UPDATED: Volunteer To Do list (July 21)

Coordination and information for the various volunteers of BDI.
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UPDATED: Volunteer To Do list (July 21)

Post by Suzthulhu » Sun Jul 21, 2013 6:18 pm

This is modified from the one on the ops' forums.

IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO VOLUNTEER FOR SOMETHING, REPLY TO THIS THREAD SO WE KNOW WHO'S DOING WHAT! Also, if you know of something else that needs to be done, post a reply and Margo or I will add it to the list =)


* Old Site Material: A couple folks can volunteer to go over the old site for anything else that has still not been moved over to the new wiki. A lot of things may need to be updated, but a good list of what has not been moved over is a good starting place. Anything that needs to be preserved for posterity or for future use should be noted. - Rav, eventually

* Old ML archives - these need to be scrubbed for anything we want to move over. There are a lot of good historical postings here that can help fill in some of the gaps on the wiki. - Suz

* Fleshing out or writing various items listed here: http://www.arangoth.org/phpbb/viewtopic ... t=174#p674 This is a long list, and some of it needs to be done by the original players of important characters, ie: JD, Dan, Shaun. If these players aren't around, a stub article should suffice, or it can be a candidate for removal altogether.

* Project Drache: Neighbourhoods, districts, city planning, etc. Fleshing out the city more and building upon what's been done before. Adding racial areas, any ambassadorial estates or properties for representatives from Elvendeep, Zul Kiras, etc. The city's been expanding over the last 10 years, we should reflect this in the setting. - Rav

* Short Stories: An infobox template has been made for short stories on the wiki, and the ML archives need to be harvested for historical purposes. - Suz

* Drache government: This needs to be fleshed out and written out in greater detail.

* Race & Class guides need to be hotlinked like a mofo, back to the wiki.

* Pages that still need work: there was a thread on this awhile back that needs to be updated, as I'm sure there are plenty of things that have been finished!

* Royal Guards: I cleaned out the roster awhile back, so it needs to be updated and announcements made that we are recruiting and taking guard characters.


* FAQ: More needs to be added here. This is not a true guide, and the questions and answers don't really need to be long, per se. We all get questions like "How can I become an op?" or "Can I play _____?" and so forth. While some of these things are covered in the guides or in the policies, they will still be asked, regardless. Listing them in an easy to find place, even if redundant, doesn't change its usefulness.
- Access can be given to volunteers to be able to edit the FAQ if desired. Due to the nature of WordPress, you should probably be a Setting Nerd or Veteran before you ask for access to this.


* Guide updates and move: http://legacy.arangoth.org/index.php?page=help&mid=25 <-- Good information, probably needs an update. Would be better done on Wiki. - DONE

* Ops charter, list of staff positions, and op application - DONE
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Re: UPDATED: Volunteer To Do list (July 21)

Post by BetaFlame » Sun Jul 21, 2013 6:24 pm

It appears I am working on Azaan.

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Re: UPDATED: Volunteer To Do list (July 21)

Post by Nymphetamine » Fri Jul 26, 2013 4:13 pm

Double checking the legacy site to make sure everything was moved over. I'll start a thread to keep that project up to date.

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