vs Kartan 9.XII.487 winner: Kartan(100 rixtle purse)
Cody vs Sul 11.XII.487 winner: Cody (100 rixtle purse)
Kartan vs Ailara 16.XII.487 winner: Ailara (100 rixtle purse)

Now YOU as well have a chance to prove your might, mettle, and honor! As always, the fighting league is looking for new combatants. If interested, speak to Floxod Aridia Vloress to set up a match. Once again, matches must be conducted fairly, without weapons, and without magic. May the best person win!

Council Vote Results

1. The council has passed a motion to set up a boarding school in The Back Alley where both young and old may receive a basic education. The project will be funded through charitable donations and taxes. Those attending will be responsible for upkeep. It is hopeful that with more skill at their disposal, citizens who would otherwise turn to a life of crime will instead be able to contribute to society in a meaningful way – rather than steal from it.

2. The council has also passed the motion to give a 1 percent tax reduction to any Master Craftsman who has three or more apprentices, so long as at least one of the apprenticeships involves a wave of the fees that would normally be charged. This is meant to ensure that people of little means, but who wish to learn a craft, may receive the opportunity to do so.

Drache's New Aerial Corps

Now that Drache has formed its own Aerial Corps, the Swift Talons are heading back to aid their homeland, Elvendeep in their defenses against Zul Kiras. We are confident that the new Aerial Corps will be just as competent as the Swift Talons, and that the transfer of power is going smoothly.

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