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BDI Setting Pieces: Moving Forward

Posted: Thu Mar 28, 2019 9:28 pm
by TheOneWhoKnows
Long story short: This is a discussion of how we should move forward as FFRP community, specifically in regards to how we want to handle out of date, isolated, defunct and/or generally unused setting materials that BDI has accumulated over more than two decades of fantastical additions from the minds and hearts of those who have come and gone, and even some of whom still remain.

Getting a general consensus of what members think of the options on the table. Note: Just because something wins the vote, it's a small sample size, so it's not the greatest representation. It does, however, give food for thought on how things should be handled.

Also, feel entirely free to give your own alternative options and ideas on how things should be handled. We're open to any and all ideas concerning how to handle the matter.

Re: BDI Setting Pieces: Moving Forward

Posted: Wed Apr 03, 2019 11:25 pm
by Oblivioncalls
I think Legacy is the best route forward, as it's the best combination of ignoring and deleting it. It can be packed away and obsolete so that new things can grow, and still be available as a bit of a lesson into the history of BDI.

Re: BDI Setting Pieces: Moving Forward

Posted: Thu May 16, 2019 2:12 pm
by Karras
I think there's a number of settings that woukd qualify as legacy material that haven't seen the light of day or little use in BDI's lifespan.

Griffon's Aerie and Leturia (I can see these were first to go to the dusty bookshelf)
-Tollor, Elluria and smaller Southland Provinces
-Xiun La/Ha
Isle of Summers Winter (didn't even make it to new site anyhow)
Cabalos Isles
Assi Tribes
Tor Anan

Just sone ideas on older settings. I'm not sure the extent to how these settings have been used last couple of years. Most of these settings have remained unchanged since the migration from the old website.

I did make some updates to Griffon's Aerie but these are small addendums. The setting has pretty much remain unchanged since it's creation in 1997.

Maybe an amalgamation of the three settings into one? Secca, Letura and GA? New Vallaria? Maybe Old Vallaria falls to The Doom.. (sorry, couldn't resist)