Where there's a quill there's a quay

Drache's most famous (and infamous) inn, established by their Majesties King BLKDRAGON and Queen AngelSin in the Year 465. A haven for the city's aristocrats and lowlifes alike.
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Where there's a quill there's a quay

Post by Karras » Fri Nov 16, 2012 12:19 pm

A hand written note, neatly scribed in Common and Arangothian is posted up on the old and tattered notice board within the Black Dragon Inn:

Notable scholar and physician seeks persons knowledgeable in Arangothek Flaroth (written and verbal) as translator and assistant for ongoing literary project. Personal reference provided along with generous sum at end of contract. Knowledge of Vallarian dialect and phonetic alphabet advantageous. Enquiries are to be left with Inn's proprietor, Dulcina. Please list credentials and experience along with personal contact details. Successful applicants will be notified post haste.

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