Crossover but in a good way?

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Crossover but in a good way?

Post by NoIdea » Fri Apr 27, 2018 12:44 pm

So I was reading this old letter of AngelSin's on the wiki (I know it's historical, but I'm assuming some people on here would still say the same things).
...Now, the idea that some of these characters have horrible..and it's a loss..and I myself have a hard time when I come into the Inn because I don't know hardly anyone, yet they have been my friends for awhile..that I just don't recognize the nick. But we all have to realize that we are just people sitting here at desks, in libraries, in dorm rooms or universities, some at work, some at home, some at school.. We are 10 years 50 years old.. We have good days, and bad days.. We have fun in the Inn, and we get pissed in the Inn.. We enjoy what one person does, but hate what the next tries to do. We want the inn to be OURS personally, to fit our MUNDANE likes... We don't want fighting..some don't want mushy love stories.. some hate death, some feel it necessarry to bring on new stories and fire up our imaginations. Some just want to feel welcome when they enter.. that they have a place where they can call home and have friends that they can trust. Some, just want to come in and create havic. Alot of us right now are going thru some very rough Mundane lives.. and it's very hard to deal with both IC and OOC. Some of us take our Mundane situations out on the rest in the one form or another.. but life.. what we are here for.. not only to roleplay and have fun..and create and environment that will some day be quite famous..but to listen to eachother, to be there for eachother.. to be friends and sometimes even loves to one an another.. to reach out to where no man has ever gone sorry... got carried away for a sec..::Shakes her mundane head:: to even LAUGH with eachother...

I personally.. don't want to get rid of my character..I like her, she is me basically, and very happy.. and alot of people rely on her..but others have thier reasons.. the story may have died a long time ago and the character just won't work anymore..or they just havn't found one that they feel represents themselves in the best way.. because lets face it, each character reveals the true mun in some way or another. We all want a voice here, and we all want to be heard.. If you look at the Inn..and you watch whats going on... you don't just see ramblings on a screen (least I don't) You see so many many imaginations.. people that are young and old and people that have had one hell of a mundane life and are trying to express something to everyone.. Alot of us may not have much more than the Inn.. we may be loners..we may be in an unhappy marriage, and unhappy home life.. we may just want to get away from a crappy day at work.. We just basically want to belong..
OK, unnecessarily long quote over.

It makes me think, though, of a problem that I have in lots of places where I RP.
Often, I'm fed up when I go into a role-play site (health problems, mainly), but my CHARACTER has no reason to be sad.
Going in there and having to pantomime somebody who is fine, needs no sympathy or cheering up and has nothing to complain of just feels like an uphill struggle.
On the other hand, only being able to visit when I'm in a good mood (a pretty rare occurrence at the moment) seems like kind of missing the point of the above.
What do you think? How have you dealt with this, yourselves?

And I'm saying this in the full knowledge that I'll probably b leaving Black Dragon Inn, for reasons involving time zone incompatibility and other things. But, well, this is a problem that I have in most other role-play sites I go into, too, and, well, I just read that message and it made me think.

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Re: Crossover but in a good way?

Post by Riddy » Fri Apr 27, 2018 10:11 pm

Playing a character in a more positive mood than I have in real life actually helps me cheer up, because putting myself into a positive state of mind has that effect, anyway.

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Re: Crossover but in a good way?

Post by NoIdea » Sun Apr 29, 2018 12:38 pm

Hmm, maybe. I'll give it my best try. But it does make me feel terribly lonely, when I try it. I spend most of my days trying to hide the fact that I'm sad, then I go into a roleplay site and have to hide it there, too, because it doesn't make IC sense. Also, if your character never has problems, where's the conflict, and if there is no conflict, where's the plot and what are you going to talk about?

Besides, if you haven't sometimes got problems, you don't know how lucky you are when things are good. As the mirror image of not being able to act as fed up as I am, I also have the corresponding problem of not being able to act as happy as I would be in their place, because it's normal to them! I think maybe arbitrarily imagining being in a good mood doesn't do it for me, imagining having a reason to be in a good mood does.

Perhaps what I want is for my character to have troubles, but ones that are fixable. My own problems aren't usually, at the moment. So need to plan accordingly.

Oh, by the by, FAO whoever maintains the forum, there's a small howler on the index page - it should be "a dragon slain", not "slayed". "Slay" is a very odd one for grammar - it's "I slay", "you slay", "he slays", "thou slayest", "he needed the dragon slain so I slew it". But it looks much more spooky if you get it right.

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Re: Crossover but in a good way?

Post by Nymphetamine » Wed May 02, 2018 5:04 pm

I usually don't try to RP if I'm in a bad mood. I avoid the OOC because I'm prone to lashing out or just getting frustrated with things and going nutty on the channel. It's bad juju for all involved, so I largely try to avoid it. But that's me personally.

Sometimes, working things out in character has been unusually cathartic. Playing through a character's emotions can help drain out my bad mood.

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