The Cleansing of Mhernettla has Concluded. (Rewards)

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The Cleansing of Mhernettla has Concluded. (Rewards)

Post by metalslime » Sun Jun 24, 2018 4:03 am

The Cleansing of Mhernettla has Concluded. While the town remains in ruins, certain things were collected to be distributed to those who took part. In addition, certain things have been added by order of Catherine Wisplight, Sithire of Elgaria.

First, for taking part in the final containment of the Shard of The Dark, the following people are hereby granted the title of Floxod, under the auspices of Elgaria, with their estates to be formed from lands around the site of Mhernettla, of a size not to exceed 4 fees each. They may work with the Governor of Mhernettla to determine exact placement and name of record as soon as a Governor is selected. These new tracts will be created with hereditary inheritance, subject to the rule of the Sithire of Elgaria.


In addition, for his assistance, and considering long running ties along the border, Ware Severn will be granted four fees adjacent to his family's ancestral lands, to be administered as he sees fit, although they will remain part of Elgaria, rather than Transdariania.

For bravery and exceptional service, the following will be awarded the hereditary title of Knight of the Elgar, and receive the equivalent of two fees of land near the Town of Mhernettla, subject to the same rules as above.


The following will be awarded a farmstead equivalent in private ownership, but no title, which they my dispose of as they wish, subject to the laws of Elgaria:


In memory of the fallen, the next of kin of the following will receive a total of 5,000 crown if they are able to be found:


In addition, all living persons of merit who engaged in the Keep Battle will receive their share of the salvage of Mhernettla keep, which comes to 25,000 crown each.

Uzzo, Mairead, Annanistiel, Inessa, Linora, Kroft, Tannhauser, Evening, Aldenaxk, Karn

In addition, the following objects were discovered to have mystical properties while searching the keep, and those involved in the final battle may divide them as they see fit, under direction of the Paladins of Dawn.

A Rod of Resurrection, Which seems to be able to be used but once.
A Celestial Mail Tunic, magical armor which enables the wearer to fly for up to an hour per day via the sprouting of wings.
A Most Wicked Halberd, a magical weapon that inflicts wounds that bleed more than normal.
A Magical Carpet, which will allow one user and one passenger to travel by flight.
A Hopeful Amulet, which renders the wearer immune to unnatural fear.
A Pair of Gauntlets of Ogre Strength, which grant the wearer the strength of a typical ogre.
A Bejeweled Headband, which seems to be able to store five spells, although not spells that require involved rituals.
A Most Heinous Mask, which is so wicked to look upon, it may unsettle those who uphold the cause of good.
An Immortal, Regenerating Goat, which seems to be nigh impossible to kill without total bodily destruction.

All other soldiers, mercenaries, and sailors who assisted with the task will receive a sum of 500 crown.

All persons who participated have the gratitude of the Duchy of Elgaria.

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Re: The Cleansing of Mhernettla has Concluded. (Rewards)

Post by Azalea » Sun Jun 24, 2018 4:07 am

Linora would like the magic carpet :)

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Re: The Cleansing of Mhernettla has Concluded. (Rewards)

Post by Riddy » Sun Jun 24, 2018 4:11 am

Evening would like the gauntlets of ogre strength, and is glad to place her bid for an extra parcel of land, as well - though she seems content with doubling her current holdings.
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Re: The Cleansing of Mhernettla has Concluded. (Rewards)

Post by dragonwielder » Sun Jun 24, 2018 4:12 am

Alden happily accepts all he is goven.

In terms of loot, he would like the mask.
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Re: The Cleansing of Mhernettla has Concluded. (Rewards)

Post by TheOneWhoKnows » Sun Jun 24, 2018 4:17 am

Uzzo requests the Gauntlets of Ogre Power, on account of taking part in the final battle for the shard, and not being Yellow. The headband will be an acceptable secondary claim.

The Floxod will offer compensation to buy out property from any granted land from those availed of it.

And, of course, the Floxod graciously accepts all boons.
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Re: The Cleansing of Mhernettla has Concluded. (Rewards)

Post by Jayne » Sun Jun 24, 2018 6:59 am

Inessa Deathsong, humbly accepts the title of Floxod bestowed upon her by the Sithire of Elgaria.
She shalt also accept the 25,000 crown.
The land bestowed unto her, no greater than 4 fees. (once a governor of Mhernettla is determined)
The Celestial Mail armour.
Inessa also wonders if she might be able to give the immortal goat a home, if it remains unclaimed she doesn't wish for such a sturdy creature to be turned out or destroyed.

Jenna, shall humbly accept the farmstead allotment.

Lilit, shall humbly accept the farmstead allotment, placement of it may be on the furthest border of Mhernettla, as she plans to turn it into a safe passage spot, for those in need who seek to travel between Wisplight, Murkdusk and Mhernettla itself.

Lilit regretfully has no information on where Adaliz was actually from. Other than the details which Sithire Wisplight is already aware of from that discussion with Adaliz.

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Re: The Cleansing of Mhernettla has Concluded. (Rewards)

Post by laytrayin » Sun Jun 24, 2018 8:53 am

Upon receiving notification of Title and land LayTrayin is pleasantly surprised and accepts
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Re: The Cleansing of Mhernettla has Concluded. (Rewards)

Post by GirlElf » Sun Jun 24, 2018 11:18 am

Mairead accepts both title and lands bestowed upon her for her actions.

She offers to pay those who do not wish their lands or farmsteads for them and is open to negotiating a land sharing arrangement with any knights who do want to manage their lands themselves.

She does have an interest in the carpet.

She is also interested in the Hopeful Amulet.
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Re: The Cleansing of Mhernettla has Concluded. (Rewards)

Post by Infern » Sun Jun 24, 2018 11:21 am

Kroft graciously accepts the land given to him, and if nobody else wants it, he'd like the bejeweled headband.
Edit: and since nobody is claiming the goat, that as well

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Re: The Cleansing of Mhernettla has Concluded. (Rewards)

Post by Gudrun » Sun Jun 24, 2018 3:51 pm

Hurnuth graciously accepts the land in the name of the Order of Menxvan, for the purpose of establishing a missionary outpost that in tandem will develop into a Templar Stronghold. However, Hurnuth must turn down the hereditary title, since he is already a devoted servant to Menxvan which transcends all ties to duchy and nation and works for the betterment of all Siveth. The Priests of Menxvan will continue being protectors and beacons of hope to the Followers of Menxvan and to those who, against all odds, act in the name of good.

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