Rumormill 17.II.483 (Volume XV)

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Rumormill 17.II.483 (Volume XV)

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The Drache Rumormill

"Drache's Premier News Source."
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2.17.483, Vol. XV

The City's Matters

Monstrously Mutating Dog Attacks City!

A mangy dog, known by the children of the wharf district as Baggy, attacked a man by the King's Inn. During the attack, the dog became vicious and started to mutate monstrously, at which point it began a rampage of terror across the city as it proceeded North toward the outskirts. The adventurer that was attacked initially,a man named Bullbound, gave chase and was joined by two travellers, by the names of Lucian and La Rog in pursuit of the monster. While a fight ensued, the beast was eventually slain with the assistance of a dark elf, Jadmai, who managed to sever the beast's head. Upon death, the beast reverted to true form and was revealed to be a human shapeshifter known as Mark Hindfoot, and it is suspected that he contracted rabies. This information has led to a renewed call for stricter control over shapeshifters in the City, comparing their situation to that of vampires or demonic beings.

(source: bornfor)

Mysterious Fountain Found in City, Properties Unknown!

The Royal University announced a discovery of a mysterious fountain, predating the foundation of the city, in a catacomb near the Royal Church. While researchers and wizards have yet to discover any properties inherent in the waters of the fountain, there are rumors attached to the fountain that suggest that it is a legendary fountain with many beneficial qualities to the drinker. As a result of the rumors, many citizens and visitors to the city have lined up to take a sip or two of the waters in hopes of good luck.

Citywide Increase in Pregnancies!

Recent reports suggest that the pregnancy rate in the city is on the rise again. Drache has always had a reputation for being an easy place to get pregnant in, and now it's just gotten easier. The population of half-caste children spiked markedly during the Alysian era, when pregnancy, birth and childhood seemed to all become a breeze, though it also has given rise to an embittered generation of orphaned children who grew up all too fast. (Literally.)

Back Alley Informer

More Prostitute Deaths Reveal New Killer Details!

A third corpse of a prostitute was discovered in the Market District with the signature ribbon included a note signed by "Tatsonth Ol-Milixoth" (or "The Dagger Ripper") stating that the "cleansing" of Drache's streets is the only way to rid it of filth and disease (incidentally, infections are on the rise in the city, see the next edition!) The body featured the killer's signature red ribbon, but was also slit open from neck to genitals. Because of the public nature of the latest gruesome display, the Guard have assigned a task force to investigate the killings, though they have little means of actually tracking the killer at the moment. Speculation abounds in Drache that this killing may well have links to the "Lathria Sinkonnat," a purity league that has recently been agitating for reform of prostitution laws in Drache, though Mern Rixpanak, the leader of the Lathria Sinkonnat, denies any actual connection to the killings and also has stated that he has been in dialogue with the owners of several of the city's most prominent brothels.

(source: suzthulhu)

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