The Cleansing of Mhernettla has Concluded. (Rewards)

Outside the city of Drache lies a number of cities, towns and provinces of varying size and populace. Most of the people living outside Drache are natives who speak Arangothian and observe the native customs and rituals. Click here for a list Arangoth's locales, and here to view a map.
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Re: The Cleansing of Mhernettla has Concluded. (Rewards)

Post by Lucidaer » Sun Jun 24, 2018 8:47 pm

Lady Annanistael will graciously accept the land, the coin and title.. which will be used to build a place for the magi of Elgar to learn and study in safety. Furthermore, Anna would like a chance at the Headband.

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Re: The Cleansing of Mhernettla has Concluded. (Rewards)

Post by metalslime » Sun Jul 01, 2018 1:59 am

Mairead will get the Hopeful Amulet, Inessa will get the Celestial Mail Armor, Linora will get the Magic Carpet, Kroft will get the Immortal Goat, Aldenaxk will get the Most Heinous Mask

Will do a roll off between Uzzo, Evening, and Anna on their trio of items to see who gets what, and post it here thereafter.

Two unclaimed are the rod of resurrection (1 charge) and the most wicked halberd.

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