A Betrayal and An Explosion

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A Betrayal and An Explosion

Post by Nymphetamine » Tue Sep 11, 2018 10:08 pm

(04:45:03 pm) <@Soleen`Nuladi> The Korthai woman could smell the moisture in the air as they grew closer and closer to the fringe of the storm that still sat 50 miles out ahead of them. It had been growing within the Green Sea, but was still headed poleward - and hopefully out of their path... mostly. Still, if there was a time to have a peaceful glass of wine, it was now. That, or it was a last chance before they'd both --
(04:45:04 pm) <@Soleen`Nuladi> -- have to be updeck and getting involved back in operations. So Soleen stood before Alden's cabin door, rapping her knuckles against it. In hand, she had the bottle of red vino.
(04:48:11 pm) <Jerichoni> "Come in!" Alden calls from inside. The room is nicely lit, unlike usual. And it's also unusually clean. Seems he went through pains to tidy it up so their date wouldn't be amongst a complete mess. As for his attire, he's in his usual clothes with that red longcoat. He doesn't have much in terms of formal attire, and none to wear while on the sea.
(04:51:08 pm) <@Soleen`Nuladi> Soleen opened the wooden barrier and stepped inside, noting the condition of his cabin. "Are you all set, Alden?" she asked right off the bat as she stood within the doorway. "Need you to pull some of your chalices out of your collection. I didn't exactly have the fortitude to board with any kinda drinkware in mind, you know what I mean?" Again, her eyes combed through his quarters --
(04:51:08 pm) <@Soleen`Nuladi> -- as she glanced to him again with a smirk and furrowed brows. "Had a long afternoon, have you?"
(04:54:21 pm) <Jerichoni> He chuckles a bit. "It was a bit hard to stack and arrange so it was all neat, but it needed to be done anyways." He winks, and moves to get out the requested chalices. Two silver ones that he likely looted from somewhere. "Yea, I'm all set."
(04:59:46 pm) <@Murphy> Outside, the Clock Tower tolls once to mark the hour of the Dusk Bell (06:00 PM).
(05:00:40 pm) <@Soleen`Nuladi> Soleen smiled and threw her extended thumb over her shoulder before she turned and departed his cabin. "Good, let's go." The Korthai woman held the bottle firmly at the neck, knowing damn well that navigating the ladders and stairs that went down each deck progressively were always tricky when one had to factor in the rougher chop they were entering. But again. with the lower center of --
(05:00:41 pm) <@Soleen`Nuladi> -- gravity at the bottom, the problem would die down the more they'd descend. Once Soleen had reached the hold, she'd grab an oil lantern or two and hang them around some of the support beams. Considering the unique, flame retardant nature of the wood on this particular vessel, it didn't seem necessary to only have candle-lit light sources, which were always annoying to have to deal with. Thus, --
(05:00:42 pm) <@Soleen`Nuladi> -- once their little, cleared-out spot of the hold was set, Soleen would sit down on the baseboards and cross her legs lotus style and she looked up to Alden and smiled. "You better not have told anyone we're gonna be down here. Cause I'm really hoping this ends up being the last place anyone looks. Otherwise it's going to be like every other conversation we've ever tried to have on you ship - --
(05:00:43 pm) <@Soleen`Nuladi> -- always having our talks crashed by one fit of craziness or another."
(05:03:46 pm) <Jerichoni> Alden follows her down, nimble on the ship as ever actually. It's weird how proficient he is getting down. He seems much less annoyed than soleen at least, that's for sure. Once they're in the hold, Alden sits down in front of her with a chuckle. "Don't worry, it'll be fine lass." He leans in to kiss her cheek playfully before handing her a chalice. He seems quite happy to be down here with her. That's for sure.
(05:04:46 pm) <Deadre> On the way down, they'd see Deadre fixing a table that was broken during an arm wrestling match. She'd catch a glimpse of the two heading down into the hold and snickers knowingly.
(05:08:20 pm) <@Soleen`Nuladi> Soleen smiled and plushed as his lips graced her cheek. The Korthai woman reached up almost instinctively as he began to reel and thumbed as his chin before she outright chuckled. She'd take custody of her glass and set it between her legs in order to anchor it there while she reached for the cork and began pulling at it virgorously. Lip pursing and furrowed brows showcased just how jammed --
(05:08:21 pm) <@Soleen`Nuladi> -- into the mouth of the bottle the cork was. "God dammit! This thing is in there tight." She'd begin to turn a bit red as she struggled on. "Get the hell out of there! Come on!" And finally... pop! The bottle became uncorked, but to the extent that she had exerted so much strength she completely lost track and hold of the cork itself. The piece could be heard bouncing off of boxes --
(05:08:22 pm) <@Soleen`Nuladi> -- and barrels in the darkness. Soleen merely looked in the general hemisphere of where it ended up, then shook her head. "I'll pick it up later. I promise," she offered sarcastically with a grin before dividing up the vino. It came out as a deep red; indicitive of a dry cab.
(05:13:21 pm) <Jerichoni> He can't help but snicker a bit as she has difficulties with the bottle, and then it pops off. Once her struggle has ended, he stops his chuckling. "If you can find it." He teases her, a smirk on his face. "I'd like to say that was the most adorable thing I've seen all day. Thanks soleen." He gives a playful bow to her.
(05:16:53 pm) <@Soleen`Nuladi> Soleen reeled her head in laughter, then ultimately brought forward in order to exclusively shake it at Alden. "Do me a favor and don't hold your breath. Even if you got me drunk enough to even spawn the wild hair up my ass in order to even try, I'd just wake up between a bunch of barrels sometime around midday tomorrow." The Korthai woman set the bottle between her legs to host it --
(05:16:54 pm) <@Soleen`Nuladi> -- in place while she plucked her chalice and raised it into the air. "Do a night of uninterrupted conversation." Soleen waggled her brows and drew her wine out to meet Alden's in a proper cheers.
(05:20:25 pm) <Jerichoni> He laughs with her, throwing his head back and nearly falling over before recovering with a deep breath, wiping the water from his eyes. He takes his wine out to meet hers in a toast, his cheeks a bit red. This is the last thing he expected, but he's more than happy with it.
(05:25:33 pm) <@Soleen`Nuladi> Soleen joined him in the cheers, then tilted her glass back a bit to take an eager sip. Truth be told, she still habored some nervousness on the surface that she couldn't hide, even to an untrained eye. But nevertheless, her methodology was always to break up anxiety with as much humor as she could manage. It seemed to cut whatever tensions she sometimes felt towards certain situations. --
(05:25:34 pm) <@Soleen`Nuladi> -- "How's your friend been? The moon howler? She actually going to be OK? Just don't want to see her bounce back and start freaking out if we end up running into the fringe of that storm ahead of us. I mean, we are in the Green Sea. This is the last place to be freaking out or causing irreparable harm to the crew or the ship." Soleen pursed her lips in through and widened her eyes at this --
(05:25:35 pm) <@Soleen`Nuladi> -- contention.
(05:29:31 pm) <Jerichoni> "She'll be fine, aye. Things have ceased since the last incident. Seems that amulet was doing something to her. She's ok with it gone now, I believe." He sighs, taking a sip of his own wine. "We'll all be fine soleen. Don't worry."
(05:31:25 pm) <@Soleen`Nuladi> "Alright, I trust you, Alden," she nodded. Well, she questioned some of his decisions in guests and crewmen he's brought aboard, based on his track record. But she never outright challenged him. "You just know I'm a worry wart. Sorry, didn't mean to steer back to that topic. I suppose the storm ahead of us just has me a bit on edge - coupled with this. I'm off my game tonight."
(05:32:23 pm) <Jerichoni> "I know how to fix this." He moves to sit beside her, and gently pulls her close to him so her head can rest on his chest. "That any better lass?"
(05:38:05 pm) <@Soleen`Nuladi> "Umm.... ok?" she seemed confused at first by Alden's craddling of her head until he placed it on his chest. Soleen glanced around a bit, then looked as high as she could. "Well, I can hear your heartbeat. And as I suspected, you're a rythmic as a god damn metronome, Alden." An epiphany suddenly appeared on her facial expressions. "Hold on. Let me test this theory, because now --
(05:38:06 pm) <@Soleen`Nuladi> -- I'm wondering if you don't have some kind of clockwork heart." Soleen therein punched Alden in his testicles. It wasn't full-strength or designed to actually injure him - just enough to spur some sort of reaction that would upset his heartrate.
(05:39:48 pm) <Jerichoni> He coughs as he's punched in the nuts, hunching over a bit. "What in the hells....was that necessary? I was only trying to....gah...." his heartbeat is up, that's for sure. "Why would I have a clockwork heart, soleen?"
(05:43:45 pm) <@Soleen`Nuladi> Soleen drew her head away once he hurled over. She hadn't quite expected to hit him that hard. "I'm sorry, Alden," she said sincerely. However, with those words coming out between gasps for air and more laughter - it was probably hard to guage. "I was trying to graze, no wound. You just host this attitude like nothing really gets you stressed. You laugh and sing durring --
(05:43:47 pm) <@Soleen`Nuladi> -- life-threatening storms at sea. You fight people for pure fun. You openly go on the offense against almost everyone at sea without much fret. I just had to make sure you were human, youself." Soleen finally stopped laughing and shook her head as she raised her chalice of wine. "Have another sip of your wine, Captain. It'll probably numb you up until I can figure out if there's any ice left --
(05:43:47 pm) <@Soleen`Nuladi> -- in that succubus' storage aboard." The Korthai woman imbibed her own red wine in an ambitious swig before she plucked the bottle up from between her legs and poured herself another glass.
(05:47:08 pm) <Jerichoni> He takes a deep sigh, sipping from his wine before shaking his head. "Lass...I'm going to tell you something I ain't told anyone. Yea?"
(05:48:43 pm) <@Soleen`Nuladi> Soleen held out the bottle towards him and blinked a few times. "Well, polish that glass off so I can refill you... and then unload it on me." The Korthai woman winked at him and grinned before nodding in a very serious regard to what he was about to say.
(05:52:32 pm) <Jerichoni> He polished the glass with a nod, and then offers it to her. Once the glass is refilled, he takes a sigh. "Point is lass, I may not look it. Storms are a special case, but other than that. I'm always scared. Politics, overbearing odds, like an island of orcs or a city of undead. Death of my crew members, all of it. I'm always scared lass...." it's as if a weight is leaving his shoulders, they way they slump. "But I can't show that
(05:52:32 pm) <Jerichoni> fear, because then my men fall victim to that fear. So I put on the facade, the man I wish I could be for my men. It's a terrible truth, I know."
(05:57:57 pm) <Jerichoni> "And when I lost you, that was the most scared I've ever been."
(05:59:46 pm) <@Murphy> Outside, the Clock Tower tolls once to mark the hour of the First Night Bell (07:00 PM).
(06:02:41 pm) <@Soleen`Nuladi> "Well," she acknowledged as she poured him a new glass and handed it back to him before corking up the bottle again. "You certainly exude confidence. Even your own first mate was fooled about it all - up until you just revealed what you did. I honestly just thought you were either overconfident or maybe just outright cocksure of yourself and your ship." Soleen pursed her lips and --
(06:02:42 pm) <@Soleen`Nuladi> -- nodded in solidarity. "I don't know why. I've heard your reasons, but I still have a hard time swallowing the concept, Alden. I mean, to be fair, I have a lot to digest within this past week and a half or so, but I'm getting there." The Korthai woman smiled at the Captain before her eyebrows twitched a few times. She blinked a few times, then glanced down at her hands. With her free --
(06:02:43 pm) <@Soleen`Nuladi> -- set of digits, she began rubbing them together before her breathing became somewhat irregular. There was a pause and much thought as she froze themoment in order to evaluate everything going on. Her eyes were drawn towards the bottle between her legs, then back up towards Alden. "Stop drinking..." she said sternly. The woman held the chalice up to her nose and took a hesitant sniff. "I --
(06:02:44 pm) <@Soleen`Nuladi> -- think your Sithire friend sent me aboard with a laced bottle, Alden." Her eyes widened as she began to process the severity of the situation at hand. "Fuck."
(06:05:25 pm) <Jerichoni> Alden hadn't taken another sip yet of his new glass, so he puts it down instantly. "Oh shit....what do we do...." he gulps. "Why the hell would he do that?"
(06:09:16 pm) <@Soleen`Nuladi> Soleen sat there, trying to think. However, her blinking became somewhat sluggish as her mind froze up. "You have healers onboard, don't you?" she sought before narrowing her eyes at him suddenly. "He...? I thought you said it was Auxerre who made the arrangements for my resurrection." The Korthai woman shook her head aggressively all the sudden. "We don't have time to get into --
(06:09:17 pm) <@Soleen`Nuladi> -- that. We need to get updeck... now." Soleen therein threw her chalice off to the side and stood, glancing for where the stairs were that led up. As she began putting one foot in front of the other, she'd grow lightheaded temporarily and lose her equilibrium long enough to stumble backwards. She hit the baseboards without much drag. "Ugh."
(06:16:04 pm) <Deadre> Deadre finishes fixing the table and uprights it. After looking it over one more time, she gives a nod for a job well done. Garrett joins her on her shoulder and looks around with his cold and beady eyes. She cleans up the area, puts her tools back in her belt, then sits on a barrel near the stairs that go between decks.
(06:16:27 pm) <Jerichoni> Alden begins to pull himself up. "Shit..shit...shit...I should have known. THose fuckers...." he tries to stand up himself, and yells at the top of his lungs. "HEY. POISON. POISON."
(06:17:51 pm) <Deadre> Garrett squeaks something and Deadre immediately hops off the barrel to go down to the hold. "What?" She looks around trying to find where Aldenaxk is screaming from.
(06:19:07 pm) <Jerichoni> If she's listening well enough, it seems to be in the hold of the ship.
(06:19:41 pm) <@Soleen`Nuladi> "Alden," she uttered as she winced on her back. Her right hand had slipped around to her lower back as she reeled. "I don't know... know if its... the poison. I can't feel my legs." The woman closed her eyes tightly as the numbness began to streak up her hands. Soleen coughed a few times. Towards the latter-half of the fit, blood began to come up as she projected it onto her lips. --
(06:19:43 pm) <@Soleen`Nuladi> -- She just kept her eyes closed and tried to remain calm for now.
(06:19:48 pm) <@Soleen`Nuladi> "Alden," she uttered as she winced on her back. Her right hand had slipped around to her lower back as she reeled. "I don't know... know if its... the poison. I can't feel my legs." The woman closed her eyes tightly as the numbness began to streak up her hands. Soleen coughed a few times. Towards the latter-half of the fit, blood began to come up as she projected it onto her --
(06:19:49 pm) <@Soleen`Nuladi> -- lips. She just kept her eyes closed and tried to remain calm for now.
(06:27:52 pm) <Jerichoni> "Soleen? What's wrong?" He crouches down to her unsteadily, putting a hand on her shoulder. "No...no...I can't lose you again."

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Re: A Betrayal and An Explosion

Post by Nymphetamine » Tue Sep 11, 2018 10:09 pm

(06:30:13 pm) <Deadre> Deadre follows the sound of Aldenaxk's voice. When she's closer, she sees Soleen on the floor and Aldenaxk above her. "What's going on?" Garrett squeaks a phrase then hops off her shoulder and bounds towards the two.
(06:31:25 pm) <Jerichoni> Alden coughs a bit. "Get soleen. Pick her up if you can...get her up top...get healing potions from my cabin...." he says, using his strength to begin walking, supporting himself on the wall.
(06:32:22 pm) <Jerichoni> "And healer if you can..."
(06:34:19 pm) <@Soleen`Nuladi> Soleen reached behind his back with her exposed hand and gripped at his shirt tightly. The woman bit down on her lower lip and gazed into his eyes. Both of her welled up aggressively as it was apparent that there was some sort of desperate thought running through her hand. Clentched teeth and heavy squinted showcased a bit of her struggle as the welling finally had succumb to streaks that --
(06:34:20 pm) <@Soleen`Nuladi> -- rolled down either side of her face and into her dark brown hair. As she closed her eyes again tightly. The Korthai woman continued to hold onto the back of Alden's shirt, despite him trying to get up and walk. And by mechnical actions along - guided primarily through conditioning and repetition, rather than her own drive - brought her right wrist around from behind her back as she wielded a --
(06:34:21 pm) <@Soleen`Nuladi> -- dagger. In a fluid motion, she'd bring the weapon around aggressively, with it's tip slated for his chest. And in that same swing, she'd attempt to embed it within his chest as far in as she could get it to stick.
(06:34:32 pm) <@```> The poison was curtesy of someone, a Sithire or otherwise, and it was a neurotoxin. At first, it simply made one's lips tingle, maybe their ears hot, it could've been the alcohol. Then came tingling and numbness in the limbs, facial paralysis, and rapid heart rate and respirations as the body released epinephrin and adrenalin to try to combat the way the poison was causing blood vessels
(06:34:32 pm) <@```> to rapidly expand. Blood pressure dropped. But we're past all of that now. Now, systems were beginning to fail as the toxin interrupted neurological signals, like the ones to the heart, lungs, digestive tract and urinary tract.
(06:42:06 pm) <Jerichoni> When she pulls on his shirt, he turns around to face her, just in time for the dagger to try at stabbing him in the chest. He manages to stop most of it with his hands, but it spears straight through one and is stopped the rest of the way when he grabs her wrist. Alden stumbles back now, pulling himself back and away from her. "You...soleen. What are you doing? You're better than this!"
(06:46:29 pm) <@```> The poison is rapidly depleting Alden's strength, coordination and sensation. So while he cannot resist the dagger much longer, or block more attacks, he also can no longer feel the pain of a dagger through his hand. Bright side, right?
(06:46:42 pm) <Deadre> Deadre runs towards Soleen to pick her up as Aldenaxk had asked. Either she's in a trance or out of a trance. Hard to say given her overly calm and flat expression given what she's witnessing. Rather than intervene, Deadre takes out the rondel dagger from her utility belt and attempts to jam it into his left shoulder blade where a bat wing is attached while his back is turned towards her and he's stumbling backward. Garrett hops into
(06:46:42 pm) <Deadre> position on the sidelines as he watches on.
(06:47:45 pm) <@Soleen`Nuladi> Soleen's mouth quivered as she tried to gaze into his eyes through the thick film of tears covering her own pupils. "I'm sorry... I... I... can't... stop... it." The Korthai woman's wrist bends with the knife to try and ruin the wound through Alden's hands before she aggressively withdrew the knife from the shallow mark on his chest and through having speared his hands. Soleen brought --
(06:47:46 pm) <@Soleen`Nuladi> -- both hands and cusped the sides of Alden's head - if allowed to - with one still even wielding the knife. She didn't use it against him, just attempted to hold onto him as she continued to lock her eyes within his. "You have no idea how destroyed my heart is right now, Alden. They've brought me back as something else." The Korthai woman closed her eyes tightly, wringing out the tears as --
(06:47:47 pm) <@Soleen`Nuladi> -- they streaked down her face. She bent her forehead to rest it upon his chin, if even allowed. Soleen had seemingly been unaware of Deadre's approach from behind the whole time.
(06:52:29 pm) <Jerichoni> At that, alden feels the dagger in his shoulder, and falls to his knees. Though he has that moment with soleen, and smiles faintly as his eyes lock with hers. Though, with the dagger in his shoulder, he coughs a bit of blood while kneeling on the floor. "Dee too huh...." he grunts out again. "Always the fucking redheads isn't it...."
(06:55:50 pm) <Deadre> Deadre withdraws the dagger from his shoulder blade as he falls to his knees. As he continues talking, one of her hands moves to firmly grip his right shoulder, then without a word the dagger is given a swift stab to spear through the side of his neck, through the vocal cords. Garrett remains on the sidelines, watching.
(06:58:23 pm) <@Soleen`Nuladi> Soleen tried to take the knife and forced it's edge against her wrists as if to stop this automated process, but found that the institutions wtihin her mind - predesignated - had caused her to seize up in the process. Instead, her hand just shook uncontrollably as the directive within her took over manually. The woman sniffled and sobbed before dropping the dagger completely to the baseboards. --
(06:58:24 pm) <@Soleen`Nuladi> -- She'd cough a few more times, some blood coming up with each spasm. Soleen wreathed both of her arms around Alden and tried to embrace him tightly, almost acting as a human shield against Deadre as she enveloped him. If she were stabbed in the process, there'd be no brace for impact. Instead, she just let her mouth dipped down to his ear. "I'm sorry, Alden. I thought I was strong enough to --
(06:58:25 pm) <@Soleen`Nuladi> -- stop it, but I couldn't." The Korthai woman closed her eyes tightly as her jaw quivered and sobbed uncontrolably.
(06:59:46 pm) <@Murphy> Outside, the Clock Tower tolls once to mark the hour of the Second Night Bell (08:00 PM).
(07:01:25 pm) <Jerichoni> "DRETH. THE SERPENT WILL TAKE YOU." Alden yells with finality. Then soleen takes the blow for him as she tackles him to the floor as a human shield. ".......I lusted...a lot soleen...." He shivers, taking in a breath while looking into Dee's eyes now. Dee would see the rage of a god itself swearing revenge, like a demon from the pits of hell threatening to swallow the one who brought this upon he and soleen, then his gaze turned
(07:01:26 pm) <Jerichoni> to soleen. "I...I lusted a lot...but i only loved one....." he choked out.
(07:06:33 pm) <Deadre> Garrett, as this keeps going and going, finally moves from his position to bound towards Aldenaxk. In range, Garrett bites into the side of Aldenaxk's neck. The saliva from this little ferret once within broken skin would itch and welt, then ulcerate, as a sort of hyper pestilent bacteria eats away at living flesh. Without intervention, the side of his neck would rapidly turn into a black and bloody mess as bacteria eats it away. With
(07:06:33 pm) <Deadre> Garrett's teeth on sunk into Aldenaxk's neck, Deadre moves to separate Soleen from the captain and try to forcefully hoist the Korthai woman to stand.
(07:10:11 pm) <Jerichoni> "Hope the Dinos....." those being his final words as his neck practically decomposes from his body, he goes limp on the floor, dead, his soul gone to the sea serpent. Though he's likely screaming up a storm as his soul passes on, monstrously swearing his revenge.
(07:23:14 pm) <@Soleen`Nuladi> Instead of being forced to her feet, the acetone dranken before the poisoned wine was now unable to prevent the full effects from taking over. Her locomotion was much more uncoordinated, leading to her standing, tripping, and honestly falling over this time. However, Soleen knew she had limited time at this point, but nevertheless staggered on hands and knees back to Alden to run her hands --
(07:23:16 pm) <@Soleen`Nuladi> -- across his hair one last time as she looked down upon him. Her jaw was still quivering. It was the last, honest moment she had within her own independant mind before that trigger enacted and the predestined plan entered into it's third phase. "I love you," she said in one final, free breath before those eyes immediately seized up and took on a vacant gaze. The Korthai woman staggered back --
(07:23:16 pm) <@Soleen`Nuladi> -- to her feet and stumbled through the hold, back towards the duffle she'd brought aboard with the alleged drogue kit. Mechnically kneeling down before it, she'd unteether the bag and remove a glass jar of water that contained a long, white stick within it. Smashing the jar onto the floor, she'd break it outright and pick up the white stick. Immediately there was an auditory reaction from the --
(07:23:18 pm) <@Soleen`Nuladi> -- embedded material as it became oxidized. Soleen smashed the stick over her knee and broke it in two. The inside of the stick was almost a blood red, owing to the decomp on it since the outset of the voyage. Placing either end of the stick on opposing sides within the bag, she'd gaze down at the two square, wooden boxes contained within. Beneath them had been a white, granual powder. Soleen, --
(07:23:19 pm) <@Soleen`Nuladi> -- growing extremely weak over the poison taking rapid control over her, staggered again - this time sluggishly, towards the oil lanterns. She'd pick one of them up and almost fall over once she approached the duffle. Coughing feverishly, blood would come up on her lips and chin, covering half of her face. There was such a strong desire to deliver yet another final apology to Alden, but Soleen had --
(07:23:21 pm) <@Soleen`Nuladi> -- been far too supressed at this point by the indoctrination. Instead, she tossed the lantern into the bag so that the glass would break, spreading oil and flames across all of it's contents. At that point, Soleen lost consciousness outright and collapsed onto the floor of the old. Meanwhile, the flames and oil reacted first with the two broken halves of the stick she'd tossed in, which turned out --
(07:23:23 pm) <@Soleen`Nuladi> -- to be white phosphorus. The material instantly ignited, which therein burned at such a temperature as to set off the granular powder - revealed to be magnesium. Once the firing train took off, it was impossible to stop at that point. The flame lit up the entire hold with a brillian glow, burning at nearly 800 degrees fahrenheit. As such, the wooden boxes were incinerated, which contained a large --
(07:23:25 pm) <@Soleen`Nuladi> -- amount of Silver Nitrotetrozole. The salts reacted all at once, releasing a massive amount of energy that would easily rip out the bottom of the hold of the ship. If somehow the ship had been magically sealed, the pressurization would therein disintegrate everyone on every lower deck until it erupted out through the top stairwells, lauching magnificent plumes of hot gas and toxic fumes that had --
(07:23:27 pm) <@Soleen`Nuladi> -- become part of the discharge released by the white phosphorus. Suffice to say, in either scenario - if successful - Soleen and everyone below would be utterly obliterated through this sequence of events.
(07:27:19 pm) <Deadre> With the captain finally put down, Deadre moves to blockade access to the section of the hold Soleen is in, as the Korthai woman tinkers with the makings of a bomb. She'd stand there, still, emotionless, and ready if anything or anyone tried to intervene. Garrett, in the meantime, slipped out of sight, scurried and slipped through gaps between decks until he's able to exit through a port hole. Deadre would remain in place up until the
(07:27:19 pm) <Deadre> moment she's eviscerated with the rest of the ship.
(07:42:19 pm) <Infern> Kashka is on the upper part of the ship at the moment, keeping watch for incoming ships, not even suspecting the danger to be from the inside. Then the explosion happened, leaving her but a millisecond to register what happened before the pressures sends her flying into the water. She momentarily panics as she's submerged in water, pieces of the ship's debris going everywhere. Once the Kitsune gets her bearings, she manages to swim
(07:42:19 pm) <Infern> up to the surface, to look at the remains of the ship. Most likely after a good minute of gawking, her next priority is survive, as she looks for a non flaming and bouyant piece of wooden debris to hold onto.

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Survivors' island

Post by Gudrun » Wed Sep 12, 2018 6:45 pm

The cyclone may have been a blessing for the survivors of the Crimson Wolf shipwreck, since it meant the Green Sea -- often calm with waters so still it looked like glass -- had strong winds and waves to push Errok, Petra, Kashka, Seven, and 4 regular sailors onto the shores of a small island at the center an atoll. The survivors would've first crashed in with waves breaking over coral reefs that protected the island from being pummeled whenever the random storm crossed by. Then gentler waves would carry them onto a soft, white sand beach. Aside from whatever parts of the wreck the survivors clung onto, small and splintered planks washed up as apparently the force of the explosion tore the wood to shreds. No parts of the masts or rigging seems to have made it, however. The island itself is fairly small at 120 acres or so and flat. On first glance there appears to be no signs of humanoid inhabitance. The flora on the island consists of grasses, stubby shrubs, and thin collections of palms and mango trees that don't amount to much shade. Migratory birds nest in the trees, and iguanas somehow washed onto the island -- that's it for wildlife on the island. The surrounding reef is more thriving than the island with a diversity of aquatic life, but that also means large sharks among other, much larger ocean predators patrol the atoll reef. Near the center of the island is a small lagoon that contains relatively fresh water thanks to limestone filtering out most, but not all, of the salt. Rain provides the best source of fresh water here, but that hasn't happened in a while. As the cyclone dissipated in colder waters with the southern reaches of the South Sea, the weather here is now typical for the Green Sea -- always in the high-80s to low-90s during the day, cooler in the 70s at night, oppressively hazy and humid at dusk and dawn that burns off with the rise of the blazing hot sun, with little to no wind, and cloudless skies.


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