Unto Ambassador Alejandra Castilleja (17.V.489)

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Unto Ambassador Alejandra Castilleja (17.V.489)

Post by Ayanula » Fri May 17, 2019 4:04 pm

This message is unto the Ambassador of the great national of Marilsan:

The Tyhinn delegation to Southern Affairs wishes to meet with you for a conference on regional affairs at the Imperial Residency here in Drache on Torhest, Second Seed 23. The topic of discussion will be negotiations on a military and economic alliance - as was the subject of our meeting among Sithire Auxerre. It is our desire to iron out further details in order to put together a formal contact that will be sent to Xetid within the Empire for ratification.

It is suggested to bring any political and/or military advisors to the meeting to explore the logistics of available resources that may be repurposed for Tyhinn affairs as well as contingency forces needed by Marilsan in the event of dire events upon your own homestead.

Food and drink will be provided over the course of the meeting, as well as other accommodations that can be made available upon request to our hosted guests.

Please send correspondence of your ability to attend.


~Hydek Tuseell
Resident Minister on behalf of Ambassador Sajaad Talaes

(Sealed with the official stamp of the Tyhinn Empire)

(**OOC Note: This meeting will likely be played out on the forums due to player availability**)

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Re: Unto Ambassador Alejandra Castilleja (17.V.489)

Post by Oblivioncalls » Fri May 17, 2019 11:19 pm

A response, or rather two responses come fairly soon after arrival, the messenger being asked to wait a short while so a response can be composed. The original is composed entirely in Marilsani, and the other composed in common. Both are sealed with red wax and a carnation mold, the symbol of Marilsan
Unto Minister Tuseell and Ambassador Talaes,

It will be an honor to be received at your Imperial Residency to discuss and finalize the details of what we hope will be a long-standing and fruitful alliance between our two great nations. We have already sent some details to Maril from our initial meeting, and our Emperatriz has sent some notes and further topics of discussion to aid us on our journey.

As luck would have it, a recent arrival of supplies arrived a few days ago, our Vice-Almirante is in Drache and I will make sure he is in attendance. He may not know in full detail any land-based assistance we might need in the event of an attack on our homeland, but he has access to enough information to provide an estimate that would be suitable.

We will be happy to bring some Marilsani delicacies with us as a thank you for the invitation and continued talks between our peoples.


Embajador de Marilsani en Drache,
Maestra Alejandra Isabel Castilleja
The letters are signed, sealed, and sent with the messenger back to the Tyhinnese delegation to present their answer.

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