Help wanted: Maid

Drache is the present-day capital of the Kingdom of Arangoth and lies at the mouth of the River Darian, surrounded by the city docks all along the waterfront. Click here for information on the various suburbs and areas of Drache. You can also click here to view a sketched map of the city.
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Help wanted: Maid

Post by Gudrun » Sun Jun 10, 2018 5:38 pm

This notice has been posted in various public places around Drache:
The household of Floxod Uzzo and Tespin Gudrun Salksilek is currently seeking a maid for their Drachean home. Primary expected duties are daily cleaning, dusting, and laundry, along with maintaining fires during winter. Secondary duties include cooking and serving tea.
Please go to [address of a warehouse in the Wharf District] during these times [which are listed] and request to speak with Tespin Gessipir Flinod.
Experience a plus. Live-in preferred. Pre-existing acid resistance recommended.
Starting pay: 1 crown per day with potential to grow.

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