Mhernettla Briefing 25.IV.488

Outside the city of Drache lies a number of cities, towns and provinces of varying size and populace. Most of the people living outside Drache are natives who speak Arangothian and observe the native customs and rituals. Click here for a list Arangoth's locales, and here to view a map.
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The Ruins of Mhernettla & Camp Aurora

Post by Nymphetamine » Tue Apr 24, 2018 2:23 pm

(03:00:32 pm) <@Ravynetti`Tivaurd> Mhernettla is situated on the western side of an inlet, with an eastward harbor, meaning that to get toward the place, one has to sail into the northern mouth of the inlet. Where there should be farmlands, instead there's thick forest, as if the place had seen centuries of growth in just a decade and a half or so. Once past, there's visible several transdarianian ships, moored well out
(03:00:32 pm) <@Ravynetti`Tivaurd> from the harbour and coast. The town of Mhernettla's harbor is clearly visible, with a few sunken ships still at the wharf. The sea near the harbor is stained black in the daytime, and the darkness seems to reach out under the water, like incorporeal tentacles seeking out into the sea. Other shadows flicker here and there under the water. Difficult to make out. South of the town, however,
(03:00:32 pm) <@Ravynetti`Tivaurd> is visible Camp Aurora, just far removed enough from the south wall of Mhernettla to allow a screen of those trees between it and the town.
(03:00:50 pm) <@Ravynetti`Tivaurd> The camp itself has been cleared of trees, and the timber used to construct a wooden palisade, from which fly several banners. Most prominent among them are the white and gold seal of the Paladins of Dawn, the Black Cross of Sorrowmire, and the green and brown tangle of Mazewood. There's likely a drachean banner there as well now. Interspersed among them are long poles, which suspend
(03:00:51 pm) <@Ravynetti`Tivaurd> large man-shaped figures of wicker. The effigies creak unwholesomely in the breeze. A wooden log keep is being erected behind the palisade and the earthen ramparts as well, the construction visible from the sea. There's no path leading up to Camp Aurora, but just a steep, rocky beach. Upon the beach, three biers are raised, and in repose upon each is a figure in a white shroud. A man in
(03:00:51 pm) <@Ravynetti`Tivaurd> simple white robes tends to them, to make sure they aren't disturbed.
(03:01:16 pm) <@Ravynetti`Tivaurd> Upon getting close to shore, the biers can be seen to each have a skeleton, shrouded in fine white shrouds and clad in delicate, well polished mail. Each one has its hands clasped over the hilt of a gleaming sword, and the swords shine like beacons. Their presence seems to clear some of the blackness in the water away, allowing for an open area to land near the beach. The man in white
(03:01:17 pm) <@Ravynetti`Tivaurd> watches those who come ashore, and he rises, but doesn't interfere. Up above, the camp can be seen now to contain earthen ramparts behind the wooden walls, and beyond them, white pavillion tents and sturdy wagons. The camp is a bustle of activity, There's a few men and women, mostly women, in armor with the white tabards of the Paladins of Dawn. There's various mazewood elves, at least one
(03:01:17 pm) <@Ravynetti`Tivaurd> man in black leather, with two swords at his back. There's a few powerfully built fellows shouting orders to workers, workers who on closer inspection are clearly dead, moving with a stiff gait. The zombies are moving loads and working on onstructing the main keep.
(03:01:43 pm) <@Ravynetti`Tivaurd> Those of somewhat evil nature would find the beach 'uncomfortable', especially the nearer one might get to those sainted skeletons. Up near the camp, those wicker men suspended about the perimeter are stuffed with a mix of strange herbs, flowers, and various animal bones. They radiate a protective field, but more than that, one that physically impairs supernatural creatures. Fae, shifters,
(03:01:44 pm) <@Ravynetti`Tivaurd> persons with magical blood will require an effort of will to approach them, and thus the palisade proper. The more unnatural, the stronger the sense of unease and loathing they'd generate.
(03:01:56 pm) <@Ravynetti`Tivaurd> The interior contains several tents in the palisade walls, and it looks like there's some armsmen from Transdariania who've joined the Elgarian mishmash within. A few massive wagons are parked just inside the palisade gates, and look to be serving as temporary platforms where towers should be in the future. The shell of a wooden keep is still being constructed, with some of the Sorrowmire
(03:01:56 pm) <@Ravynetti`Tivaurd> overseers shouting orders to the zombie workers in clear, slow tones. As if instructing idiots.

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Mhernettla, Camp Aurora & Briefing 25.IV.488

Post by laytrayin » Wed Apr 25, 2018 9:06 pm

Quest info for Mhernettla

[17:08] <@Ravynetti`Tivaurd> Throughout the camp, some of the Paladins of the Dawn would be spoken to by a runner. After the runner completes their circuit, the Paladins rise and call out from the palisades, "ATTENTION! ATTENTION! Lady Catherine Wisplight will be giving a briefing over the Mhernettla operations shortly. Please assemble in the center of camp if you wish to attend!"
[17:23] * Catherine`Wisplight would step out before her pavillion, beside where the map has been posted. She glances across to Wilmont apprehensively as he appears, then a slight frown touches to those lips. She shakes her head and moves up along to a section of log that had been placed near, so that she might stand raised a couple feet, and gaze out over those who are gathering.
[17:34] * Catherine`Wisplight finally calls forth, "May I have your attention? Thank you for attending. If we haven't met, first know that I am Catherine Wisplight, Sithire of Elgaria and leader of the Paladins of Dawn. I thank you all for lending your arms and minds to this expedition. I am glad to see how many people have been able to put their differences aside to address a fragment of evil made real, and
[17:34] * Catherine`Wisplight possibly to keep the fate that fell to Mhernettla from spreading. I would like to go over what we have discovered in the past days, as well as our plans going forward."
[17:43] * Catherine`Wisplight paces along that log with slow steps. "When we first heard of what happened here, it was merely that this place had been overrun by undead. Now, after the danger faced by some expeditions to test the town's state, we know more. From what information we have been able to process thus far, and what leads have been gathered, I believe that the town of Mhernettla has been in this state,
[17:43] * Catherine`Wisplight or something similar to it, since the time the Coral Plague struck the Korthai. Information we have indicates that there was a sickness ravaging the Korthai inhabitants at the time. Historically, this was known to mostly strike those of Korthai blood, which would fit what we've learned. We have also discovered that a further disaster hit the city. A force which is all too familiar to those
[17:43] * Catherine`Wisplight of us who stand vigilant in Murkdusk was somehow introduced to the city. Called The Dark, it is a sentient force that is known to originate from material of otherworldly origin. It spreads by infection, it feeds on negative emotions, physical and mental misery and anguish, and restless spirits. It is known to be used in small quantities by certain people to attempt to augment physical and
[17:43] * Catherine`Wisplight magical capabilities and rites, although in almost every case, this is exceedingly dangerous, and usually leads to madness and corruption."
[17:51] * Catherine`Wisplight s expression grows grim. "We have confirmed that The Dark is here. And in an amount that few, if any of the Paladins of Dawn have ever seen. While we believe it was summoned here or brought here by a desparate man hoping to save his people, there are certain inconsistancies. For instance, Harlst Mhern-Lathvik was in correspondance with the court of Arangoth for years after this
[17:51] * Catherine`Wisplight event took place, which implies strongly that he survived... in some form or other... within the town walls. If he still exists, he may be a threat that needs to be dealt with. Furthermore, The Dark's corruption has already created monstrosities. Many of you may have seen the darkness in the harbor as you approached. We know that is a manifestation of The Dark's influence on some creature.
[17:51] * Catherine`Wisplight Yesterday, some of you engaged in combat with another entity over the skies of Mhernettla. You can still see the remains of the creature where the lighthouse used to be. It is clearly a sign of The Dark's influence. When it was defeated, some of the limitations that we've been operating on were dispelled. This leads me to believe that there are other such creatures in the town, whose presence
[17:51] * Catherine`Wisplight may inhibit our operations even if they are not actually engaging in combat at that moment. Most importantly, we have ascertained, through the brave actions of a visiting Seer, the most likely location of The Dark within the town."
[17:58] * Catherine`Wisplight points to the Keep on the western walls of Mhernettla on the map. "It is in the Keep somewhere. This follows our suspicions that Harlst himself attempted to harness it, or someone in his retinue. As The Dark spreads from a physical remnant, our objective should be to find a way to advance on the keep, cleanse anyone or anything that was infected by its presence, and then contain
[17:58] * Catherine`Wisplight and remove whatever fragment is there. I have requested a containment device to be sent here from the Monastary of Dawn, but it will be a few days before it is here. That timeline is acceptable, since we still have to get a foothold in the town. Which brings me back to my earlier commentary on other monstrosities. We'll need to scout a route to get to the Keep, determine the threats along
[17:58] * Catherine`Wisplight the way, and either deal with them directly or discover what may have influence over any obstacles, and eliminate whatever entities may impede us. I encourage safety and caution. The same guidelines as before apply. Those lost within the town walls risk joining the forces we struggle against. Contact with agents of The Dark can cause long term corruption, and should be addressed as soon as
[17:58] * Catherine`Wisplight possible. So if you are wounded there, see a healer immediately. Likewise if you have magical or psionic contact with anything within, please let us know so we can monitor you. Finally, if you see anyone walking around camp whose shadows are acting strangely, either being absent or not following logical rules that the local light sources would suggest. Let someone know."
[18:04] * Catherine`Wisplight ticks off on her fingers, "We have encountered the following sorts of monsters: Shadow wolves, wolves that can jump between shadow and the real world; Skeletal warriors armed with various weaponry; Bloodvines that grow on the exterior walls; Skeleton mages that can cast a variety of spells; Skin Horrors that are constructions of tanned skin stretched over a skeletal framework, that
[18:04] * Catherine`Wisplight can fly. While the wolves and vines seem to be independent, the skeletal creations seem to be directed in an organized manner. Furthermore, we have observed the strange, dark creature in the harbour, and a number of swarms of animated but disconnected bones in town. The latter seem to be associated with a particularly large specimen of their own amorphous form. There's also been seen the
[18:04] * Catherine`Wisplight remains of one of our own. Sir Gregory, who was lost here during the initial scouting. He appears to have been set to guard the southern gatehouse. If you encounter anything else in the town during your forays, let us know so that we can get the information out."
[18:07] * Catherine`Wisplight then folds her hands behind her back. "Now, some of you may be wondering about pay and personal gain. I understand a lot of you are here of your own accord. I fear that our budget in Elgaria is taken up with the maintenance of this camp and the provision of shelter and healing. The political fate of this town is still in question, but as for now it is enclosed by the forest, and
[18:07] * Catherine`Wisplight after communicating with Floxod Uzzo of Transdariania, I shall presume it is an Elgarian holding until further notice. As such, I may say that we hold no claim over anything within. You are free to keep any items or riches you may uncover. We only ask that if you discover items of magic or obvious evil origin, you allow our paladins to examine it to make certain it won't cause troubles
[18:07] * Catherine`Wisplight later. I do hope that this is enough to satisfy the wishes of those who have come here."
[18:10] * Catherine`Wisplight turns to look to the map. "Finally, as far as tactics and strategy go. I will try to coordinate a few missions, but I understand many of you are a bit free spirited. You are welcome to undertake whatever missions you can design. I do ask you to let our people know where you're going, so we can keep an eye out and prepare recovery if necessary. We'd like to prioritize scouting, then
[18:10] * Catherine`Wisplight elimination of creatures whose influence may be seriously detrimental, and then securing a route to the keep. I will offer you this advice. So far, fire and holy light seems to be especially effective against many creatures, but you can't count on that to be true for all of them. Now, does anyone have any questions?"


[18:13] <Kestrel> " mentioned this thing was summoned...Does anyone know anything about the preist that was wanted by the Korthai?" Kestrel spoke up.."If he is still living and could possibly be found, it may shed some light ?"
[18:17] * Catherine`Wisplight glances across to Kestrel, "I do not know as of yet about the priest. No one has brought further information forth regarding this fellow. And I say summoned because the usual method for transporting fragments of The Dark is physical, but it is known that people who use it can summon fragments they know of using existing fragments. The Dark calls to The Dark. If he is found and
[18:17] * Catherine`Wisplight living, or even if some sign of him is found, it might provide more information, yes." She then nods over to Wilmont. "Yes sir?"

[18:19] <Jarrod`> <Wilmont> "You implied earlier that those corrupted could be saved. Is there hope, then, for this Sir Gregory by the gatehouse? Should capturing rather than destroying be a priority when dealing with him?" He asks, tilting his head to one side as he does so.
[18:24] * Catherine`Wisplight purses her lips. "I said Cleansed, not Saved. However, I should note that in our experience, those who have been corrupted... I should probably use infected instead, by The Dark eventually succumb, just for many it is sooner rather than later. It has a habit of taking on in the spirit as well, binding those spirits to its service. We believe, in fact, much of the population of
[18:24] * Catherine`Wisplight Mhernettla is undergoing this fate, even as their physical remains are used as fodder. I am unaware of anyone who has been touched by The Dark and had it reversed, except in the very, very initial stages, before it has time to fully take root. You let it go for more than a few days and it becomes almost impossible. I have not encountered anyone who has actually perished and risen as a
[18:24] * Catherine`Wisplight monstrosity touched by The Dark who has been meaningfully redeemed back to life."

[18:23] <Jillian> Piping up with her own question, Jillian speaks. "Is there any other way in or out of the town? The gates were pretty well defended and I don't imagine they've left the damage we caused unaddressed."
[18:26] * Catherine`Wisplight then looks to Jillian, then points to the map. "Primary entrances are the north and south gatehouses, and through the harbor. Or over the walls. We believe... that some people have had experience with all of the above. There should be some sally port, but we haven't found one, and it is known that Mhernettla didn't have the benefits of the sort of sewer system Drache does, so there
[18:26] * Catherine`Wisplight is that. Other options might be through wherever they get the groundwater from and up through the wells, but again this is unknown."

[18:28] <Jarrod`> <Wilmont> "Do you know if The Dark has any connection to The Burning Purple Eye?" He asks. "Is it widespread beyond this land?" He adds as a clarifying question.
[18:30] * Catherine`Wisplight shakes her head. "I do not know who The Purple Eye is, and I do not know if The Dark is present in other lands, except where it has been physically transported to."

[18:31] <Infern> "and do you know if this 'The Dark' has any connections to the abyss or demons?" Aximiam asks.
[18:33] * Catherine`Wisplight glances across to Aximiam. "I do not know if The Dark has any connection to the abyss. I do know that users of The Dark sometimes conspire with demons, but the demons we have on record in the Order of Dawn as originating with users of The Dark do not seem to be similar to the demons reported in other realms except on the most superficial designations." She then sighs and looks back
[18:33] * Catherine`Wisplight to Wilmont. "Yes...?"

[18:34] <Jarrod`> <Wilmont> "Beyond their shadows not behaving properly, are there any other signs we should be wary of, to recognise the corrupted?" He asks.
[18:35] * { <Linora> "Also is there anything we could do to prevent from being corrupted ourselves?"
[18:35] <Jillian> Pondering a few moments, she fires off another query. "Is it possible to...I dunno, consecrate the land so this Dark is incapable of working inside it? Pressing forward bit by bit with a purified area until the town is reclaimed? If it would be too costly in terms of time and material I understand, but I'm just floating an idea, here."
[18:39] * Catherine`Wisplight shakes her head to Wilmont, "They'll radiate an evil aura, our Paladins can detect such and then fine tune examination from there." She then looks to Linora, "As I said earlier in the briefing, wounds suffered by agents of the dark must be tended to immediately. And avoid magical and psychic contact with infected." And then, to Jillian, "It is far beyond our economic and physical
[18:39] * Catherine`Wisplight capabilities to do so. We could perhaps consecrate a foothold within town, but it would require constant maintenance at this point, and constantly risk overrun. We have set up Camp Aurora as close as we could dare to the town. The Dark's influence grows exponentially the closer you get to the source."

[18:39] <Infern> Aximiam raises his hand. "need to clear up a misunderstanding before it pops up."
[18:39] * Catherine`Wisplight then turns back to Aximiam. "Yes?"
[18:42] <Infern> "If you see my shadow acting up, it's not anything related to the dark. It's naturally like that since... ten to five years ago? not sure the exact time, but it's no corruption of the dark. I can take off my alterations on my shadow to let you take a look and test to show you that there are no Dark corruptions." he offers, not wanting to be accused of corruption and cause chaos mid battle.
[18:44] * Catherine`Wisplight stares flatly at Aximiam. "You are one of the ones who blew the hole in the ground just outside the camp when you arrived. You charged the outer town walls alone and risked a great many people in your rescue, and your actions resulted in the worsening of wounds on a fellow party member when you were out. And now you say that one of the primary means of telling whethr you are in
[18:44] * Catherine`Wisplight league with or infected with The Dark is useless?"
[18:46] <Infern> Aximiam flinches, but he knows she's right. "I'm only saying that my shadow is off kilter, but so as to not alarm you. If I'm corrupted, it will look even worse than it already is. I'm offering to show it now as it is so as to not cause any misunderstandings or confusion."
[18:49] <Lilit_> <Kiathe> "He can come to me, I shall determine if he is safe. Each time he returns." Kiathe said in hope of it soothing her beloved.
[18:50] * Catherine`Wisplight s face grows stern. "Then let me clear up some misunderstandings. You have repeatedly caused issues and you have been more of a detriment than a help. I am lenient on such things, but I will not compromise the safety of this camp. Especially now I cannot tell whether or not you, who seems so intent on taking risks, has become an agent of The Dark. I appreciate you telling me, so I
[18:50] * Catherine`Wisplight will not have you cleansed. Instead, you have fifteen minutes to collect your things, and remove yourself from the camp. If we see you here thereafter, we will consider you an agent of The Dark and take appropriate action. I would encourage you to seek transport to one of the ships off shore as soon as possible, now that it's dark out." She then nods to Dez. "Yes?"

[18:52] <Riddy> <Dezarek Kiohai> the ogre magi finally speaks up, with a question. "You said that some of our 'limitations' disappeared when a specific creature was destroyed, and that probably means there are others like it. Y'know, gatekeepers. Can anyone make an estimate how much it weakeend the Dark, and guess how many creatures there are like that?"
[18:56] * Catherine`Wisplight shakes her head "I have no idea if it weakened The Dark, but elimination of that one being allows us to actually fly over the town, with only worrying about standard flying opponents, archers, and spellcasters."
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Re: The Ruins of Mhernettla & Camp Aurora

Post by laytrayin » Thu Apr 26, 2018 5:08 pm

addition to camp description

<@Ravynetti`Tivaurd> The keep at Camp Aurora has been finished, a rough wooden structure some thirty feet on a side, consising of two stories and a flat rooftop. The logs are hefty and have been sealed well, while the doors are massive. There's no windows on the ground floor, just arrowslits on the second, and then rough crenelations basically formed of alternatley cut logs.
Because I am one with the taker of life, and I love pain and suffering, misery and death as it loves me. These are things I am not willing to give up, if death is release then let it never find me so I may live long and suffer much.

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Undead Merchant details

Post by laytrayin » Sat Apr 28, 2018 10:59 pm

Mhernettla undead merchant info

[18:38] <@Ravynetti`Tivaurd> The undead merchant reaches to take the coins and nods. "Oh, I assure you, you will get your money's worth. The remnants of the dead in this town have manifested in several ways. The skeletal warriors you have already met. They are a mix of archers and pikemen, and may be found mostly upon the walls and in gatehouses. They rarely patrol the streets, as other things lurk out there. I
[18:38] <@Ravynetti`Tivaurd> believe there may be some in the keep as well. Classically, two dozen of various sorts were stationed in each bastion and tower and gatehouse, although about half of them at any one point in time from each of the stations may be wandering the walls on patrol. This is before, of course, accounting for those you have slain. They are beholden to the Black Armory, as are the more powerful Dead
[18:38] <@Ravynetti`Tivaurd> Knights, or armored dead. There used to be at least one Dead Knight stationed at each bastion or tower, and never more than two, but they do move around a bit. If they aren't destroyed, they may have retreated to the keep when their watch is damaged. Skeleton mages are often found among the skeletal warriors, usually in teams of two, stationed at each tower or bastion. The south tower has
[18:38] <@Ravynetti`Tivaurd> their leader, who is not much more skilled than the rest of them, but he holds a magic staff he managed to purchase during life. The Bloodvines you know of, they grow outside the walls, but they are a hazard to both friend and foe alike, and none have trespassed within the town due to ... differences in nature. The Skin Horrors are terrible constructs designed to patrol the skies, and they
[18:38] <@Ravynetti`Tivaurd> were designed by the Watchers of the Sky, gargoyles given life. The Watchers themselves are stationed out of the temple near the keep, but are more often found guarding the keep itself. Dead Beggars the remnants of the common folk. They aren't dangerous for the most part, but if you make trouble they may swarm you. They appear like I do, but most of them are shiftless and lazy, content to
[18:38] <@Ravynetti`Tivaurd> live off of the generosity of others. I recommend against giving them handouts, it only encourages them. The Acolytes of Mackey are a strange lot. There's perhaps only six of them out in the city, but they are concentrated in the church. Followers of the old priest mackey, they were caught in town after his execution, and fell with the rest of the place shortly thereafter. Finally there
[18:38] <@Ravynetti`Tivaurd> are the bloodthirsty Draugr. Vicious Korthai who were already stricken with illness when disaster fell, they are violent and unpredictable, and controlled by the Draugr Hall. I can't tell you where they are in town or how many of them, as they roam. However, they often travel in gangs, and are more dangerous for it. As for the Abominations..."
[18:52] <@Ravynetti`Tivaurd> The merchant continues, "Of the abominations, I know of ten. They are created when either individuals of merit or collections of folk are caught together. First is the Champion of Rot. Emissary of Harlst Mhern-Lathvik, I have long forgotten who he was in life. He appears as a large armored warrior, sometimes upon a horse, and rides down from the keep through town when Harlst wishes to
[18:52] <@Ravynetti`Tivaurd> make a demonstration. If you see him and are unprepared, you can sometime evade his notice and let him pass. Then there is the Tide of Woe. The bones of the dead were reanimate by the collective uneasy spirits of many who fell here, and those bones tumbled and flowed together, until they became as a wave, constantly washing through town. Occasionally, bone swarms do split off from the Tide
[18:52] <@Ravynetti`Tivaurd> of Woe, and are dangerous creatures in their own rights, made of bones and fragments, they can strip the flesh from a victim and add their victim's skeleton to their own collection. The only way to avoid being absorbed into the Tide of Woe in that case is to be strong enough of will to be invested as an abomination. The Tide of Woe also roams, although it mostly sticks toward the middle of
[18:52] <@Ravynetti`Tivaurd> town. Next is the Black Armoury. Situated near the center of town, it is where Mhernettla's soldiery kept their weapons, trained, and maintained their main barracks. When the disaster came, it fused those souls within it into one being, housed within the very walls of the Black Armory. Now it is a dark place, and when reinforcements are needed, it may reconstitue the fallen and spit them
[18:52] <@Ravynetti`Tivaurd> out as soldiers, to take the walls. Another animated building is the Draugr Hall. It is from that festhall that the Draugr maraud, and it is usually situated near the northern gate. Occasionally it may be found elsewhere. The Thing Under the Docks is composed of the runoff of all the contaminants that came with the disaster, and I do not know if it can move from the docks. I believe you
[18:52] <@Ravynetti`Tivaurd> have seen it from outside of the city. Amorphous and cruel, it doesn't need to eat, and yet it still kills and strips the flesh from anything that comse near it, save for Mab. Lady Hauth is another unfortunate soul. Said to be beautiful and buxom, she was also quite intelligent, and funded my former employment. Rumor has it that a dark wizard from another land had taken an interest in her,
[18:52] <@Ravynetti`Tivaurd> and when the cataclysm happened, one of his agents was present and tried to protect her. While she was converted into a creature of haunting beauty, it is believed that the agent's sacrifice helped to keep Harlst's influence from her mind. The subsequent loss of her status and life, however, has made her unpredictable. She roams the streets after dark, but can usually be found on the south
[18:52] <@Ravynetti`Tivaurd> side of town. In the south east, where the burned buildings are, roams the Corpse Centipede. I haven't seen it since the fire, but I do not know if that is because it seeks a new home, or if it was destroyed. A horrible conglomeration of corpses, it roams the streets, seeking bodies to add to itself. In the north part of town, where a makeshift burial pit was dug to place plague victims,
[18:52] <@Ravynetti`Tivaurd> there arose an unwholesome being. The cataclysm mingled with the plague's lingering nature, it resembles nothing more than a Horrible Polyp, similar to a coral polyp, but truly massive. It is fortunately sedentry, and easily avoided, but it maintains its own veil, and cannot be reasoned with. In the north-east, the lighthousekeeper was converted into a jealous being we called the Forbidding
[18:52] <@Ravynetti`Tivaurd> Beacon. We haven't heard her sing since the battle, and I believe she was finally slain. And last, but not least of the abominations I >know< if is Sir Gregory. I watched his flesh get stripped from his bones, but before he could be incorporated into the Tide of Woe, he rose as his own being, bound to the south gatehouse, where he fell... As for the rest, I can speculate who might be in
[18:52] <@Ravynetti`Tivaurd> the keep..."
[18:58] <@Ravynetti`Tivaurd> The Undead Merchant gestures to the keep. "After the plague came, Harlst called for assistance to try to determine its nature. He got many responses, and most of them could do nothing. A priest named Mackey from the north tried to cure it, and failed. And Harlst burned him for his failure. As he burned, he laid a curse upon the town with his dying breath, and though there was no immediate
[18:58] <@Ravynetti`Tivaurd> result, Harlst ordered his charred corpse to be displayed in the courtyard of the Keep as a warning to other charlatans. It hung there for a while, but after the cataclysm, I saw it pull itself down from the display and walk into the keep. Another group who came to offer their solution were three women, witches of the sea. Auntie Mab, Old Scarthey, and Sister Hen. Two of them entered the
[18:58] <@Ravynetti`Tivaurd> keep, while Mab stayed aboard their ship. This was but hours before the cataclysm, which took everything away. They never returned. Finally, Harlst still dwells within the Keep. For years after the cataclysm, he would send The Champion of Rot out in disguise, to give the impression that the town was still operational. But it has been years since he has done so."
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Lay's report to Uzzo and Catherine

Post by laytrayin » Fri May 04, 2018 3:48 pm

[11:42] * @LayTrayin sips her coffee then and starts at the beginning "well we initially flew around the walls on the outside. the well of influence for the dark seem to extend into the forest soem one hundred yards. when we finally over flew our taregets i noticed that the keep has a veil much like the one you and i and zesstra flew into the first time we went into town. when we reached the pit a creature rose up out of i8t...
[11:42] <@LayTrayin> ... soem thirty feet tall and it snagged the oil barrel and flame bomb sean dropped on it. it caugth fire and i also fireballed it and it became this inky black cloud we cannot see into and dont knwo if subsequent damage was done. we did see a building tho with odd roof line and zesstra targeted it." <more>
[11:45] * @LayTrayin then takes a deep breath and a sip of coffee "i set the oil on the building ablaze but at the same time zesstra and maw over flew the building. when they did the roof seemed to fold in on itself and created some sort of spacial shield around them. i fired into it hoping to do damage and to try and help free zesstra and maw. it took doem time but eventually i saw bits of the roof blow off. i fired a couple...
[11:45] <@LayTrayin> ... more shoits into it as zesstra and maw broke free. the front of what was left of the building opened up then like just silently peeled back. the archers and balistae in the lower floor opened fire on me then the damnable thing got up and -walked- tot he water, put itself out then wandered back into town"
[11:49] * Joins: Daien ([email protected])
[11:50] * Uzzo helps himself to a sip of the contents of his mug, though it's casually set down so he can sift through a few things, namely one of the sketched copies of the map of Mhernettla. As he listens he begins to jot down and mark various things upon it, adding to the information they already had available to them, which he would inevitably apprise Wisplight's faction of afterwards. "Yes, one of --
[11:50] <Uzzo> -- my retainers that was observing the situation reported that it appeared the entire armoury was walking of its own volition, as hard as that is to imagine that seems to be the reality of it." He continues scribbling away on his map in the meantime, "We should assume the Horrible Polyp is still active since we can't verify the extent of the damages inflicted, assuming the operation was able --
[11:50] <Uzzo> -- to do so upon it. As far as the armoury itself is concerned, were you able to get an estimate on the number of troops operating out of it? Any particular ones within it aside from the building itself worth noting?" (End)
[11:53] * @LayTrayin thinks hard then and sighs as she sips her coffee "not an accurate count but there seemed to be about a hundred pikement and fifty or so archers and eight balistae. i dont knwo -where- the damned building has settled now but it grew what looked like crab legs to walk. it was slow getting to the water. slower than when it came out. from what i could tell the roof an dupper floor were heavily damaged and...
[11:53] <@LayTrayin> ... burnt. i dont knwo if it can rebuild itself or not"
[11:59] * Uzzo jots down estimates on the number of troops within, though it's best to assume that isn't all that isn't the armoury's full compliment, at the very least it should serve as a baseline of what they'll be contending with should any further operations be taken against it. "Best to assume it can to some extent, we've witnessed forces within Mhernettla attempting to rebuilding and fortify the --
[11:59] <Uzzo> -- breach previously at the least." (End)
[12:01] * @LayTrayin nods ot uzzo and sips her coffee once more befoire speaking "we need to be careful as well if that building can regenerate itself that would also mean the spacial field would be present again. it may still have that capability now for all we know. it's ..... alive so to speak. we did our best"
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[12:12] * Uzzo gestures to one of his retainers, who promptly accepts the unfurled parchment and begins rolling it up, heading off to share whatever new information and estimates they had to share it with Wisplight's people. "Yes, any further operations against it should certainly assume its defenses will be at full capacity. The expedition accomplished what it could, there's little more one could ask --
[12:12] <Uzzo> -- for beyond that, returning alive is paramount during these operations." (End)
[12:15] * @LayTrayin nods and grimaces a bit "the keep is going to be a very formidable target and i would suggest leaving it for last when we can get more people in. i think we can pinpoint the amoury from a high flyover. in case it has moved to elsewhere. it opens and closes seemingly at will. so it will need to be bloasted hard"
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[12:23] * Uzzo nods along in agreement, though the fact that the armoury is mobile certainly adds another layer of danger, leaving it alone for the time being doesn't necessarily mean they won't encounter it in other portions of the city. "It'd be a good idea to keep tabs on its movements as a matter of posterity." The way in which the building itself is described gives the impression that it's --
[12:23] <Uzzo> -- somehow alive or has its own will to some extent, which is troublesome for entirely different reasons. "Any opinions on alternate approaches with the Horrible Polyp?" (End)
[12:23] * ChanServ sets mode: +o Ravynetti`Tivaurd
[12:26] * @LayTrayin shakes her head "no clue on that one. we dont know if our fireballs or anything we did to it really did it any harm. it turned from creature to solids like cloud when damaged. cant see anything wiht in it. i reported to lady catherine last night after i was healed and before i went to bed. i wanted to report to you myself to set any stray stories aside" her time as a guard had more or less made her prone...
[12:26] <@LayTrayin> ... to reports to important people
[12:28] * Uzzo had a feeling that would be the case, and even advised the possibility of it occuring to those taking part in the operation to air on the safe side where that potential was concerned. "I'll have a pair of my Tannis owl riders do some cursory scouting from a distance to see if they can make any observations as to its state, or the current whereabouts of the Black Armoury in the meantime."
[12:30] * @LayTrayin nods once more and sips her coffee "if it has repaired itself it has an irregular roofline. otherwise if it has not repaired itself the roof and upper story are heavily damaged"
[12:33] * Uzzo makes note to pass along that information so they can make observations and compare those details as a matter of reference, "At the very least, considering it took a dip in the sea, perhaps that managed to reduce the number of troops within it in our favour. I wasn't lash my horses to the notion of that being true, but, it certainly could prove to be a detail worth noting should any --
[12:33] <Uzzo> -- expeditions wish to contend with it in short time." (End)
[12:35] * @LayTrayin nods and seems thoughtful before she speaks "the oil that set fire to it seemed to help some in disabling it tho i would be caustious should it still be able to create that spacial field"
[12:41] * Quits: Pigasus ([email protected])
[12:42] * Uzzo offers a nod of affirmation to that detail, "The fact that fire has proven useful to an extent is always welcome, there's no short supply of that at hand we can toss at it if necessary." There were other methods, however, he was very keen on applying them with the Thing Under the Docks still in operation. "Finding out the extent of that spacial field would prove helpful for any --
[12:42] <Uzzo> -- potential operations to destroy it or lay siege to it. (End)
[12:43] * @LayTrayin nods and look at uzzo "perhaps zesstra can explain to you what she saw wihtin it. from the outside it made things look distorted." sipping her coffee once more she finally stretches her legs outin front of herself and tries to relax
[12:49] * Uzzo makes note to request what information he can from Zesstra, and while he's at it, may as well see if Sean has any further details he can share that may assist in future endeavors. Never know when they'll have to take another shot at the armoury down the line. "That definitely sounds like a concern should we attempt to assault it once again."
[12:50] <@LayTrayin> "also i almost forgot. there is a haze over the city that is thcker near the keep. makes it hard to breathe and seems to keep the smoke from the fires wihtin it as well" adding this in as anothe thought fills her mind "there is so much going on in there."

--additional info from lendy the drake--

[16:29] <Ianthe> * A slight tilt of the woman's head, she blinks rather owlishly, the gesture almost more that of a predator than a humanoid. So many of the adventurers who had volunteered seemed to have interesting habits. "Just... That you flew around the western perimeter, and entered through the north. The haze was thick, and made breathing more difficult, so you flew higher to get over it, --
[16:29] <Ianthe> -- only to find that the town could not be seen below through it. There was a bell tolling... Though I do not know if that is of any significance. Then as you flew down, there was a veil which seemed to sweep straight up and surround the pit, so you banked wide... Zesstra sent the first barrel at the armory instead, and a massive tentacle wrought of bodies rose from the bone pit. So Sean threw his --
[16:29] <Ianthe> -- barrel in its direction, and it seemed to hand it along, the arms of the bodies it was carved from working in tandem. In avoiding it, the three of you parted, and she ended up not quite escaping the black wall of smoke that billowed out from the polyp as Sean's barrel caught fire. It nulled out any enchantments the instant it touched her, and she saw that the house seemed able to move in ways --
[16:29] <Ianthe> -- that space should not allow, opening up walls to hundreds of skeletons who responded to one of those in the orange tabards with a flaming sword." A slight shrug, and she takes another sip of her tea, her opal-flecked eyes turning toward the town's walls over the camp's palisades. "At that point I think she was too busy trying to get away to notice much more. Other than the house --
[16:29] <Ianthe> -- walking its way to the sea to douse itself, as if it had a mind of its own."
Because I am one with the taker of life, and I love pain and suffering, misery and death as it loves me. These are things I am not willing to give up, if death is release then let it never find me so I may live long and suffer much.

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Draugr Information

Post by TheOneWhoKnows » Wed May 09, 2018 10:57 pm

Floxod Uzzo has undertaken an effort to clear out the remaining troops stationed within the southeastern tower, just east of the breach. A pair of Draugr were within, which were summarily destroyed, and the tower entrance was securely barred from within to reduce the ability of Mhernettla forces to utilize it further.

According to Uzzo's report, the Draugr exhibited several traits that should be kept in mind; They are not slow and lumbering undead, but rather, are unnaturally swift and spry, capable of uncharacteristically athletic maneuvers unlike most ranks of the undead. They are also capable of breathing cone of bitter, stinging cold, powerful enough to inflict frostbite and render flesh frozen. They retain flesh in their state of undeath, and their blood seems to be replaced by the inky black blood consistent with the corrupting shadows within Mhernettla, precautions are advised against exposure. They wield and wear armours and armaments, and seem relatively resilient against bludgeoning weaponry, though this may be due in part to their armours, piercing and slashing weapons are advised, as is the use of holy water and fire.

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Information from Mairead 9.V.488

Post by laytrayin » Thu May 10, 2018 1:38 pm

[11:22] <GirlElf> <Mairéad> "I am well now, thank you for your assistance. I went into two different cellars at different points in the south section of the city. In both there were tunnels made by the dark in which it was sitting. Looking at such tunnels astrally, one can see tendrils coming out of them towards the living. These tendrils pull back from sunlight, but are not bothered by magical
[11:22] <GirlElf> light. The tunnels are likely a network running underneath the town in it's entirety and not isolated. If you were to push the dark from one spot it could retreat through them wait and return. The town is also being sucked downwar astrally."
[11:23] * @LayTrayin perks a brow then furrows her brows for a moment before asking "would holy light stop it? and is there anything else you learned. this is quite vaulable to us tho"
[11:26] <GirlElf> <Mairéad> tone is level and not bothered by anything that she seemingly saw and she does not seem to be shaken at all by her encounter with the draugr. "I did see Sir Gregory within some sort of dome. He is not apparent until one gets close enough to see through the dome. It was too overtly like a trap for my tastes to probe it further. There is some plate mail and weaponry in
[11:26] <GirlElf> a tavern that was also set as a trap. The draugr you helped slay was guarding it in hiding waiting for someone to investigate it. I suspect you will find more such traps. Whatever is in control is learning and waiting for more to come."
[11:27] <GirlElf> <Mairéad> "However it seems to expect levels of ineptitude and be more ready for individuals to stand and fight rather than make unexpected movements."
[11:27] * @LayTrayin furrows her brows a bit more then nods "i see. that may indeed be useful to know. anything else?"
[11:29] <GirlElf> <Mairéad> "I will go back again in an evening to observe how it differs at night. And anyone who does go should ignore the attempts of the Dark to goad them into action."
[11:29] * @LayTrayin nods and bites her lower lip for a moment before speaking once more "anythign else?"
[11:37] <GirlElf> <Mairéad> "No."
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Lay's flyover of Mhernettla 11.V.488

Post by laytrayin » Fri May 11, 2018 10:07 pm

[19:40] <@Ravynetti`Tivaurd> Lay moves out of camp, and activates that scroll. There's not really much in the way of indication as to whether it's working or not. She then moves to fly toward the Breach. As she does, she can see that the grounds beyond are cleared. No longer are the Dead Beggars there. It's just a stretch of burned out buildings between the wall and that tavern. To the west, she can see archers once
[19:40] <@Ravynetti`Tivaurd> more line the southern wall. They don't seem to notice her at first. Moving westerward, she'd move along just over the tops of most of the buildings where they are intact. Ahead of her, she sees that dome-like veil of shadows, near to the southern gatehouse.
[19:46] <@Ravynetti`Tivaurd> Lay turns north, and she can see an empty lot where the Black Armorty was. And to her west, there's the whirling bone pile of the Tide of Woe. the tumbling mass of skeletal fragments is easily as tall as the houses that surrouds it, and many times as long. It just cruises thorugh those empty streets. Beyond it, there's the larger buildings, leading up to the few mansions and the temple,
[19:46] <@Ravynetti`Tivaurd> then the keep beyond. And there she can see it, the Black Armory, with it's burned upper story still exposed, just parked between the temple and the veil around the keep.
[19:51] <@Ravynetti`Tivaurd> Lay would turn back east, and as she does, she'd have to fly over the Tide of Woe as it patrols along, at least for a while. The constant clatter and scrape of its bones can be heard as it moves beneath her.
[19:54] <@Ravynetti`Tivaurd> Where the walls are unburned, they're near fully stocked with their compliment of archers. She can approach the breach. Does she continue south and out of town?
[19:57] * @LayTrayin does continue south and back thru the breach in the wall landing near the gates and finally letting out a huge sigh of relief at having not be seen
[20:04] * @LayTrayin would then walk back into camp and head for the map. notating on the map what things were like and where things were most notably where the black armoury had settled she then goes to report to lady catherine and uzzo as well <end scene>
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Aldenaxk report 12.V.488

Post by laytrayin » Sat May 12, 2018 8:40 pm

Aldenaxk claims he and Linora were told by the Champion of Rot to leave the city as his Lord Mhern-Lathvik commanded it. He also stated they were "Near the warehouses at the docks. In the shipping house. Warn them to be careful as well, as we got attacked by a strange creature pretending to be a chest."
Because I am one with the taker of life, and I love pain and suffering, misery and death as it loves me. These are things I am not willing to give up, if death is release then let it never find me so I may live long and suffer much.

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Mairead's report 12.V.488

Post by laytrayin » Sun May 13, 2018 12:18 am

[21:39] <GirlElf> <Mairéad> "It began when Lord Harlst's wife was stricken with plague and he became obsessed with saving her. From there, and I quote with slight clarifications "Lord Harlst sent his champion, Sir Authbrex, and brought forth those who promised salvation. When Mackey, priest of the north, failed him, he had the man executed. And Mackey cursed this town. He called forth a being of
[21:39] <GirlElf> flame to grant him a wish, and yet all that wish did was bring Mab and her sisters calling. The sisters offered him what he thought was salvation, but it was too late. His wife died to the plague, but he used what they brought him anyway, and condemned us all. And now, this town should remain sealed. It should remain a tomb, to contain his evil and that which he called forth."
[21:40] * @LayTrayin blinks an dlooks ot mair "so she is saying we should give up? let it spread?"
[21:43] <GirlElf> <Mairéad> "And so, they brought him the Dark and he used it and it used him. The Dark fed off the pain and the sorrow of Lord Harlst as well as the pain of those who were sick and dying. Actually no, not leave it to spread. But leave it to be contained in the the town. They have had 10 years of silence and that is what has kept it contained. Note how it does not go beyond the
[21:43] <GirlElf> walls. We could carry it beyond the walls by being infected, but otherwise it is bound. She had more to say."
[21:44] <@LayTrayin> "what was that?" asking in quiet tones
[21:46] <GirlElf> <Mairéad> "I asked her what could be done to bring peace and her response was the following ""Peace? The only peace that can be brought to those here is oblivion, and even that feeds The Dark. Even now, those who come here to save this town feed it with their presence. No, the best thing you and your group can do here is to fail, and to die. So that no one comes to feed more
[21:46] <GirlElf> misery into this place."
[21:46] <GirlElf> <Mairéad> "That her concern was us feeding and making the dark stronger makes me wonder if all the efforts against are in fact their effort to contain the dark with what shreds of self they have left."
[21:47] <GirlElf> <Mairéad> "I have also seen the dark in its isolated form a black goo which does reach out for the living."
[21:49] * @LayTrayin forwns and nods then loosk to mair "anything else? what happened wiht the explosion?"
[21:49] <GirlElf> <Mairéad> "You might wish to start discerning who is here to help and who is here simply to loot and get in the way of those with intentions to help."
[21:50] * @LayTrayin nods "i will mention that as well. if there is nothign else i shall go find the lady catherine"
[21:51] <GirlElf> <Mairéad> "That was caused by whomever has a raven here. Her bird dropped a token and caused a gate of mist to open inside of Lady Hauth's distortion field. While I was talking to the crimson haired lady."
[21:51] <GirlElf> <Mairéad> "I survived it."
[21:52] * @LayTrayin nods and seems to relax a bit "i am glad you did. thank you for the information" reaching out she would try to rest a hand on mair's shoulder for a brief instant before turning away with a look of worry on her face as she heads to find lady catherine
[21:53] <GirlElf> <Mairéad> "Tespin, truly heed my words on those whose primary concern is loot. For I will ask you this. How many blindly went in and started gathering treasure as opposed to trying to ascertain what did happen?"

-what Lady Hauth said about the dark-
The Dark? Listen to it, it will tell you what it is. The Dark is what remains when there are no more happy endings.
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