A plea to the sithire

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A plea to the sithire

Post by dragonwielder » Tue Nov 14, 2017 6:44 pm

Dear, Sithire.

As you know, I was exiled from drache...not long ago. It's been hittin me harshly, I'll be honest. I miss my friends that I made there. I've sent this letter because I know I've got to do somethin, or at least try to, in order to get in the good graces of drache again. Last night I sobered up to find the fellow I'd been talking to for the past hour was actually a vaguely human shaped pillar. That ain't a good sign. I've sent with this message proof that the only ships I ever hunted were pirates. You'll have to use magic to know who the owners originally were, but it's the best I have unless I can somehow manage to rip time itself into shreds and show you the parts that prove me innocent, highly unlikely.
Then there's the crime I have no excuse for. The stealing of my ship. All I can say is that I was runnin scared, made a stupid decision that I shouldn't have made. Prolly should have left the ship and went on some nomadic journey to the mountains. I can't stand the sea anymore now that I have no true home to return to. I'm willing to come to drache now and give up the ship, or even pay the coin that is equivalent of the price for the ship, or even work off my sentence. Anything to get back into drache without having to wear a disguise, or a noose around my neck.
Everything I did was for drache, I swear upon all I have left, even the sea itself. I shouldn't have let my need to protect, and my lust for revenge upon the pirates who wronged me, to cause me to end up being the very monsters I spent me life huntin.


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Re: A plea to the sithire

Post by Nymphetamine » Mon Dec 04, 2017 3:23 pm

Written on premium vellum, in crisp black ink and sealed with the dragon emblem of Transdariania in black wax.
Aldenaxk -

I am writing on behalf of Lady Chancellor Melinxa Rithmire.

Your pleas do not fall on deaf ears, but the predicament with which you find yourself in is a sticky, complicated mess that must be navigated with caution.

The Sithire, in her wisdom, has decided to turn your plea over to Chancellor Rithmire, who in turn, in discussion with Lord Admiral Anskar ul-Sangrith Daranek, has perhaps arrived at a solution. A temporary stay has been placed on your exile, so that you might return to Drache to speak with Lady Rithmire and Lord Daranek. Please make haste to Drache so that these discussions might soon take place.

Know that the road to your redemption will be perilous and fraught with danger.

-Derila Pernod
Scribe at the Chancellery, on behalf of Lady Chancellor Melinxa Rithmire

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