Voodoo 2 Major Update Coming

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Voodoo 2 Major Update Coming

Post by freakuancy » Wed Feb 13, 2013 5:34 pm

UPDATE: The beta for the Advanced Editor is available for testing, along with the most current version of the Voodoo2 Script. You can download them at http://www.voodoo-script.com

Just a heads up, there's a major update to 2.5 on the way that adds integration for an Advanced Editor that I'm writing in .NET

Basically the Advanced Editor allows for finer color control and unlimited post sizes (Voodoo itself is limited to mIRC's internal length limit of 4096 characters). It is fully integrated with Voodoo2 Character Profiles, includes WYSIWYG-style as-you-type formatting, parses paragraphs automatically and even adds highlighting so you can see where a paragraph is going to be split. The aim of this is to provide a fully-featured post editor that allows the user to quickly and easily create neat, organized posts that require a bit more formatting than what the script allows by itself.

This is entirely optional and is not required to run the script.

Screenshot of the current Alpha:


In the above example there are 5 sends. The first and third paragraphs are too long to be sent in their entirety and will be broken up automatically into smaller paragraphs, with the excess text auto-highlighted as you type. You can use the highlighting as a visual indicator to manually break those paragraphs up into neat, unbroken smaller paragraphs as shown in the screenshot below, in which I have enlarged the window somewhat so you can see the entire post:


Here you can see where I've broken the paragraphs up into smaller paragraphs. You can tell from the highlighting (or lack thereof) that each of these paragraphs is small enough to be sent without being broken up, and the editor will process each paragraph as a separate send. The end result is a post made up of clean paragraphs that end where you choose them to end, giving you great control over the quality of your posts' appearance.

I should be done in the next week or so and will start Beta testing in earnest. If you're interested in helping me test let me know.
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