Rumormill 28.III.483 (Volume XV)

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Rumormill 28.III.483 (Volume XV)

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The Drache Rumormill

"Drache's Premier News Source." (now only 10q!)

10.11.483, Vol. XV

The City's Matters

Captain and daughter and various captives safe, kidnappings apparent misunderstanding, clarifies Snurri ul-kaduti ul-Marten Dondarel
Despite reports of their disappearance, the captain of the ____ and his daughter Lauryl have both been found safe. Escorted back to the Inn by Snurri ul-kaduti ul-Marten Dondarel, our reporters were assured that this was all a huge misunderstanding. “They went to help a few people who’d gotten lost in old tunnels beneath the city.” Snurri ul-Marten explained to us with a light air. “This has all just been a complete misunderstanding.”
Snurri ul-Marten, heir to the vast fortune of the ul-Martens, is well known for his reclusive and eccentric tendencies- aside from his appearance at the Sippahest festival of lights, he has only been seen out and about in the city twice since his return a year and a half ago.
Other disappearances in the city seem to have been overstated, as well- at least six missing persons’ reports have been withdrawn now, and the people who were reported missing have thankfully returned home without harm.

Bob the survivalist goes insane, rants in the streets!
On Tuesday night, the locally infamous survivalist Bob (no family name) was found walking half-dressed and yelling in the streets. Witnesses claim that he was speaking of a woman with fiery eyes and the spreading of sickness throughout the city- doubtless referencing the recent epidemic of quiet rabies which has swept the city.
Despite his assertations to the contrary, the silent sickness has yet to cause any problem among the animals which were infected with it, and with careful control measures (including curfews on pets and horses), the spread has mostly been contained. While no cure is yet known aside from the poison-eaters of Suspatelond, the author doubts that we’ll be seeing many more nutjobs parading in the streets touting the dangers of “the dark one”.

Notable noble held overnight for suspicion in nefarious activities, walks when letter detailing suspicious activity mysteriously vanishes
After helping a wayward sea captain and his daughter home from their charitable mission to help those who were lost in tunnels beneath the city, young Snurri ul-Marten found himself in the Guards’ House not as a guest, but as a prisoner. According to tespin Nedixe ul-Gassar Padelat, he was being held until a letter which was anonymously submitted to the authorities could be properly read. Apparently written in an obscure and rare language, this letter apparently had enough import to hold even the wealthy heir to the fortune of the ul-Martens accountable.
If there was ever actually a letter, it was misplaced soon after the young noble’s arrival. As he left the building, one of our reporters caught up with Snurri, and when asked about why he was at the guards’ house, he simply laughed and replied- “I don’t know anything about a letter. I’m here because of taxes. Tis the season, you know.”

Garden of noble family dug up, guard incapacitated, vorfon Snurri ul-kaduti missing!
Guards making a check-in at the residence of Snurri ul-Kaduti ul-Marten Dondarel found him missing this evening, and the household guard knocked out and incapacitated. They found the house ransacked and the garden dug up.
If anyone has any information about the whereabouts of Snurri ul-kaduti ul-Marten Dondarel, they are advised to contact their local Guard post. He is missing, assumed kidnapped, and wanted for questioning connected to a matter of city security.

King’s Inn celebrates its 18th year
In celebration of the 18th anniversary of the opening of the Black Dragon Inn, patrons at Drache’s most popular and infamous Inn were treated to free beer all evening. There were songs and dances, and reports of an illusionist giving impromptu plays from the bar. Eiren Taldis, the farmer whose horse had twins some weeks past, spent the last of his winnings on buying a large potluck of shrimp for everyone. As this reporter can affirm, it was quite the celebration, and one that will be talked of for years to come. “Sure like it when this place gets a’kicking.” Dulcina, celebrity barmaid of the King’s Inn commented. “The golds gets to flowing, and where there’s alcohol, there’s laughter soon behind.”

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