Caravans, caravans, from distant shores and foreign lands...

Outside the city of Drache lies a number of cities, towns and provinces of varying size and populace. Most of the people living outside Drache are natives who speak Arangothian and observe the native customs and rituals. Click here for a list Arangoth's locales, and here to view a map.
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Caravans, caravans, from distant shores and foreign lands...

Post by Suzthulhu » Wed Jun 26, 2013 3:58 pm

On just about every road that leads to Drache, numerous trade caravans wheel along. Horses, mules, goats, and cattle are all laden to the max with bags and boxes, and still more horses and even oxen pull carts overflowing with goods.

One caravan holds rolls of expertly woven rugs, while the one behind it houses stacks and rolls of exotic silks and fabrics the likes of which Drache has rarely seen before. Cart drivers yell back and forth to one another, and young message runners dart from one end of a caravan to the other. As the evening draws near, groups pull off the side of the road or stop in towns along the way to rest for the night. Temporary pens for the livestock are erected by stable boys, and watches are set up to ensure the safety and security of all the goods and animals.

The first groups will arrive in Drache within a day or two, and already, new stalls and temporary stands are being erected in Merchants' Square and down its side streets, effectively turning most of downtown Drache into one giant bazaar. Thieves are of course scoping things out, but so are the guards.
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