Rumor Mill 15.XII.488

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Rumor Mill 15.XII.488

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Sithire and Sithire have Baby! (by Ty)

Several weeks ago the Sithire of Transdariania, Isabelle Auxerre, welcomed the birth of a baby girl with her husband, the Sithire of Minkbrantha. The child further strengthens the alliance between Transdariania and Minkbrantha which was previously linked only by the political marriage often seen between kingdoms. With the royalists sent north into Leptatarna one can easily see the benefit of this latest development, especially given the famed military forces of Minkbrantha and its proximity as a direct neighbor of the royalists. However, sources close to the Sithire and her ladies in waiting report the child displays little of the combined likeness of her warrior father and stoic mother. This theory has spread throughout the city. The markets and taverns in Drache are beginning to swell with suspicious whispers the child may not actually be either of theirs, but one stolen from an unknown family possibly to the north. For weeks now, the Sithire and her daughter, Prima, remain out of sight. The arrival of a child and appearance of this strong young family would normally be a rallying cry for the diverse population of Drache, yet the three remain relatively unseen in the wake of this most... joyous occasion.

A Beastly Quest

But it won't be too beastly (We don't think)! For those looking to add a little adventure to their lives, Selixe ul-Arduin Quarothek has put up a few quests! It seems they are looking to trap a few animals. Two of the beasts have already been captured, but fear not! There are still three more to be caught. Three more adventures to be had! The details can be found at the adventurers guild, as well as postings around the city.

Plants Die

The colder weather may be unwelcome to some, but it comes with a silver lining. By now, citizens should have noticed that the air is no longer filled with varying degrees of pollen. The freezing temperatures have made the giant plants that plagued this city to die off. It causes one to wonder why some of the magically inclined didn’t simply freeze them to begin with. And to plant a little seed, perhaps this can be noted for the future.

You’re Shipping Me

For a long while, it seemed the Pirate, Aldenaxk would be a periodic disturbance - fighting, wagering, yelling and the like on the streets of Drache. It seems like only yesterday that he was swaying about and challenging people as they walked by.

However, the ship set out some time ago and has not yet returned. Rumors are flying about that he has died, but no one seems to be telling the same story. All we can really gather is that he left on some sort of mission and has not been back since. And his long absence is strange because on previous missions, he always returned in record time. A few members of his crew have been seen around town, but we can only assume the scallywag got caught up in a cultist ritual, only to be eaten by some elder thing at the bottom of the sea. Now his spirit haunts the deeps, ready to lure or drag any others who sail close into the same fate as himself.

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