To: Isabelle Auxerre

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To: Isabelle Auxerre

Post by Jammy » Tue Sep 11, 2018 7:31 pm

Isabelle would find a note on her desk inside one of Asnerith's whiskey tumblers.

Your Venerable and Beautiful Majesty,

Last night one of my Soldiers went to follow up on the Tenement Girl in the apartment. Just after dark there was an explosion at that site that displayed the characteristics of one of our munitions designed to be utilized by personnel facing a terminal situation. The Soldier has not returned and it is highly unlikely they will given the probable use of said munition. There will be no body, no trace and no link. Given our alliance and His Terrible Majesty's absence, I wanted to share this valuable intelligence with you directly. Forgive me for not utilizing your cabinet, I know not who you trust.

Love and Adoration,
Signed, -

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