The Drache Cooking Tournament from 2009

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The Drache Cooking Tournament from 2009

Post by Hatshepsut » Fri Sep 12, 2014 9:12 pm

Hi, folks! I just finished editing and posting a log from one of the events I most enjoyed running: an Iron Chef style cooking competition held in the arena. You can read the whole thing on the wiki, but here are a few highlights:
"Ah, Trug am see what lady do there." The troll nodded. "Seem to Trug that lady am go for visual theme. Unga, smart move, but am flavor much good too?"
"It seems that the sausages and eggs do not go together!" Paiti observed. "The eggs are in the Church dish, and these sausages don't seem to match there."

"Ah, but the sausages' natural zest may be an allusion to the Mingit District," Deis replied. "It's certainly hearty enough, don't you think?"

Paiti nodded to Deis. "I do think you are right. I wonder if the sausages will stand alone, or if there will be more to the dish?"

"Well, it depends," Deis joked. "It's not the sausage itself, after all, but how you use it that counts."

"Oh, yes, in f... oh." Paiti suddenly understood. "Yes, I see. The sausage. Very smart."
Vraezcjellia then did something very curious. She set her hand down upon the rock and whispered a few harsh-sounding Vuulari words, invoking a minor magic. Then she drew up her hand and below it there was a shimmering... well, a shimmering something. It was hard to tell what it was beyond the fact that its fins indicated that it was some sort of fish, but it also had tentacles and a mouth like a squid.

And what was more was that it didn't always seem to be there at any given time. Part of it disappeared as other parts of it reappeared and its color and texture changed from moment to moment. It was extremely rare, almost unknown on the surface and seldom seen even in the Underdark, but Vraezcjellia had been saving one for a special purpose, and this was it.
Read the whole thing on the wiki.

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