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Posted: Mon Dec 05, 2016 9:40 pm
by Jayne
Unto the Citizens of Southern Arangoth
J.D. Strausse
15 Nov 2003

The following notice is distributed throughout Drache and read aloud by
hired criers:



Doubtless you have all taken notice of late events: the citizenship controversy over Aridia Vlorress, the flight of Councillor Marcion Aldenbar, the kidnapping of Councillor Reizeau, the assault of Lady Overseer Lorla Daranek, the fracture of the Royal Guard and, most recently, the Chancellery's decision to dissolve the Regency Council and the treachery of Magistrate Lytia Seward. Suffice it to say these are dire times, but not hopeless. I write to implore you all to calm, constancy and patience in the follow days; they are critical to the well-being of Drache and Southern Arangoth.

The Regency Council is gone now and the Chancellery is acting in its stead until a new government be formed to take its place. This happening is long overdue. The Regency Council had, over the past few years, become an increasingly inefficient governmental body, one to unwieldy to act decisively in times of crisis. It was not the Regency Council who delivered Drache from Mist War or cured the Blight. The Royal Guard, the Chancellery, and the work of private citizens take credit for those victories. Nor was it the Regency Council who heard the complaints of private citizens; it is the Royal Guard and Chancellery who, for quite some time, have heard and acted on the problems of the population. And why? Because the Regency Council had become as absent and out-of-touch with its citizens as the King it shared power with. Only good can of a new regime.

Accordingly, I wish to declare my support for the Chancellery, its temporary succession of the Regency Council, and its bid to build a new government for Southern Arangoth.

May Menxvan guide their endeavours,

Vorfon Resque Maessen

On behalf of and cosigned by:

Vorfon Yago Aginor

Vorfonel Anson Barlow and Johannes Schaffer

Vorfon Alathar Bundonth

Vorfon Dennon Fourhands

Vorfon Anre Joxki

Tespin Karis Lockehart

Vorfon Theobald Clockmaker

Tespin Sabrae Vlondrill

Tespin Carlijn Vonne

Re: November 2003 - Mail Archives

Posted: Wed Dec 07, 2016 2:48 am
by Jayne
A time for New beginnings
Bryan J. Hoag
15 Nov 2003

Back on the Isle of Mysts....

Many might consider the recent news to constitute an uproar among every Major house in Drache, but not in Phoenix Castle, where Simon paced slowly back and forth across the Great Hall, reading and re-reading the latest missives from Drache regarding the Council's dissolution, the Guard, the Citizenship of the Kindred, and the many other turmoils which would end to make Arangoth's Government seem rather laughable to other nations of they knew......

Simon, however, found none of the news amusing in the least. He had long ago followed Queen AngelSin and King Black Dragon to this land, and remained as his soul-bound promise to them. Not long ago, though, he had transferred Phoenix Castle from Arangoth to the Isle of Mysts due to building tensions between Castle Black and Phoenix Castle, following the disappearance of Queen AngelSin and King BlackDragon, and the appointment of the seemingly odd-minded King Arlok. He turned to his winged feline son, Storm, who resembled a black and white striped Rakhshasha with wings, but in truth bore None of the Rakshasha's feral demeanour.

"I do belive it is time we returned to Drache, and finished where we left off." Simon said to his son, knowing that "Finishing" tended to mean many many years in the Phoenecan lifeline. Storm nodded silently at this, as he was ready and willing to follow in his Father's footsteps and make hsis own Soul Bonds with old friends and new... "Will we be recalling the Dragone before the Transferrence?" Storm asked, his blue sparkling eyes beginning to glimmer with the eagerness of new adventure. Even though he was only a few years old, he had grown quickly in Wisdom and in size, such being odd for anyone of Phoenecian lineage. Simon shook his head for his answer.. "They will find the castle easily enough as they always do." With that, he gestured for Storm to follow him to the Throne room, where the castle's transfer could be controlled.

Taking a seat in the gold crystalline throne, Simon tapped out a sequence on the multicoloured crystals, thus setting the Castle's course for just Northwest of Drache where the Mountain range bordering the Asyrian desert would allow them both the Sunlight they needed, and a mountaintop vantage point. Fine tuning selected a semi active volcanic crater where they could make use of the planet's inner fires to maintain their position. Within several minutes, the castle had risen up from the Isle of Mysts, and the chasm the castle generated for protectio closed in its wake, leaving a level, fertile field in its place. After rising to a manageable altitude, the castle began flying slowly over the Isle, then over the waters of the southern ocean. Simon intended to make it no secret that the Castle was on the move. In this particular instance, stealth was not a necessity whatsoever. Sunlight passing though the castle's outer crystalline structures scattered shafts of rainbow light down towards the ground below, larking their passage to anyone watching. Within four hours, the slow trip over Arangoth had finished, and the castle settled into the mouth of one of the northern volcanoes. Intake vents opened in the basal structure of the castle, channelling in the normal darkening plumes of smoke and gases emanating from the volcano, channelling them to the inner workings where raw materials could be extracted and stored.

Phoenix Castle has returned to Drache....