Letter to Uzzo

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Letter to Uzzo

Post by Gudrun » Fri Feb 01, 2019 12:12 am

A letter on plain parchment, written in sloppy cursive Common, is delivered to the Salksilek household late at night:
Dearest Uzzo,
My sincerest apologies for not alerting you about my trip this morning, but I knew you would've said no had I told you of my plans. I had only intended it to be for the day, but before I knew it, it was nightfall and I felt a late journey back would've been risky. I decided to stay at a local inn in the town of Lathrelk.

To explain myself a little, I grew impatient at the lack of response to my request for an investigation party and simply had to see for myself if Aridia is, in fact, in Lathrelk. I didn't know what to expect, but I must say I was indeed surprised that this town is all it was said to be. The streets are clean, the people are healthy, and there are well paying jobs for everyone. I'm told this town was once so downtrodden, but you can't see any signs of that now. Aridia is here, and she is learning city management from the merchants of this town who are to thank for the miraculous transformation of Lathrelk. I met them, and I got so caught up in the marvelous things these merchants had to say. That's why time slipped by without my notice. I think you could learn a thing or two from these kind people, as well. I plan to stay here for a while and learn all that I can. I'm already thinking about investing in some property here, since I believe it would more than double in value in no time.

I'll be in this town for a little while, but I'm safe and doing well. I'll be sure to write you updates.

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