Summer Announcements 2018

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Summer Announcements 2018

Post by Nymphetamine » Fri Jul 06, 2018 11:51 am

Now that the Purging of Mhernettla has concluded and the dust is settling, we'll be moving onto some lower key events for the summer.

Tournament of Martial Prowess

First up, in order to celebrate the summer and the one year anniversary of the end of the Civil War, we'll be hosting another Tournament of Martial Prowess. As ever, we'll try to do an armed and unamed brackets gauging on interest, but may end up yet again having to roll it into one category. We will be hosting another archery bracket, because that was pretty easy and painless to deal with last time around. Sign ups will be posted at a later event.

Same rules apply as last year, basically, you can sign up with one character per bracket. Probably another purse of 2.5k-3k crown, plus title, which I will have to go look up on last year's post. May change around the exact reasoning for the tournament, but we'll figure it out. Looking to get sign ups going by next week (after my family heads back to the east coast) and the actual tournament to begin in August.

Drachean City Council Shuffle

The intent of the city council created in the wake of the civil war was to shuffle up the players sitting on the council every six months or so. As there wasn't a lot of business to be conducted over the last six months, this shuffle up never happened. Now it will be! This is a chance for the player base to get involved in a pretty relaxed version of IC politics.

Established characters with an eye towards statescraft can apply on an upcoming thread to claim one of the five positions available for the city council. The goal is that these will not be op-characters, even though I fully intend to enslave poor Uzzo to handling the OOC aspect of the council votes, since he's been doing such a great job of it.

Characters should be citizens of Transdariania in good standing, and members of the local community. Shop keepers, guards, magistrates, business owners, etc are all welcomed to apply. The ops will hold a straight up and down vote if there are more than five applicants.

Thron ul-Bain Vacancies

We have two vacancies for the recently created, military administrative positions of Margrave (Thron ul-Bain) up for grabs. The positions of North and West are available. (Uzzo holds the south, as of the ending of Mhernettla, and Igor's NPC, Broxobain Severn (Ware's father) holds the east.) Margrave is a strictly military, non-hereditary position, appointed by the current sithire for the exclusive purpose of leading soldiers in battle, should the need arise. They answer to the sithire during peacetime, and the Lord Protector during war.

PCs for the two vacancies should be successful, warrior/combat minded individuals, with experience leading soldiers. Their holdings should correspond to the two cardinal directions available. (The west has been suggested as to be a templar or Menxvanic posting, given its relative position to Millabratel.) IC eligibility for candidates should also include being pro-south/pro-independence during the Civl War, be at least a Floxod or even Arangire, and must be in good standing with Sithire Auxerre to be considered. New PCs are strongly encouraged.

Age of Adulthood & Minimum PC Age Polls & Policy Changes

We started two polls earlier this week about the age of adulthood IC and the possibility of a minimum age requirement of PCs. As it stands at the time of this writing, both of these things will be changing, and it appears that 16 will be the winner for both. Thank you all for your feedback and your interest in the matter.

We will be discussing a grandfather clause for the IC age of adulthood, and postponing Brakkerat for three years. (There will be some IC posts about this.) As for PCs that are under the age of 16 (or whatever age ends up winning), the ops will discuss what will be done about them, but your feedback is welcomed. Please post on the original thread or send an email to [email protected] if you prefer to discuss it in private.

Staff Changes

Last of all, and I'm sure this needs no real explanation, but you've seen some staff changes over the last week or so. Welcome to the op team, Uzzo and Gudrun. I'm glad that after a couple of months of consideration, you decided to come aboard this whacky trainwreck it feels like we're on.

I'm sad to announce that Rav is officially stepping down from the op team, due to RL stressors and a want to dedicate himself to his Youtube channel. I'm grateful for all of his years of service to the channel, and wish him all the best in his future endeavours.

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