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A missive to the Civic Guard (22.VII.488)

Posted: Sun Jul 22, 2018 4:13 pm
by TheOneWhoKnows
Written upon a high quality strip of prepared vellum, which is adorned with the wax seal of Margrave Salksilek, which consists of three plum coloured poppy blossoms upon a rippling field of aegean blue, is addressed to the main barracks of the Civic Guard.
This Arangire is writing this missive on behalf of the well being and security of the citizenry of Drache. This past evening I was informed by one of my riverboat captains concerning a strange sight upon the banks of the River Darian. Upon further investigation this one observed various native species of plants, and some invasive species, that had grown to unnaturally large proportions thereupon. It is advised to take steps in cordoning off these portions of the river bank from general traffic, as due to the nature of these flora. Several of these species exhibit poisonous toxins which may adversely effect those in proximity, some of which appear to also have physical defenses that may prove fatal to any caught unawares to their natures. Several Drachean wharf roaches have also been observed in the area, which are unnaturally aggressive, and unnaturally larger in size than their mundane counterparts. It is this one's belief that some manner of magical interaction linked to a type of healing magicks has served to alter and transform these flora and fauna, however, the catalyst of which is currently unknown and may serve to assist in resolving the matter.

The Margrave offers the following advice: 1.) Cordon off and secure the area to lessen accidental public endangerment. And 2.) Refrain from burning any of these species of flora, several of which are toxic, as these will be carried and transmitted by the impurities of their smoke over a far larger area and effect citizenry at large. 3.) Refrain from haphazard investigation, these species of flora and fauna may prove fatal if provoked and stimulated. 4.) Mundane destruction of these plants serves to invigorate their growth, please refrain from any destruction that is not in full and wholly contained, lest it make matters worse.
- Arangire Uzzo Salksilek, Thron ul-Bain ul-Silbranth, member of the Drachean Council.

Re: A missive to the Civic Guard (22.VII.488)

Posted: Mon Jul 23, 2018 5:02 pm
by Ayanula
The following is a correspondence from Lieutenant Idelle Habri:
After careful review of the indicated areas along the Darian river, the potential threat to public safety has been identified and is in the process of being cordoned off by a small patrol of Armsmen from the Blk Dragon District. I have tasked this group with distinguishing just how far along the riverbank this invasive species of flora extend. Thus far, it has been traced as far as half-way through the Merchant District and is still being analyzed.
~Idelle Habri, Arms-Lieutenant

Re: A missive to the Civic Guard (22.VII.488)

Posted: Wed Jul 25, 2018 10:37 pm
by TheOneWhoKnows
After further observations and study of samples, the Arangire has potentially identified each of the species of flora in question.
The largest are the gigantic Choke Vines, with pink flowers the size of a child and spear-like stamen, also known as bindweeds, can be found entangling upon trees of the forest reserve. If provoked or otherwise stimulated, and based on previous observations, these spears can easily penentrate lighter armours and flesh with ease. This is the only non-native species of flora to the region, however, the invasive species was introduced and is often used in ornamental manners.

Weeds with foliage the size of horses and flowers as big as a man's torso are Cat's Claws. The foliage is extremely toxic if ingested or otherwise introduced to ones system. The pollen of these, if inhaled, will lead to respiratory issues and other complications.

The flora with white trumpet flowers and spikey fruit pods are Devil's Trumpets. Their pollen, sap and seeds hallucinogenic on top of toxic. Both ingestion and inhalation are ill advised, proper precautions are suggested.

The largest of the flora observed have bushels of lacy white flowers, which have been identified as simple Wild Parsnips. Any farmer can inform you, however, that wild parsnips are extremely dangerous. The roots of these plants are edible and very common place in the local diet, however, the foliage contain sap that can cause horrific burns upon contact with the skin, if gotten in the eyes it can lead to permanent blindness. The pollen of these flowers, if inhaled, will lead to respiratory failure and likely death soon thereafter. Based on accounts of witnesses this is likely the culprit that killed dozens this afternoon prior.

The presence of these flora is not unexpected, they are either native or can all be found regionally with little issue, and were likely in their current positions prior to whatever catalyst led to their unnatural growth.
- Arangire Uzzo Salksilek, Thron ul-Bain ul-Silbranth, member of the Drachean Council.