To the Office of the Chancellery

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To the Office of the Chancellery

Post by Riddy » Sun Sep 24, 2017 12:26 am

A letter arrives at the appropriate desk, writing in a handwrite as impeccable as typesetting...
To Whom it May Concern,

In accordance with the ruling from Chancellor Rithmire, and in reaction to public attention and controversy such as from the Rumor Mill, I wish to outline my relationship with the Armsman and Knight of the Crimson Blade Russell Renata.

After the Tournament of Martial Prowess, and because of our match in the finals, Armsman Renata and I formed a friendship. We did discuss the possibility of a romantic relationship, but after the festival we decided to remain as friends and occasional sparring partners.

Although there is no romantic component to our friendship, we understand the power of appearances, and will remain at a more professional distance. We will continue to spar and train at irregular intervals, as we are evenly-matched enough to hone our own martial prowess, but this will not be done publicly.

In light of the friendship we have formed, I will leave it upon the judgement of the Guardhouse and the Chancellery whether this constitutes a conflict of interest, though certainly it is not as lurid as implied by certain publications.


Drama, Magistrate of Drache

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