The Bitter Cost of Peace

Drache is the present-day capital of the Kingdom of Arangoth and lies at the mouth of the River Darian, surrounded by the city docks all along the waterfront. Click here for information on the various suburbs and areas of Drache. You can also click here to view a sketched map of the city.
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The Bitter Cost of Peace

Post by TheOneWhoKnows » Mon Sep 09, 2019 2:55 pm

If the Southern Margrave were a man given to passion or emotion in general he'd be, at the very least, irritated or annoyed, if not outright insulted. His hand had been forced by a sworn oath of fealty, to carry out his duty to protect the Duchy, as he'd done many times before with this time having been no different. Arangire Salksilek, one who'd risen from mere pauper to the head of one of the most powerful noble houses in Transdariania through merit and deed, his status wasn't something that had been inherited from his forefathers, it was through his accomplishments and his alone. When the duchy declared independence he personally marched north to meet the soldiers of the Crown, where he fought on the literal front lines and played no small part in routing their troops, it had been the very battle that forced the Crownlands into peacetalks and served as the foundation of Transdariania's sovereignty. And yet, here he was, viewed as an occupier by the denizens of Drache, whom at every opportunity he'd endeavored to keep safe from harm. A good thing indeed he knew neither malice nor scorn, and the reason why was, ironically, the same reason he was viewed with such mistrust. He was no man, he was a monster. The now Arangire Auxerre had asked him, did he think it was possible for two monsters to seek assurances from one another? He couldn't help but think that it was vastly more plausible than it was to seek assurances between monsters and men were.

The gates of Castle Black had been opened to welcome the Lord Protector, and along with it, welcoming back some semblance of reason and authority to the city, as if by simple proxy of his state of humanity was what seperated the two of them and their intentions. They'd been in communication since the Sithire had abdicated her seat, and summarily accepted to be taken into his custody, so the details of this transfer of power and what was to transpire behind closed doors wasn't particularly difficult or time consuming. The Lord Protector been thoroughly apprised of the reasoning and intent behind his actions, and while the man didn't necessarily approve of their content on a personal level, he wasn't callous enough to allow that to interfere with what had been a calculated and logical approach to handling the situation's many different facets. After searching through the citizen registry, it was unlikely that Auxerre's claim to it would be overturned, aside from the impressive way with which she'd handled its induction to the registers, there was another simple fact that remained. Aside from the fact it would be unlawful to revoke her citizenship, which rarely stops those without enough intent, Minkbrantha was a larger part of the puzzle that had to be specifically addressed. Salksilek had negotiated for her safety for no other reason to avert a war, Sithire Dreth's response to a forceful removal would have only been secondary to if they'd slain or imprisoned the vampire. How swiftly and foolishly he would begin the march towards Transdariania, dragging the Vale into war in the process. Leptatarna's eyes had long been upon their untrusted neighbors since Dreth's treason against the Crown by siding with the south, no doubt they wouldn't miss the opportunity to make their own moves, nor would the Zul Kirans stand idly by when their own chance of revenge against the former occupied lands of Outer Arangoth appeared. By taking the former Sithire into custody, and instigating her retirement to her ancestral lands of Nixke Nelki, with her title of nobility intact no less, it allowed them to use her as a measure against the prospect of full blown war across the duchies.

Of course, such a reasonable prospect of saving thousands, if not tens of thousands of lives that might be lost in the case of such a war, that alone hadn't been enough to suffice. The safety and security of the nation was paramount, but towards that end, it wasn't enough, so Arangire Uzzo Salksilek sweetened the deal further to forge cooperation with the remaining Council of Noble Estates. He would abstain from seeking the seat of Sithire, and not only that, would abstain from backing any other Arangire for the seat as his proxy. As unnerving a prospect as having the ooze as Sithire was, it wasn't without possibility, they'd be removing a very sizeable amount of influence and power he brought to the table, more than enough to be a potential deciding factor in its outcome. It was too good of an opportunity to pass up for most, and served as a suitable bargaining chip, lest they be rid of one monster only to find themselves swearing fealty to another, albeit this one with a legitimate claim to the seat they desired for themselves. And so, he left the ranks of nobility to fight amongst themselves, free from the prospect of his involvement as they fought to aquire the necessary support within their own spheres of influence. Until the new Sithire had been appointed, and martial law could finally be lifted, he would remain in Drache to support and assist the Lord Protector.

A new era in Drache was upon them all, and who amongst them could tell what tidings that would bring?

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