A missive to Castle Black (3.II.489)

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A missive to Castle Black (3.II.489)

Post by TheOneWhoKnows » Sun Feb 03, 2019 6:15 pm

*Written upon a high quality strip of prepared vellum, adorned with the wax seal of Margrave Salksilek, which consists of three plum coloured poppy blossoms upon a rippling field of aegean blue, is addressed to the offices of Sithire at Castle Black.*
Reports of military action have, undoubtedly, been received by the Sithire's eyes and ears as my forces have marched through the southern territories. Allow this one to extend and apology for not first availing Her Majesty of these intended maneuvers beforehand. However, time was of the essence and an immediate response was necessary to ensure the safety and security of the denizens of the duchy. The reports of missing persons, among whom Floxod Vloress, council woman of Drache belong, most recently added another addition to that list, one Lady Salksilek -- this one's dearest wife. Upon receiving information of her captive state, a company of this one's personal forces was rallied and set off to investigate and attempt to secure these people of interest. Given the potential of some manner of affliction, which has caused the compulsion of abnormal behaviors of those affected, my forces have moved to blockade and quarantine the hamlet of Lathrelk as a whole.

No military actions have been taken directly against the vassals of this hamlet as of yet. Instead, observations have been collected in an effort to properly gather information and investigate the nature of the matter at hand. Floxod Vloress, Driscoll of Rumour Mill notoriety, and Lady Salksilek have been verified to be within the hamlet. The latter of which, due to the intervention of adventurers, has been personally taken into custody and rendered appropriate medical attention.

The results of the investigation thus have indicated that an unknown number of vampires have taken up residency within the hamlet, and as such, the townsfolk's afflictions appear to be a matter of bondage and control over them as chattel, food and servitude. The qualifications of my research in this particular field are, as of yet, insubstantial and lacking. However, there are fonts of such knowledge, due to Drache's storied history with these matters, that I have availed myself of in an endeavor of methodology of cleansing and recovery of such vile affliction from my dearest wife.

Upon reflection this one wishes to first, advise, and second, lend query to our Sithire's command. First and foremost, while I have little doubt my military forces are capable of continuing the blockade and suitably quarantining the territory as it stands, regardless of ill forces at work within, it presents an issue of perception. I believe it to be in the best interests of the duchy that a company from the Provincial Guard take up the task of this blockade in this one's place. Although this one's duty is to serve as the shield and spear alike for the southern territories, the occupation of any of these territories is, undoubtedly, potentially unwelcome by surrounding nobility, and more importantly, serves as a potential reflection of perception that the duchy relies too heavily upon the personal forces in question mustered rather than forces under direct government control. By showcasing a firm, capable authority to such domestic threats, by domestic security forces, it serves to further the perception that her Sithire's administration is, by proxy, equally capable. An undermining of which is unfathomable in this one's intent and desire. Both noble and lowly vassal alike shall, undoubtedly, share in the appreciation of such visible domestic security at the government's hand and dispensation.

Secondly, this one has decided to personally enact this quarantine under the public premise of potential plague. The reasoning for doing so is first and foremost, due to the lack of information available at the start of the incident at hand. However, it has become clear after investigation that this incident is directly the result of vampiric pursuance. As of yet, the knowledge of such matters has been under the purview and control of this one's forces. Considering the nature of such, a prospect of plague, while an ill omen, is easily understood, digested, and accepted by the general public as an inevitable occurrence. The prospect of vampiric incursion and conspiracy may serve as a more fearful event, so measures could potentially be taken to undermine the spread of this knowledge in order to not unnecessarily burden our vassals minds and hearts. As such, the eradication of this menace may be undertaken, and the truth of which may be obscured as best to spare such unpleasantries from taking root. However, considering our Sithire's previous endeavors, such as personally funding the bounties of such creatures' demise, this may serve as a suitable public platform to further the subjugation of these individuals. However, this discretion is not my own to act upon. As I am the proxy of the duchy's will with which she represents, I leave the decision to her majesty's desires.
- Arangire Uzzo Salksilek, Thron ul-Bain ul-Silbranth, member of the Drachean Council.

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Re: A missive to Castle Black (3.II.489)

Post by Nymphetamine » Tue Feb 05, 2019 7:47 pm

Written a crisp piece of vellum, in strong black ink by a steady, even hand.
This news of a nest of vampires in Transdariania is disconcerting. So close to Drache and unknown, I am curious how long this has been going on beneath our noses. It is a dangerous situation that should not continue. Do what you can to save and rescue as many of their thralls as you can, but understand that some are likely unsalvageable. Put all vampires immediately to death. Stake their hearts, behead them and put their corpses out for the morning sun. If the whole town is corrupted, burn it to the ground. If you need my personal assistance in the matter, I will attend.

As ever, your interests in securing a peaceful, prosperous Transdariania are noted and appreciated it. I will authorize an additional thousand crown to the bounty of the vampires of this hamlet, to be distributed to any adventurers you might recruit to this cause.

My sincerest hopes are with your wife and her safe decontamination. If you permit, I will inspect her myself and see if there is anything I can do to assist in the matter of her detoxification of the vampires' corruption.

-Isabelle Auxerre,
Sithire of Transdariania, Arangire of Nixke Nelke

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