Interim Council Proclamation (26.VI.487)

Drache is the present-day capital of the Kingdom of Arangoth and lies at the mouth of the River Darian, surrounded by the city docks all along the waterfront. Click here for information on the various suburbs and areas of Drache. You can also click here to view a sketched map of the city.
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Interim Council Proclamation (26.VI.487)

Post by Nymphetamine » Mon Jun 26, 2017 1:47 pm

Parchments have been attached to major establishments and landmarks in Drache, including the Black Dragon Inn, announcing the Interim Council's rulings on a number of matters. The following is written on these parchments, in clear black ink and enchanted with protections against the weather to maintain durability.
After much delay, the Drachean Interim Council has met in a number of closed door meetings to discuss the various petitions before them. Amid much debate lasting through the weekend, the Council has reached decisions on these issues. The results are as follows.

Regarding Floxod Uzzo's request for special dispensation from the Council to grow opium poppy on his lands, the Council grants his request, provided that the Floxod is willing to pay the appropriate taxes on the poppy crops in the amount of 30%. This tax is to be paid to the Transdarianian Treasury in Drache.

Regarding the Honourable Drama's proposal for Coast Guard units, the Council agrees and votes to take action to begin the recruitment of eligible citizens. This new Coast Guard force will be broken into three jurisdictions based on location of the coastal sithrangel of Transdariania, Arania and Elgaria. The Coast Guard will answer directly to the Sithire in Transdariania, and a new head quarters will be built in the Wharf District of Drache.

Regarding Arms-Lieutenant Branth ul-Alathar Mitrod's petition that dire-sized beasts be registered with the Civic Guard, the Council agrees. Dire beasts larger in size than a household dog are to be registered and taxed at cost, generating no revenue as funds will go to the civic workers unfortunate enough to deal with the clean up and disposal of the beasts' droppings.

Regarding the authority of the Azaani Airship Corps, the Council restricts the Azaani's authority to airships and aerial threats only. Their numbers will not exceed more than the compliment of two airship crews. Any actions taken by the Azaani requires that they identify themselves when in contact with the potential threats. They are to answer to the Drachean Port Authority, and any hostilities taken by the Azaani are to be reported upon in a timely manner.

With the development of Drache's own airship port, corps and aerial defense, scheduled to be complete before summer's end, the Azaani's assistance in the matter of Drache's defense will be at an end, with gratitude and compensation from the Sithire of Transdariania.

Regarding the untenanted manors and plots of land throughout Arangoth, and Floxod Uzzo's request to expand his lands, the Council has reached an agreement. Floxod Uzzo is granted an additional manorial estate immediately adjacent to his current holdings but not comprised of any Castle Black lands. He will be expected to pay the inherent rents and fees to the Treasury of Transdariania.

The Council has decided on granting patents of nobility to Aridia Vloress and Linn, based on their contributions and service over the years to the city of Drache.

Aridia Vloress shall be granted an estate within Transdariania and the title 'Floxod'. With this estate, the appropriate rents are to be collected. She is given the right to assemble no more than one hundred men at arms for the personal defense of her estate.

Linn shall be granted an estate in the province of Leptatarna and the title 'Floxod'. With this estate, the appropriate rents are to be collected. He is given the right to assemble no more than one hundred men at arms, for the personal defense of his estate.

An abandoned estate is to be given unto the care of the Tivaurd familia for repeated services to the city of Drache. No patents of nobility will be granted at this time.

With the end of the Arangothian Civil War, the Drachean Interim Council had begun negotiations with the provinces of Ruthmarna and the now former Crownlands, to begin reunification and the abolishment of the monarchy. No longer will the sithrangel of Arangoth answer to the Crown. The original five provinces of Arangoth are to be restored to their original authority under their Sithire. These five provinces are Transdariania, Arania, Sresaria, Ruthmarna and the Crownlands, or Leptatarna. Two additional provinces of Minkbrantha in the western lands bordering Zul Kiras, Elvendeep and Sressar Vale, and Elgaria in the Elgar Forest will be created to administer to these territories.

The Interim Council and the representatives from Ruthmarna, Arania and Tagrana have reached an agreement about the Sithire of the seven sithrangel.

In Transdariania, Floxod Isabelle Auxerre will ascend to the title and holdings of Sithire, administered from Drache.

In Arania, Sithire to be determined, following the input from the Seneschal Isaacs.

In Sresaria, Palandra ul-Fendruth Nege will ascend to the title and holdings of Sithire, administered from the Council Hall in Parmilod.

In Elgaria, Catherine Wisplight will ascend to the title and holdings of Sithire, administered from Wisplight.

In Ruthmarna, Korian Kadoyan will ascend to the title of holdings of Sithire, administered from Lurintheti-Netri.

In Leptatarna, Arduin ul-Marcion Tagran Aldenbar will ascend to the title and holdings of Sithire, administered from the City of Tagrana.

In Minkbrantha, Floxod Asnerith Dreth will ascend to the title and holdings of Sithire, administered from Caern.

The seven Sithire agreed to a mutual defense pact within the lands of Arangoth, to expand trade, to certain levies and taxes of native and foreign goods crossing sithrangel, to the extradition of criminals, and to recognition and ratification of common currency. Said currency to be printed in the coming year, and the process of circulating the old currency out of use will begin. Common law of the land will be determined and announced to all corners of Arangoth in the near future.

The former King Arlok and his family are to retire to their ancestral lands in Leptatarna, under the custody of his son, Emereth ul-Arlok Tagran.

The Interim Council are to appoint a municipal council to advise both the current mayor of Drache and the Sithire.

Among others, the Interim Council would like to appoint Aridia Vloress to represent the common people of Drache.

The Interim Council would like to appoint Annanistael to represent the mages of Drache.

The Interim Council would like to appoint a representative of the Civic Guard, on the advisement of Lord Commander Brutus Sithaladar, to be determined shortly.

The last act of the Interim Council is to dissolve itself.