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Star Wars RP channels

Post by devilpants » Fri Sep 16, 2016 10:35 am

Has anyone ever been in one of these awful channels over the years? I doubt they've changed much since the last time I was in one (2006ish), but it seems like without fail, each and every one of these channels absolutely positively must include the following:
  • at least a dozen strong independent ex-slave twi'leks who don't need no man
  • clone of an ancient Sith lord
  • clone of a current Sith lord
  • that one guy who plays a normal stormtrooper with no Force skills, despite the entire rest of the channel being filled to the brim with Force users of all stripes
  • descendent of either a movie character (a Skywalker or a Solo) or a prominent novel or game character (a Vos, a Katarn, a Shan) who inexplicably has all of the skills of their ancestor AND their lightsaber
And let's not forget the breakdown of Force-using traditions:
  • 80% of the channel's Force-users will be either ex-sith or current sith
  • 10% will be weird and stupid traditions described in some obscure-ass novel or RPG supplement with traditions that contradict each other
  • 5% will be dark Jedi, because they get to use the cool powers without explicitly being called Sith
  • 5% will be actual good and proper Jedi
And the lightsabers, oh boy, the lightsabers! Everyone, every single character, will without fail use a two-bladed lightsaber that splits into twin sabers, and the colour will always be some special snowflake garbage, like "silver" or black, but most will go for red because they still think like edgy teenagers. Sometimes you get even some moron who think they're being cool and creative by saying their lightsaber colour changes with their mood. Once in a while you'll get someone who instead uses some gimmicky bullshit from a novel or game, like lightsaber-nunchuks or a lightwhip.

And god help you if you get someone who played Knights of the Old Republic 1 and 2, because they absolutely will go crazy about the details of their lightsaber, describing everything down to the lenses and power cells and the half-dozen crystals they managed to cram into that little thing, and about what special and unique ability each component grants. Oh, and I guarantee there will be at least a half-dozen solari crystals in there, despite those powerful crystals being incredibly rare. Bonus points if someone has the Kaiburr crystal.

I feel like the only way to make a Star Wars RP channel that doesn't fall victim to this garbage is to put strict character creation guidelines in place and to carefully vet each character's background, and to explicitly state what is and isn't canon. For a few years I've been wanting to make a channel set centuries after any canon material so I can do whatever I want with the universe, with everyone playing Jedi apprentices in a new Jedi order, but I'm always afraid bad players will swarm in and flood the channel with what I described above.

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Re: Star Wars RP channels

Post by Trace » Sun Sep 18, 2016 6:16 am

I was on a kind of short-lived RP channel on Sorcery for awhile. I was never all that active but I like to think neither of my characters had any of those flaws...

My characters were...a guy who ran packages on a speeder bike, and a Codru-Ji mechanic who while she did have force ability was entirely untrained in how to use it and wasn't about to give up her cushy job fixing things to be a warrior-monk.

Beyond that I have no recollection of anything regarding the other PCs in the channel. Like I said, it's gone.

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Re: Star Wars RP channels

Post by Tagert » Mon Sep 19, 2016 12:07 am

I played on a Star Wars RP, I think via Yahoo Chat? Way back in like, 2002 or something. Even back then pretty much everything you said was true.

Of course, being the teenager that I was, I rebelled against it - I played a bounty hunter who wore some armour that had 'cortosis' fibres sewed into that light sabers would short out if he got attacked by it. Fun times.

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