Letter for Carmen Steele

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Letter for Carmen Steele

Post by Trace » Thu Jul 12, 2018 9:35 pm

Penned in crisp lettering on relatively cheap vellum is a message for the commander of the Stalwart Serpent campaign, delivered by a series of messengers.

It reads:

To Knight-Major Carmen Steele: I hope this letter finds you well. To spare you any unnecessarily florid language, I am seeking a place to have some purpose in my life. As you may not be aware, recently my one reason for remaining in Drache has met her end in a campaign to free a township within the borders of the Elgar. Having dispatched with her affairs, and sequestered the monies given to me in compensation for her admittedly brief participation in the mission, there is little else tying me to the city. No true friends or acquaintances, and no responsibilities therein. Though my mother's fall warranted a sizable sum in reward for her sacrifice, it is cold comfort to me, which brings me to the request I would make of you.

I wish to join the Bloody Fifth. I wish to make use of this knighthood bestowed upon me by the Sithire, and as you are the one who led me in the brief time I was attached to the regiment, it is to you whom I make my appeal. I understand if you cannot levy my entrance into the ranks of the regiment, but I would be appreciated to have at least a consideration given to me. I know my skills are...basic, as of yet, but given time and tuition I am sure I might become a valuable asset to the people of Minkbrantha.

I would appreciate a response at your earliest convenience.

Bell DeLisle

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Re: Letter for Carmen Steele

Post by Jammy » Sun Jul 15, 2018 6:52 pm

The return letter is penned in a angular, men's handwriting, neat but congested and small in front.

Dame DeLisle,

You are already a Knight of Minkbrantha's New Order, entitled to the privileges and glories afforded Knights of that Order. So, you can at anytime volunteer to participate in our operations as a Minkbranthan Knight. However, a Minkbranthan Knight is neither a Knight nor a Soldier in the venerable Bloody Fifth Regiment, and is relegated to operations appropriate for an officer of that station, leading regular militiamen. You could expect to oversee supply depot activities, guard duty, rear area defense, garrison operations, the inglorious, however integral parts of our Sithire's war. Dreth does this to avoid high casualties in the Minkbranthan troops, who are less well equipped, trained and lead. He can't have his lower lords revolting over death tolls.

If that is what you seek, you have your answer. Take your writ and equipment and report to Sir Graves or Sergeant Dash in Drache, they'll send you where you need to go.

However, if what you meant is what you said, and you want to join The Regiment there are three pieces of information you will find helpful.

1. "'fore I am already dead." is the final sentence of our ethos and our creed. Different soldiers give it different meaning, but it essentially means your life is forfeit. Sure, you'll get a nice burial, a beautiful blade will be stabbed into the ground with your name on, and they'll etch it into The Remembering Stone, but you can never leave The Regiment. You may retire to the reserves if Asnerith deems it so, but you can forever be recalled. And, very few people make it to that age.

2. There are only two paths into The Regiment. The first is no longer available to you. You report to the Trials of the Sword at age eight and you suffer at the hands of my sister for twelve months. Those who survive and pass the requirements are accepted a year later, they spend their lives as members. They have no choice in the matter if they're born to a member or if they live in Caeth, our ancestral lands. The second way is to be sponsored by a Knight of the Bloody Fifth as a squire, unfortunately for you, however, I already have a squire, Sergeant Tarma. However, I will ask my sister to squire you, if you think you can stand her.

3. The purpose of life is to live it well. Don't walk away from what you have, unless you are certain you have nothing.


Knight-Major Carmen Steele
2nd Special Measures Company, Regiment V

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