Arangothian Names, expanded

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Arangothian Names, expanded

Post by geth » Sat Nov 17, 2012 7:23 pm

Looking over Pat Feaster's list of old Arangothian names, I managed to break down the syllables to varying degrees and feed them into this name generator (which has a really cool programmable function that I use for everything) and I managed to get some interesting, sometimes really bad and sometimes really Arangothian sounding results that weren't necessarily on Pat's list.

I feel like this will help expand the possible "Arangothian" names one can use for a character, so we aren't all bumping into each other with the same names. All you do is go to the aforementioned page and go to "advanced options" and plug these codes into the 'name generation template.'

Just make sure they're all one line when you copy and paste, or you will get an error.

Arangothian Male:


Arangothian Female:


Arangothian Surnames:

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Re: Arangothian Names, expanded

Post by geth » Sat Nov 17, 2012 7:34 pm

Oh, and I forgot...

Sresar Vale Dire Sheep

(Wool)(ly|wort|wich|lington|ly Mammoth|dra|lybdis|horne|tan|sers|linator|demort|ly Potter|son|gar|gurd|din|weh|lus Maximus|eus|lisaurus Rex|gamesh|lexander|liam the Conqueror|verhampton)
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Re: Arangothian Names, expanded

Post by RicDelaney » Sun Nov 18, 2012 1:24 am

Very cool! Thanks for this, Godweiser. I'm just gonna dump a couple pages of results here for posterity:

Meyan Sarndolus Borygn Tonolk Algn Alolus Bralazen
Waethar Waturoth Kyduth Sautothar Kedyan Alomizen Keinem
Branthxyrn Dodinth Branthleroth Branthlus Medaroth Bolkmaduth Mirduth
Sarnpeduth Bonth Mathar Maerilus Huinth Branthxadrith Huiaduth
Ath Braciolk Aolk Asnerith Dokyroth Ketend Bradern
Kylus Bolktegn Dowolus Doduth Kejaolk Kyrayan Kenthar
Kynem Maoranem Alfrith Branthririth Aluhurn Bravith Striwgulith
Bohis Asprith Altaolk Keulerith Huioseth Alfrn Salirn
Keatayan Datrith Orysygn Alakezen Warlith Maisiduth Marncohod
Orymaolk Boezen Aduth Huixfyan Orydyolk Madrith Waolk
Bolklith Saucoth Braroroth Brayan Slatzen Alrith Brursoth
Keinth Alathwanth Bobidrith Dotodrith Doolk Marnrn Huixlith
Bolklyrn Fendthar Mefoolk Bradethar Mawaolk Keaxarith Menem
Waduth Sarnlith Doroth Fendthar Keuzylith Asthar Aslus
Astuthar Menem Sarnlenth Brafeduth Branthgn Dogn Askyan
Wanth Bragaroth Salorith Mateolk Marnrn Alfricest Warhortal
Bolkgn Fendrn Nukdezen Crugsyphan Fegn Brakizen Alathrn

Kypynem Kybogn Meperith Cidnothar Branthrith Wacurith Alloroth
Alathtath Huixnem Alathsonth Saolus Alfilith Alsonem Ylluduth
Boadrith Kyolk Alfhegn Fendth Huixolk Oryroth Braxith
Aulagn Melizen Felus Bolkpolath Branthnth Fegn Bodrith
Sainoolk Alfalolus Brath Sairn Brabarn Braroth Oryaolk
Meyjilith Dotynem Huixolk Salulith Anth Masuthar Sathar
Alnem Bolkthar Brasygn Oryroth Marnsyan Marnkoth Boalolith
Menth Kyrn Menorn Warcozen Aoloyan Feilith Bolkjezen
Mezen Bolknem Doth Kyrn Strasdrith Keecinem Feygn
Brajayan Kyan Brabodrith Branegn Alsylus Waizen Aviolk
Aslus Huiesazen Kyrn Feyan Sarnrn Branthnem Bolkwilith
Walus Sarnkirith Docilus Alathuduth Kydrith Brakonem Thityadrith
Sarnduth Bolkvarith Huiaolk Oryth Sauolk Alfth Agn
Oryzen Kyroth Kybaroth Waelus Oryan Meyan Orydinday
Dogass Maynem Kyroth Orykithar Dorith Keozen Aldinth
Dolith Alfzinth Orycydrith Feuluyan Keuciyan Wauroth Alfinth
Bolith Alathbalus Branthlyrn Kykanem Kysydrith Athar Brantholk

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Re: Arangothian Names, expanded

Post by Karras » Sun Nov 18, 2012 9:02 am

Very useful tool there, thanks.

Very ideal nameth althho for people withh a litthhp.

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Re: Arangothian Names, expanded

Post by geth » Sun Nov 18, 2012 1:51 pm

Regrettably, junk names are impossible to eliminate, but I try to minimize them. I bet someone that actually codes for a living can easily improve upon what I did. I just wanted to sort of help people work up Arangothian names.

And yes, a lisp is probably much worse for native Arangothek speakers... :D

Edit: Also, I am tweaking the code and testing the code from time to time. I'd like to tighten it up, but I seem to be producing real Arangothian names that Pat F. had listed among the random results, so I take that as a good sign that we're on the right track here. Others are totally encouraged to work on this as well. The object is to get the best possible end result out of the randomizer.
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