Rumormill 10.III.483 (Volume XV)

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Rumormill 10.III.483 (Volume XV)

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The Drache Rumormill

"Drache's Premier News Source." (now only 10q!)

10.11.483, Vol. XV

The City's Matters

Cases of rabies spreading like wildfire among street animals- but it’s not what you think

Imagine the surprise of taking an ailing pet to the healer’s and being told that it has rabies. That’s what Nedixe ul-Avat and several others have experienced this week. It came out of the blue, said Nedixe in an exclusive interview with Crow’s Mouth on Wednesday, “Sarnunigi is quite docile. He was just a bit warmer than normal, had been acting sleepier than usual, so I assumed he had a cold. I never would have thought it was rabies.” According to healer Mariya ul-Marthenat, head of the small clinic Suspatelond, there were no symptoms of the animal actually *having* rabies. “No aggression, no outbursts, and he’s drinking fine- just like all the others. We’re lucky that we have a specialist on board, otherwise I’m not sure we would have had any idea.” In total, 20 pets so far have been diagnosed with what is being called “quiet rabies”. None of them have any symptoms aside from drowsiness and increased body-heat. While this curious plague of the furry kind seems quite innocuous so far, officials are urging people to keep their pets locked up and their children away from the streets. “Rabies is nothing to laugh about, even if it is this quiet kind.” Resate Arankash, toxin specialist at Suspatelond warned. “It spreads almost uncontrollably, and without proper treatment in the early stages, there is little that can be done for it.”

Plundering of local crypts has died back

The recent rash of grave robberies in Arangoth seems to have come to an end thanks to the diligent efforts of night-walking mages and concerned citizens. A total of 18 lots had been disturbed, usually minor vandalisms like shifting a door of a crypt or disturbing the soil atop a grave. No serious damage was done during these mysterious nighttime goings-on, for which the writer is quite thankful.

Disappearances in the Wharf District

A few individuals have gone missing in the Wharf district. While this is not anything unusual (the Wharf District is a place famous for the hands-off nature of governance, after all), some citizens have raised concerns. A total of six children and four adults have turned up missing over the last three weeks. Said resident Gabar As’inar of one of the missing, “Gabriel is a good kid, he wouldn’t just run away like that. He might have had a drug problem, but that don’t mean he forgets to come back where he’s safe at night.”

Lucky Pair of Boots on Local Farm

Eiren Taldis, a farmhand on Rinxtan ul-Karan Ingved’s local stead welcomed into the world on Wednesday morning a pair of foals. While these births are unusual not only for their timing (being much earlier in the year than is normal for horse births), they are outstandingly so for the nature of their arrival. The twins, Barney and Gloria, were born of an elderly mare named Boots. Horse births are almost always singular in nature, with live twinnings only having occurred three times before in the written history of Arangoth. One twin is normally stronger than the other, and the weaker generally does not survive very long- but if the pleasant-faced farmer is to be believed, both are doing fine. “Ain’t never had this happen before.” He said to Marat ul-Gaden Rinxal, our local reporter on upbeat happenings. “The boys and I had a betting pool going on whether it was twins or just one really big’un. I won, and I can’t be happier about it.”

Prominent Patrons Missing from the King’s Inn

Anat ul-Gaden Rinxal, a bartender at the Black Dragon Inn, brought this interesting news to us on Friday. Oliver Killian, his daughter Lauryl, a survivalist named Bob, a deep elf named Jadmai, and a half-elf known only as Elsal have all been seen to abruptly have disappeared in the last week. “I don’t think much of one or two people stopping coming by,” she said, shaking her head. “But you don’t just lose five regulars in a week like this. Our Inn has turnover, but nothing like that. Once a person’s got a habit of coming ‘round, he doesn’t just vanish.” And vanish they have. No one our reporters asked in any of the districts this week has seen hide nor hair of them. At least half a dozen people admitted to knowing them, though, and one man in particular seemed quite concerned about the disappearance of his comrade. “Sul and I been through some bad times.” A surely man in the RLD who identified himself only as Marthen told us. “She knows what’s good for her, and it ain’t just up and vanishing. We got business together.”

Kingdom Observer

Portal Across Worlds Stops Cultist Threat In The Elgar Forest

Lantia Telemmaitë, subadvisor of intelligence to His Exalted Lord of Ravendusk, Arkhad ul-Broxobain Severn, writes in a letter to the Rumor Mill of yet another dark encounter in the Elgar forest this past week. A group of cultists headed up by a male humanoid of unknown origins (called Father by a member of the cult which was captured in earlier raids on the group) attempted to raise a powerful entity out of the dark reaches of the Black Lagoon. While the Mazewood folk tried their best to handle what for weeks had been building into a crisis, their efforts went unrewarded.
At last a local group of mages sent out a call for help across the veil of worlds. The group which responded, consisting mostly of otherworld humans, thankfully managed to subdue the threat and stop the summoning. The lead cultist escaped with hardly the hair on his head, Lantia reports, and they do not expect him to be causing more trouble anytime soon. His ability to control the more vicious Phet’Kree has gone unexplained, but we are assured that there is an extensive investigation underway.

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