Tournament combat rules

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Tournament combat rules

Post by Pigasus » Wed Oct 17, 2012 6:47 pm

Below are the rules for tournament combat RP. The general rules outline the basics. The special rules govern the use of tactical modifiers. These are optional and should only be used if both fighters agree to use them.

Stand-Up Rules

Both fighters step out on the arena as they're announced and wait for the announcer's order to fight. At this point, both sides roll 1d20 for initiative. The higher roll goes first.

Combat turns

1. Attacker describes attack and rolls 1d20.
2. Defender rolls 1d20 and describes a hit or a miss.
3. The roles of attacker and defender then switch. Etc.


An attacker who rolls higher than the defender scores a hit and records it as a point. 7 hits are enough to drop an opponent into unconsciousness or death and claim victory.
Attacker's natural 20 scores 2 points instead of 1, for an aggravated wound.
Defender's natural 20 scores 1 point against attacker. Defender then attacks normally.
Same numbers mean re-roll.

Mounted Rules

Both fighters ride out on the arena as they're announced and wait for the announcer's order to fight.

1. No initiative is rolled. Both fighters charge each other and roll 1d20, then turn around and repeat.


A higher 1d20 scores a hit on the opponent. A fighter who has been hit 5 times is automatically unseated from the saddle and brought 1 hit away from losing. The unsaddled fighter can then choose to submit or to keep fighting on foot, at which point it's considered sporting to accept the challenge.
Any natural 20 unseats the enemy from the saddle and brings him 1 hit from losing.
If rolls are the same, re-roll.


Special Rules

Fighters get access to three combat styles, that they may switch only TWICE per fight:

Normal: no modifiers
Offensive: +3 to attack rolls and -3 to defense rolls
Defensive: -3 to attack rolls and +3 to defense rolls

To use the special rules, both fighters must agree to use them before combat starts. Fighters may begin in any of the three combat styles.

Switching styles is instant and doesn't require special effort. However, the fighter MUST declare his intention to switch styles BEFORE rolling his attack. Similarly, the defender must switch BEFORE rolling for defense.

Remember: fighters are limited to TWO (2) style shifts per match.

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