Rumor Mill Issue Dated: 18. X. 482

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Rumor Mill Issue Dated: 18. X. 482

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The Drache Rumormill

(now only 10q!)

On This Day Tordas, Frost Fall 18, in the Year 482

The Editor of the Drache Rumormill would like to take this opportunity to apologize to readers for the extended delay from our last publication. While we have yet to make a determination as to whom was the person or persons thereof involved with dumping an extraordinary amount of horse manure into our small editing offices, we are happy to report that our wax press is operating again, as are our prints (despite the onslaught to our nasal senses). We hope to bring your more upcoming news of recent events, rumours suspicions and hearsay from our most reliable sources for the next coming months!







The Rumormill was thrilled to find out that Drache will be hosting the International Tournament of Martial Skill once again. This is not the first time that we have seen an influx of fighters amongst us in congregation and preparation of the Martial Tournament. In fact, this is the fourth time we have hosted these tournaments!

"This time, it'll be bigger and better than ever!" Vorfon Sean Macmillan was overheard as saying when questioned on his opinion of the tournement and its changes this season. A female voice was heard shortly thereafter making mention of his skills, particularly involving love making. The rumormill staff was not able to pinpoint the voice particularly but some say it sounded a lot like the Spiri Ambassador's daughter. Regardless, the female seemed just as thrilled about the upcoming tournament and Vorfon Macmillan's involvement; though, we fear she'll be saddened to find that love making will not be one of the brackets.

Speaking of brackets! A few changes have been made this year to the brackets, the major change is that there will only be two catagories offered. Armed and Mounted. In the bracket of Armed, you can expect fighters to use their weapons of choice while fighting to unconsciousness or death. For those who will be participating in the mounted bracket, you will be expected to fight mounted with lances until thrown out of the saddle. At that point, you will have the choice to continue fighting on foot once dismounted, if your opponent accepts your challenge.

Also, it goes without saying that the reward to the winners is hefty. One thousand crowns and the title of Knight-Champion! So polish up on your skills and sign up soon! Don't miss out!


Outside of Drache's city walls to the north a parcel of farmland has been noticeably sectioned off. One of the Rumormill's very own took a trip upon horseback to the farmlands to get a firsthand look at what was happening. It appears that the beginnings of a temporary stone and wooden fenceline is being erected around the area which encompasses several acres. The grass has been freshly cut and judging by the tired horses, sections of the ground have been freshly tilled; what looks like stone-marked paths litter the ground and an archway at the entrance is under construction.

"These wagons have canvas in them for tents. And some tables and chairs. We're just trying to get everything ready," Was the answer we received when questioning one of the workers, Jonas Smithe, who was preparing the site for the Harvest Festival. We tried to get more information about the animals that were grazing along the newly constructed fenceline, namely some small goats, but the man only huffed and waved a hand, saying, "Got to get back to work." We don't like to make assumptions here at the Rumormill so we won't elaborate on the loving look that Vorfon Smithe gave one particular pygmy.

It has been confirmed that travelers from Transdarania and even beyond have arrived and set up camps for the run of the festival; we have spotted several tents with firepits, booze and even wares for sale. This looks to be the best Harvest Festival yet!

Tespin Dulcina reports that days ago, a young man came into the Black Dragon with a scroll in hand and read out loud the following: Hear ye! Hear ye! One and all in the King's Inn! The yearly Harvest Festival and Fair will be held from Sundas, the 28th day of Frost Fall to Loredas, the 3rd of Sun's Dusk! Events will include a tournament of arms, a masquerade ball, and will conclude on Sundas, the 4th of Sun's Dusk with the Brakkerat celebration! Merchants from all over Transdarania and local environs will be bringing their best wares to display and sell, and there will be feasting and drink for all!"


This week was the debut of the newest play at the Municiple Theatre called A Murder At Black Midnight. We had hoped to have a brief meeting with Lieutenant Kirin Arnise to ask his opinion regarding his somewhat new ownership of the theatre, its bi-weekly shows and the actors and actresses who make it all happen on stage. Unfortunately, Lieutenant Arnise was too busy to answer any of our questions and was not able to commit to any appointment times. One might think that he was wrapped up in guard duties but we have it on good authority that he may have been wrapped up in actress Serelaine Erenos' arms. The actress is often found co-starring in leading roles and hitting those high soprano notes. It would seem she is also hitting the high notes with Guard Arnise as well.

"My time is spent working with the theatre and Lieutenant Arnise has been a gracious man in allowing us a place to portray our talents. We all love him. We're all indebted to him. Without his generosity we would all be wandering the lands and scraping the bottom of the barrel for work." When pressed further on relations with Arnise that were outside of business in nature, Serelaine refused to answer and was called away to rehearsals.

However, Miss Erenos is not the only actress seen spending her free time with a man of uniform. Neskessa Dalakis, the Municiple's newest actress, has been seen on several ocassions with Captain William Ka`ana`ana of the seventeeth infantry regiment. While we could not locate either of them for more details on their relations, Tespin Dalakis was seen on the ground with her skirts around her waist and Captain Ka`ana`ana was with her. Our trusted reporter said that the pair of them were outside of the Black Dragon Inn and no one else was present, Neskessa Dalakis' undergarments were strewn about in a carelessness that screamed "lost in passion".

In brief synopsis, A Murder At Black Midnight is a play of great tragedy involving twists and turns that wind around betrayal, murder, lies and a love affair or two. It's impossible to write more without giving away the plot, so all we can do is encourage you to visit the threatre during an evening for an eye full of great drama. Both on and off stage.


Recently, we received word of a great stench lingering at the Black Dragon Inn. Some said it had the faint hints of decay on it, others said it was the strong smell of lye. Regardless of which was more accurate, we sought to find a patron who could give us a bit of insight on what happened. Dulcina and the other staff at the Black Dragon Inn were tight lipped about it.

"A few nights ago, I saw the absolute most ghastly thing that I have ever seen within the Black Dragon. The place has a history, of course. We all know that. But since I’ve been here, I’ve never seen something like this." Farris Freedman began to explain what he had seen on that night at the Black Dragon Inn where he was enjoying his ale and waiting for his business partner to join him for a game of dice and a bit of work.

"A man crawled into the pub, begging for someone to kill him. He looked terrible. His eyes saw nothing; it was as if he was just staring at sounds. He was very sick. I’d hoped a healer would have been able to help the man out of the pub and cured whatever ailed him. I couldn’t imagine how bad he must have felt, being so sick. Then was when things turned horrifying. The man, upon being touched by the healers, began to swell. His stomach grew quickly, as if he were pregnant. Bigger and bigger it grew until. Gods. Until it split. "

" And out from his stomach poured the vilest filth I have ever seen or laid eyes on. Things… crawled out of him. The explosion covered patrons, guards and healers alike. The smell, it was.. I still can smell it. I couldn’t stay. And I doubt I’ll ever be back inside the Inn."

With this new found information, we approached Tespin Dulcina again in hopes that she might tell us who called the guards, what happened to the man and how the mess was cleaned up but she refused a second time to give us any further information, only stating that things like this were best left in the hands of the guards or the Gods.

And thus ends the latest edition of The Drache Rumormill. Be sure to contact its editor, Sarpolta ul-Sankord Dretod, for all the latest gossip, rumours and news, both founded and unfounded!

This copy of the Drache Rumormill has been brought to you thanks to our various sponsors of note.

We thank them for their continuing support:

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