A Missive sent to the Sithire 7.IV.488

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A Missive sent to the Sithire 7.IV.488

Post by laytrayin » Sat Apr 07, 2018 6:23 pm

In a thin spidery handwriting on a nice vellum paper as missive is delivered to the Sithire from Floxod Aridia Vloress

My Dearest Sithire
I am writing to you to ask a small favor of you. I will be holding a guard vs guard unarmed combat for charity. I believe it will also promote the guard and my Fight League business. The point of this letter is that I would like to donate the proceeds in full for the day to a charity of your choice. I will be holding this event in approximately one month on the second Friday of next month. The combatants i have already spoken to will be Lt Mitrod and Sgt Kothliim.

Your humblest servant

Floxod Aridia Vloress
Current sitting member of the City Council
Owner of the Arena Fight League

[Vloress seal attached]
Because I am one with the taker of life, and I love pain and suffering, misery and death as it loves me. These are things I am not willing to give up, if death is release then let it never find me so I may live long and suffer much.

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