12.IV.488 Special Unarmed Combat

Drache is the present-day capital of the Kingdom of Arangoth and lies at the mouth of the River Darian, surrounded by the city docks all along the waterfront. Click here for information on the various suburbs and areas of Drache. You can also click here to view a sketched map of the city.
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12.IV.488 Special Unarmed Combat

Post by laytrayin » Thu Apr 12, 2018 4:36 pm

Appearing around Drache are posters announcing the following:

Arena Fight League presents a one time unarmed combat event for charity. Lt Branth Mitrod vs Sgt Kothliim in an unarmed combat between guards. To be held on Menxhest (Fredas or Friday) the 11th day of Koithekkakat (Second Seed or May) 488 at the arena. Hosted by Aridia Vloress, owner of Arena Fight League. Charity to be announced by The Sithire.
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