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Rumor Mill 26.V.488

Post by Karadhra » Fri May 25, 2018 11:33 pm


Sithire to have Autumn Baby

It is with great joy that we announce her grace, Sithire Isabelle Auxerre is with child. The baby is due sometime in autumn. Currently, we know nothing of the gender of the child as her grace plans to wait until his grace, Asnerith Dreth, Sithire of Minkbrantha returns to divine whether the baby is male, female, or something else all-together. Until such time that we do know the gender for certain, there is sure much speculation about it.

So, place your bets with abandon! And, if you are worried about losing coin, we have a couple sure-fire methods to ensure that you can be confident in your choice.
  • For the first method, it’s important that you be some sort of demon or otherwise omnipotent being. It is said that if a demon or other amazingly powerful person visits woolly, the Dire Sheep, then looks him in the eyes, his normally red eyes will turn a different color. If they turn Yellow, the child will be a male. If they turn orange, the child will be female. If they turn black, the child will be something else all-together. Woolly can be found in the yard of The King’s Inn.
  • For the second method, one must acquire a raw egg. At the beginning of the day, crack the egg over the absolute center (this must be very precise) of the top of your head. Leave it there throughout the day. At the end of the day, if there is more egg on the right side of your head, the child will be female. If there is more egg on the left side of your head, the child will be male. If there is egg on your face, then there is egg on your face.
Of course, while the gender of the child is up in the air, if rumors can be believed, so too is the species! We all know the oddities of our own fair Sithire, though we don’t feel we really need to mention them specifically at this time. However, to focus solely on her grace might just be barking up the wrong tree. Everyone who is anyone is well aware his grace, Asnerith Dreth is unlikely to be human as well. In this case, we hope that being a born to two sithires does not mean that the baby is born with a silver spoon in their mouth.

At any rate, congratulations to her grace, Isabelle Auxerre and his grace, Asnerith Dreth!

There’s a New Magistrate in Town (Answers by Shayde)

It happened a little while ago, but it’s worth noting that we have a new magistrate in the city. The honorable Frederick Lunnesburg. Frederick has a high regard for the law and a strong interest in giving Drache the justice it deserves, as you will read in the following short interview that we conducted with him. When we spoke, he pronounced words precisely, and gave the overall feel of a scholarly man.

1. Q. What made you want to be a magistrate?

A. It's a public position with respect and decisions that hold weight. This city is infected with corruption and sloth, neither of which are excusable. I decided to demonstrate that all denizens of Drache deserve a fair trial and just punishments.

2. Q. I noticed for your first trial, you seemed to carefully follow the letter of the law, and prescribed the subsequent punishment accordingly. Do you plan to preside over all your trials in a similar manner?

A. Laws exist for a reason, Mister Cathaoir.

3. Q. What do you hope your legacy as a magistrate will be?

A. If I wanted a legacy, I would have become a mercenary or an irregular. I hear that adventurers in Drache are quite revered. My days of missions and bloodshed are over.

Lunnesburg also added “I understand that a large portion of the population disapproves and distrusts the justice system in Drache. I aim to change that. No more liberties and no more prejudices. All are equal under my careful investigations.”

I would like to thank the honorable Magistrate Lunnesburg for his time, and welcome him as a new magistrate. The city needs magistrates who are fair and willing to uphold the law in an equal manner for all.

Taking Back Mhernettla

Several adventurers answered the call of her grace Catherine Wisplight, sithire of Elgaria who asked for help in retaking the town of Mhernettla. It seems that some sort of hole has opened up to the underworld, letting strange demons and undead through. If they are not stopped, the curse could widen until it affects all of Veth!

We were able to acquire a statement from Lt. Laytrayin Chasingfire who recently returned from Mhernettla:

“The town of Mhernettla is overrun by undead and extremely powerful denizens of The Dark. We have taken some but we have lost some lives. Most notable to me are the men who helped get an opening into the town made as well as Jillian, Adaliz and Marius. Lacking a better term it is hell. Many have been risking their lives to end this Dark. Floxod Uzzo has put much efforts into this as have many others. The only Korthai presence amongst the fighters of freedom I guess you might say would be Aldenaxk. We can but hope to win the day so to speak and I hope soon with no further deaths.”

These brave adventurers shall remain in our thoughts and prayers.


(31.III.461-26.IV.488) Jillian was one of the fallen heroes who aided in the fight against the darkness in Mhernettla. Friends and acquaintances are welcome to attend a memorial service at Talon Hall in Drache, which is Jillian's studio where she taught dance to over-privileged people.

Floxod Aridia’s School has Opened

The school that was being built by Floxod Aridia Vloress has finally opened its door and classes are now in full swing. After the school was destroyed by Menxrukian terrorists, it has fought against the odds, and education has won out even in the face of strong adversity. As noted in the previous edition of the Rumor Mill, the school was relocated from the Back Alley to the west of the Iron Gate District. This move was probably a good choice.

Fighting for Charity! ((by Chi)

19.V.488 Arena Fight League presents a onetime unarmed combat event for charity. Lt. Branth Mitrod vs Sgt. Kothliim in an unarmed combat between guards. To be held on Lorhest (Loredas or Saturday) the 26th day of Koithekkakat (Second Seed or May) 488 at the arena (date changed due to unforeseen circumstances). Hosted by Aridia Vloress, owner of Arena Fight League. Charity to be announced by The Sithire.

Fight Club! (By Chi)

2.IV.488 Arena Fight League is looking for more fighters. Winner's purse is 175 rixtle while loser gets a purse of 40 rixtle. Coming soon armed combat. Will sign up armed combatants during the time prior to starting it (purses will be same as unarmed). Need not be a professional but fight experience is desirable. Sponsors sought to back both fighters and the League. See Aridia Vloress at the King's in for more info. League is totally legal. Must sign contracts.

Reclaim your Love-Life!

Are you a super rich person who wants more from their partner? Is your love-life as dead as you are on the inside? Does your partner rarely come home, or have they left you all-together? It’s probably because you are a really boring person or you were not fulfilling their needs! Fear not. In just a few easy steps, we can teach you how to reignite the spark you once had! We can show you how to go from someone boring to someone worth adoring!

To find out more, speak to Zae'iira at the Golden Enlightenment!

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