The Safe Seas Treaty

RP for environs outside of Arangoth, spread over land and sea. Click here for a global map.
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The Safe Seas Treaty

Post by Ayanula » Tue Jun 18, 2019 7:01 pm

The Safe Seas Treaty


In a joint-alliance, the Inland Sea will herein be overseen by this pact with the principle enforcement of such conducted by Tyhinn and Marilsani assets. The marriage of these two naval powers will create a unified front along Eastern Veth to carry out the mission listed further in this treaty.


The primary objective of the Safe Seas Treaty is to not only combat piracy and smuggling that has primarily overtaken the Zul Kiran coastline, but extended into the commercial vessels encounters within the waterway as well. In addition, the alliance forged in this accord will unify Tyhinn and Marilsani forces to extend into land-based offences taken by any foreign power, entity, or private enterprise.

Incursions – despite the source – will be targeted and neutralized by both powers, regardless of which’s assets are affected by the actions.

Additionally, the aid of Orcish forces through underground supply chains, whether or not land-based or nautical, will also be the primary target sought for disruption. Any interference with the enforcement of this treaty will be taken as an act of aggression if waged by:
  • A private entity or organization
  • Any agent acting on behalf of a criminal enterprise
Acts of war may be regarded if the aggressor is found to be:
  • Acting upon the orders of a foreign government, tribal power, or kingdom
  • Associated or even remotely affiliated with a government, tribal power, or kingdom
  • Directly aligned as said power’s own forces
As such, both of the aligned parties are dedicated and directed to respond to any threat imposed upon the Inland Sea and its immediate, host-owned territories, to include threats waged against land-based targets on either.
In accordance with this treaty, stability will be guaranteed to parties that conduct business and engage in diplomacy with all friendly nations along the Eastern waters of Veth in that particular geographical region.

Acts of hostility and subversion will no longer be tolerated henceforth.

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The Armada Sets Sail

Post by Oblivioncalls » Wed Jul 10, 2019 9:42 am

A few weeks after the Safe Seas Treaty had been ratified and publicized, the Marilsani Armada sets sail. As promised, two Emperador class vessels have been sent out to operate as command and supply vessels, along with several wolf packs of the smaller, faster vessels for patrols and for hunting down any vessels that may be engaging in piracy or smuggling on behalf of Zul Kiras. While the full weight of the Armada is not mobilized, enough vessels are present and bearing the red carnation of Marilsan to put up a show of force and a unified front with their Tyhinnese neighbors and allies. With the larger vessels acting as joint command ships with ample supplies, Marilsani and Tyhinnese vessels can stay at sea for an extended period of time without having to return to port for repairs and to relieve their crews.

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