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Tyhinn-Marilsani Conference (23.V.489)

Posted: Thu May 23, 2019 9:22 pm
by Ayanula
Security outside of the Tyhinn Residency within Drache seemed to be notably increased on this particular fair evening. As the sun began to set along the horizon, the marine layer offshore was slowly edging it's way closer. Temperatures were cooling to a degree.

The imperial delegation to the South had made use of the last week in preparing for their neighboring guests to arrive. A small banquette had been arranged in the Ambassador's office - which was already quite roomy. Wine and assorted spirits were arranged. Included had been a controversial pick of Orquila, complete with the sedated leech at the bottom of the bottle.

It seemed that every stop had been pulled out in reception of their newly courted allies.

The hearth within the chambers had been lit with the majority of the seating arranged just before it. Several tables were made available in the event that documentation had to be referenced or utilized by scribes in order to accurately notate terms that were verbally exchanged.

The Tyhinns had arranged for the two top military advisors to be present. One had scrolls referencing the capabilities of ground forces while the other had logistics on available naval resources. All the documents had been neatly assembled in a fashion that could be referenced quickly by subject.

Sajaad sat within the middle of her own row of well-crafted, wooden furnishings. The Ambassador was dressed in black robes with gold embroidery. Her platinum blonde hair was free-flowing and carved around her elven ears.

"Welcome," she would greet of her guests as the Marilsani delegation arrived and took residence among the hearth. "As you can see, we have afforded many different dishes and spirits in anticipation of our meeting. Though perhaps not quite the same array of delicacies as what one may find in the north, the meats are from some of the best butchers here in Southern Arangoth... or so I'm told." A sly glance turned towards Hydek, who seemed smitten enough to exude confidence on the matter.

"At any rate, we have gathered to host talks of an economic-military alliance between our two great nations. As was initially offered and has since been vetted by senior leadership back in the Empire, our offer still stands of allowing unadulterated access to the Great Canal for Marilsani-endorsed ships and freight. However, a contingency exists as an addendum whereby the endorsements will require Tyhinn approval if they are not directly conscripted by your own government.

"What do I mean by this? It is a boundary that allows us to ensure that you do not endorse the entirity of the world to pass through the Great Canal while scheming to impose a surcharge at a lower rate then our own taxation in an effort to subvert or skirt our ability to control traffic. It is not meant as an insinuation that this would happen, but I am told that it is a clause that needs to be put in place so that this contract can not be undermined or taken full advantage of in the event of any adversity." The Ambassador dipped her head in a sympathetic manner by which to suggest that this clause was essentially the byproduct of the Empire's legislators.

"But in turn, we ask for naval support in enforcing an embargo on the Orcish nation of Zul Kiras. My advisors have informed me that roughly 15-20 ships of varying capacity will be required for the sole effort of augmenting our own efforts to control the coastline. However... perhaps more valuable to us would be naval intelligence. As the foreign agents who have penetrated our ability to stymie nautical trade with the United Clans remain keenly aware of Tyhinn warships, they know how to evade and elude detection entirely. We have several suspects that are noted, but have not found the principal party that has been engaged in the large-scale smuggling operation.

"Should Marilsan unearth the source, it would allow our naval forces to be redirected into uprooting their known homesteads and ports. Such an event would require some additional cooperation if we reallocate our defensive line into an offensive effort. To that, we can negotiate additional terms at that time in the event that we would require more use of your forces than just 15-20 ships. At which time, we would be open to discussions of financial compensation that extends beyond just the use of the Great Canal tariff-free."

The Ambassador took a long pause and plucked her glass of vino from the table before her. She'd take an elegant sip before cradling the goblet within her lap, eying her guests - and most notably her own counter: Ambassador Castilleja. "Do these terms sound agreeable to you in start of these negotiations?"

Of course, there were counter-contingencies that they would invest in later, such as their own promised support of homeland troubles on Marilsani turf.

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Posted: Fri May 24, 2019 4:11 am
by Oblivioncalls
The Marilsani delegation this evening consisted of Alejandra's usual entourage including her translator and two guards who were in full uniform. Accompanying them was a scribe, and then two other men who wore similar uniforms to the brigadas guards, but were definitely ranking officers. One was assuredly the Vice-Almirante that Alejandra had mentioned in her letter. The other man was, in all likelihood, a ranking official from the Brigadas, and though there were no formal introductions this time, there were some quiet, casual ones while everyone was getting seating arranged.

Alejandra was dressed for the occasion, her hair done up, wearing a red dress with gold brocade to match, in some small part, the gold accents that the military representatives had on their uniforms. As usual, a carnation was pinned in her hair over her left ear. She settled into a seat first, with the two officers settling in on either side. Her translator stood behind and to the left as was her normal spot, while the scribe found a place to arrange paper and writing implements. Both the Armada and Brigadas officers had a few bits of parchment between them as well. As they were greeted and seated, Alejandra took a few moments to look the room over, and the spread of food and wine offered to them. She noted the Orquila, and could not help but let out a soft chuckle. A nice red, though, was always her favorite.

"Our thanks for having us.. and I am certain what you have chosen and provided is worth it, even if not quite 'home', si? Our apologies, our latest shipment was only construction supplies for the dry docks here, and lacked anything to offer from home." She would decide on a delicacy later, though. Wine first, and apparently discussion right away. Alejandra liked that, because it kept her on topic and focused. A sip of wine was taken as she listened to her fellow ambassador lay out some of the finer details. There was some discussion between her and her translator, as well as with the two officers, before Alejandra spoke again.

"It would not be our intention to send anything but ships flying our carnation with proper manifests, either military or freight. Anyone else would be misrepresenting our country, and should be dealt with," she purposely left that open-ended, knowing full well anyone who would take advantage of the situation would be pirates, and the Marilsani had no love for pirates. Either way, she seemed to expect this contingency as it made perfect sense, and did not otherwise change the agreement that they had already made. If nothing else, it showed Marilsan's commitment to being transparent with what they planned to send through the canal.

"It is not an unexpected addendum. We would likely have said much the same."

When numbers were actually mentioned, the two officers looked a bit more thoughtful. They all exchanged quite a bit of dialogue in Marilsani, which could be frustrating at times, but as not every native spoke common, it was unavoidable. Eventually they all reached a bit of an understanding, and Alejandra spoke again, with that same pleasant, easy smile.

"Thus far, these are acceptable. The Vice-Almirante feels that the number of ships you are requesting might not be adequate considering the expanse of the area to be... maintained, but we can further discuss this." The glass was held delicately, and she brought it up to her nose so she could draw in the aroma. Even though she'd already had a sip, it always made things taste better.

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Posted: Fri May 24, 2019 7:17 am
by Ayanula
Sajaad glanced between the officials on the other end of the chairs as they spoke. During this period, Hydek and the two military advisors took that time to whisper into her own ear. The Ambassador nodded and smiled once Alejandra had noted that the ships provided could be increased.

"I see," she offered of the fact that Marilsan could provide more ships in maritime operations. "Perhaps then, we can leave it at an elastic figure. Many of our own ships are already dedicated towards the Orcish coastline. But there are allowances with certain entities that may be cut-off here soon. I am speaking primarily of Korthai traders and even some southern nations here within Veth, which may intensify our joint-naval operations within the Inland Sea.

"Such a scenario would necessitate a full cooperation between both of our navies, as we primarily control that sector. Nahuatli ships are very limited and rather irrelevant within our neighboring waters. My advisors have informed me that we really don't anticipate much interference from them. However, our two nations - with full cooperation between captains and regional commanders - could relax the need for a designated set of ships to patrol the Orcish coastline exclusively.

"As such, an elastic clause would mean that we would enforce the same policies at irregular rates. If a threat suddenly increases, operations would be dynamic as would be the need for additional ships beyond the 15-20 that don't necessarily need to be delegated at any one time. This would also pave the way for our ability to provide naval assistance in turn, should Marilsan need assistance beyond the ground forces we have verbally agreed to provide without hard statistics towards such."

The half-elven Ambassador took pause to take a sip from her own red wine before quenching her throat and cradling the glass within her lap again. "This topic brings us towards having to ask what threats are to be considered when providing military assistance to Marilsan in the event of a threat to your homeland." Her eyes sought out Alejandra's more-so than ever before in this discussion. "We are wondering who your enemies are - if they are internal by nature or from the outside - and how best they are dealt with from your own perspective militarily."

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Posted: Fri May 24, 2019 10:54 pm
by Oblivioncalls
"We came prepared to offer," Alejandra began, after a few more words from the naval officer, to which she nodded, ".. three Emperador vessels for moderate territorial defense, as well as supply and support to extend time-at-sea for every ship during the operation up to two extra weeks before relief vessels and crews are needed. Una manada de lobos.. mm, a wolfpack, of seven Soberana vessels, and an as of yet undetermined number of the others.

"The Emperadors can serve as forward operating bases in the Inland Sea for our joint commanders so our forces can be directed between all ships from a good fortified central position. Our Soberanas.. they are practiced and deadly at night and will help control traffic nearer the coast in the dark.

"We realize for any operation to succeed, full cooperation should begin here at this table, and not when something happens that we need to adjust our strategy. Between our forces we should quickly be able to obtain total maritime control and stem further assistance to Zul Kiras while minimizing collateral political damage between other allies.

Alejandra paused while she sipped her wine, and let the two officers and translator speak amongst themselves. When they had narrowed down a few details and relayed them to her, she continued.

"As you may or may not know, a century ago we fought to gain our independence.. Nahuatl and Pentland are our primary concerns. Nahuatl's ground forces are mostly kept at bay by our forests and Brigadas stationed there. Pentland has a formidable enough naval presence that requires we keep ours at its highest complement. Those are our primary concerns, and it has been an uneasy peace but a peace nonetheless. We just want assurances that we will have aid from our allies if we call for aid, as we would do for them.

"We know all too well," She continued, "..that what we are to undertake may shatter that peace, and we are prepared for that eventuality so long as we can rely on each other."

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Posted: Sat May 25, 2019 4:52 pm
by Ayanula
Sajaad nodded slowly in the midst of digesting Alejandra's measures and advisement. "We foresee this working no other way than for our commanders to sit down to immediately begin discussing cooperation between our navies at the very least. We would ideally see a council set up whereby a formal structure can be formulated for sea-based operations. This would help us better foster a formal communication between our forces that would allow for a - as I've almost played to death at this point - dynamic relationship that doesn't focus all efforts on one side or the other at any one particular time.

"That being said, I have to inquire as to your nation's relationship with the Korthai. We've had a partitioned history with several of her agents in the past, but have since lost entire contact with them since a tragic event at sea sometime last year. The full nature of the event we've elected not to investigate, as it may or may not involve interests we'd rather not understand. However, there is some suspicion that these traders are involved in some way with the smuggling that continues to go in and out of the Orcish nation. And it is that involvement we seek to end - violently or otherwise."

The Ambassador sat back within her seat somewhat to adjust her comfort within the fabric-encased furnishing. "To the threat that primarily stems from Pentland, I ask this: Do you foresee the greater threat as a naval siege or through an invasion effort? Because Nahuatl has largely become irrelevant to us and it sounds as if they are the same in regard to you as well."

Hydek had leaned in to mutter several words into the half-elf's ear before she turned her attention back to Alejandra. "So 1.) We want to know your relationship in it's entirety with the Korthai. If we uncover their involvement in a trade war with Zul Kiras, it will mean us going into a de facto war with them. By extension, we would be asking you to augment our own security at such a time while not having to be involved in any direct hostilities from an offensive standpoint. 2.) We wish to fully understand the threat from Pentland in order to properly absorb our needed commitment in such an event."

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Posted: Sat May 25, 2019 7:40 pm
by Oblivioncalls
"I do not disagree with you on anything thus far. As our Vice-Almirante is here, I can see no reason that they could not begin tonight or tomorrow, and come up with an initial dialogue suitable for both our nations, and a joint naval council indeed seems like the next logical step towards keeping things tidy in the Inland Sea."

Alejandra paused for a moment, getting a refill of her wine and deciding to try some of the delicacies available, having her translator gather a small plate of varied items for her to nibble on while they continued to talk. At mention of the Korthai, she shrugged.

"We have had some trade with them, but it is not very expansive. Usually we leave them alone, and they leave us alone. The only time we have engaged any Korthai is if they have been accused of piracy in our waters and we've run them off with a pack of ships. There's been little need to deal with them on a large scale engagement. Of course if they are involved with Zul Kiras then that will change our stance drastically. We will of course lend our ships to enforce security until such time as you might need us to assist you in efforts against them, if they are indeed in the middle of this.

"As for Pentland? They are to our north and to our south. They may find our involvement in this operation a weakness where they might stage a siege, or invade from the north. We plan to position some forces on the northern border to help prevent such an attempt, but our worry lies more with a naval invasion attempt. This might be prevented if we had some Tyhinnese ships flying their flags near our coast to keep them aware their attack would be ill advised.

"Our question is, is your empire prepared for what may come during.. and after a potential altercation with the Korthai, or whomever might be assisting the orcs? Marilsan has built up her Armada because we know what we face beyond the Inland Sea and are prepared to face it."

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Posted: Sun May 26, 2019 1:29 pm
by Ayanula
Sajaad nodded and suppressed a thoughtful smirk. “Perhaps a better course of action - be it potentionally controversial and ambitious - should be to publicly ratify a cooperative treaty to control the Inland Sea jointly. After all, both Nahuatl and Zul Kiras are widely irrelevant in those waters. The former would remain mostly unaffected by such a pact unless they wish to rock the boat - so to speak.

“In such an effort, we publicize our alliance and state our mutual goals. This makes it rather transparent that to transgress against one nation will be to summon a regional war.

“We can confine it purely to hostile acts that occur within the Inland Sea or our own homesteads. That way you don’t have to become in any way married to a conflict we may pursue in international waters with foreign agents or even the orcs.” Whether or not it was even public knowledge that the United Clans were found operating an independent island just west of Veth would remain unmentioned here. Part of it extended into the more controversial side of their cloak and dagger affairs after all.

“As far as the Korthai are concerned, we would likely harass them though more... indirect means... rather than engaging in an all-out affair if we elect to go after them abroad. However, if they escalate tensions, our hand may be forced if it compromises security along out southern border.”

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Posted: Sun May 26, 2019 9:14 pm
by Oblivioncalls
While Sajaad spoke, Alejandra both listened to her as well as her translator to make certain she got the gist of everything. She nodded, sipped her wine and nibbled on a few more things while she mulled this over. It would be a strong alliance and would strengthen their control of the Inland Sea by working jointly, she could see no fault in anything thus far. It also gave them both an excuse not to get involved if something was outside their area of influence.

"These are agreeable terms. And though we have the option of non-involvement in affairs outside our waters, we will of course lend aid if it is asked for. As we've only the Orcs and Pentland to the south, it gives us total control over the Inland Sea, and between us we will have a better idea of who is sailing in and out of these waters."

Thus far, things were easily agreeable and she saw no reason to change things, nor had any suggestions that hadn't already been mentioned.

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Posted: Tue May 28, 2019 7:08 pm
by Ayanula
“Good,” she stately rather plainly. “We are in utter agreement then. As such, we will bounce a vetted proposal to your embassy to seek ratification in the coming days.”

Sajaad therein stood along with her delegation. The Ambassador approached her counterpart and offered both a grin and an extended hand. “To our future together...” the half-elf greeted.

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Posted: Tue May 28, 2019 8:13 pm
by Oblivioncalls
"To our future." Alejandra raised her glass in a toast as she rose, following Sajaad's lead. Setting down the glass, she took the other woman's hand and nodded.

"We look forward to reading the proposal and getting everything under way." The rest of her own delegation had risen with her, and took some moments to shake hands with their counterparts.

"We shall take our leave.. and please enjoy the rest of your evening." Alejandra finished her wine, however.. not about to let that go to waste. With a smile and a polite curtsy, the Marilsani delegation said their good eves and made their way out. For now, back to Castle Black.