Rumor Mill Issue Dated: 12. III. 482

Drache's newspaper of current events and social functions.

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Rumor Mill Issue Dated: 12. III. 482

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The Drache Rumormill

(now only 10q!)

On This Day Middas, First Seed 12, in the Year 482.

The Editor of the Drache Rumormill would like to take this opportunity to apologise to readers for the extended delay from our last publication. While we are yet to determine as to whom was the person or persons thereof involved with dumping an extraordinary amount of horse manure into our small editing offices, we are happy to report that despite the onslaught to our nasal senses, our wax press is operating again, as are our prints. We hope to bring your more upcoming news of recent events, rumours suspicions and hearsay from our most reliable sources for the next coming months!







The Drache Rumormill was shocked to discover that the Tespin Dulcina Maree Collier, the famous tender of the King's own Black Dragon Inn, forever the proprietor, publican, protector, and all other important titled beginning with 'P', was inexplicably absent from the inn for a number of weeks. Rumours abounded to her whereabouts, and staff and patrons alike could not explain the reasons for her departure or to whence she had travelled. Bralk ul-Drache Bralkolta, our chief correspondent for all Drache matters, was able to have a brief word with the cook of the premises, Rantan of Sigil. His report is as follows:

I arrived at the Black Dragon Inn the previous Sundas, where I found the place short of most of its usual patrons save for the local staff and regular nondescript visitors frequently seen mulling about at its near-uncountable amount of tables. I was unable to locate Tespin Dulcina at her usual place by the bartop, and was served by a younger tender who identified himself as 'Gethri'.

After repeatedly asking the tender if he knew of the famous innkeeper's whereabouts, I was led to the kitchen, and greeted by the cook, the teifling known to many as Rantan of Sigil. When I asked the good cook of Dulcina's whereabouts, Vorfon Rantan informed me that she would 'be back when she bloody well felt like it' and that I should vacate his kitchen area immediately, whereupon he made threats to make me into a 'Rumormill Correspondent Casserole' if I did not heed to his demands.

I left Vorfon Rantan to his duties, as did I leave the premises, thankfully intact, though I did feel the need for a change of clothing. Bralk ul-Drache Brakolta, DR.

The Drache Rumormill was moments away from making enquiries to the Royal Southern Arangothian Metropolitan Constabulary for the Protection of Drache Citizens, better known as the Royal Guard, in the hopes that answers might arise as to Dulcina's whereabouts, and furthermore, being a good representative of proper conduct, had drafted a missing person's report ready to be presented to the Guard should they have no information of her whereabouts. No sooner had the report been drafted when we learned just before print that Tespin Dulcina had returned, safe and sound to the Black Dragon Inn! When asked of her whereabouts for the last two weeks, Tespin Dulcina smiled and asked one of our correspondents if he had arrived solely to ask questions or to actually purchase something. We left our beloved Dulcina to her duties, where she can now be found once again, day and night to serve customers from hither and yon whom arrive at the Black Dragon Inn.

However, this might leave our readers with more questions than answers. To wherever did the most esteemed innkeeper of Drache travel? A number of rumours have surfaced, among them are that the Black Dragon's publican had travelled north to the Royal Palace, to visit none other than His Royal Highness, King Arlok ul-Dorn (g. u. m. A. et al) and serve as His Majesty's personal steward. However, after making enquiries to the HRH Office, we received a formal reply attached with the King's Seal that politely denied this to be the case. Another well-known yet similar rumour has been that Tespin Dulcina was away serving as steward for His Grace, The Sithire, Vorfon Marcion ul-Fendeth Tagran Aldenbar, however the office of His Grace was quick to quash this rumour also. Important to note is the most popular rumour of late, that being Tespin Dulcina merely took a brief holy day or vacation away from Drache, for none other than private matters of her own personal leisure. Whatever the truth might be, if it's out there, you'll read it first in the Drache Rumormill!


Reports have come in from the Rumormill's reputable sources that a pack of wolves have been marauding around the streets of Drache, causing much public disorder and disarray to many citizens, peddlers and shop owners. The wolf pack in question has been described mostly as being dark skinned, shaggy lupines, of which the pack consists of approximately 8, 16 or 32 members, depending on the report issued. Shop owners have made numerous reports of vandalism and theft to the Royal Guard, including bottles being turned over and smashed, foods of all sorts being taken from shelves and benches (though most commonly meat has been the lifted item of choice). More often than not, the wolves have been seen raiding many of Drache's finer establishments, including the Black Dragon Inn, the Silver Swan, and Rimcimi's Silfemeva of the Seven Stars, a popular Leturian restaurant and dance parlour. Many public establishments within Drache's city limits have also been threatened by this menace. It has been noted that members of the Royal Guard have been called to deal with these vandals on numerous occasions, however their arrival has always come moments after the canine culprits have fled.

"Make no mistake," an officer of the Royal Guard quoted in an official statement, "we will apprehend these suspects and punish them with the full extent of the law. No matter where they might hide, no matter how fast they think they are, the Armsmen, Spellcasters and Psionics of the Royal Guard are far more prepared to deal with this menace and see to it that they face the Lord Protector's justice."

The Royal Guard has urged citizens that upon sight of these lupine vandals, to contact the nearest Armsman/Armswoman immediately, and to not approach them as they are considered dangerous and likely of werewolf origin. Bounty Hunters wishing to deal with this menace may also do so, on the proviso that they strictly adhere to Edict 25, Sections 1-8 written in the Laws of Arangoth.


Citizens of Drache's Wharf District have made reports of a large, heavily armed vessel arriving in Drache's port unannounced and with a spectacular display of what can only be described as magic of a
thermaturgical nature. The vessel arrived almost a week ago, at approximately half past the Fifth Late Night Bell.

"There was this bright light, see, and this, this tunnel opened up, bright as the stars it was," says Pexolta, a local fisherman of the Drache's wharfs. "Then this huge ship just comes out of nowhere, right? I saw two of our Arangothian ships come about, and they tried to intercept her, but she just sailed right past them, then passes the Port Authority boats trying to meet her as if they wasn't even there. Nearly rammed one over! Then she parks right smack in the middle of the southern pier, where all us fishermen had our boats out! Bloody ludicrous! Messed up me nets and scared all the fish away. She just berths right there, quick as you please, without so much a care in the world or as if we never even existed."

The Rumormill has obtained a secret report from an informant within the ranks of the RAN that a 18-gun navy schooner, Rixte Rastronth (better known as Silver Sail), commanded by Captain Pexolta ul-Sardix Quar, closely approached the foreign vessel, oddly named the Perwinkle, sailing beside her as she was berthing. Whether any boarding or meetings took place between these two vessels is not known. Expect more news to come soon of this mysterious vessel and her Captain of possible import. If it's word of mouth, it's pen on paper in The Rumormill!


Many readers may be sour to note that the price of calamari in many of Drache's establishments have increased dramatically. We have obtained a report from a prolific merchant of Drache's Merchant Square that a ten-year trade agreement made with HRM King Arlok ul-Dorn, Secca and neighbouring Leturia has ended, bringing and end to the large cargo ships arriving every year loaded with preserved seafoods (most commonly octopi and squid).

With a shortage of similar sea creatures available along Arangoth's coast, it is likely the price of such foods will be only available to those who can afford such luxuries. We approached a fellow ex-pat Leturian mercenary, to ask his cultural knowledge of squid and their significance to the Leturian people. The Leturian, who identified himself as Ceirnyeizi (Shern-yee-zee) was at first suspicious, but then happy to answer our questions.

"Squid is good, yes," Ceirnyeizi told us. "Good for belly. Make happy down below. But then get belly ache. Belly ache not good, when vorfon get, how you say, flatter-lends yes? That make pretty lady feel sick, and then vorfon not get luck with pretty lady in bed. But squid good! Is sad thing we see squid not come now, yes. Maybe Arangot (sic) King or Drache Duke writing new paper for Numaz. Good squid come then for all Drache people."

Various seafood establishments have already taken note of this shortage and have adjusted their menus to suit. The Royal Griffon is already offering a special price on golden-laced sea serpents, which should prove popular, while the Black Dragon Inn is offering a special price on smoke Emerald Flame-Breathed Kingfish.

And thus ends the latest edition of The Drache Rumormill. Be sure to contact its editor, Sarpolta ul-Sankord Dretod, for all the latest gossip, rumours and news, both founded and unfounded!

This copy of the Drache Rumormill has been brought to you thanks to our various sponsors of note.

We thank them for their continuing support:

Halfmoor's Bowry
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